Fired Up

Fired Up!

Fired Up!

Like Viagra bought off the internet, it gets you up but not for long.

Let's be honest: the PSP is pretty boring right now.

We often joke about our reluctance to take Sony's striking black joy-slab out of the house, but these days there really isn't much point anyway. Like many of the handheld's early adopters - and there must be quite a few or Sony wouldn't devote such enormous resources to suing importers - we've spun through every track in Ridge Racer. We still enjoy clocking big scores on Lumines (bless that Mizuguchi), and the trickle of new content for WipEout Pure certainly gives cause to persevere with Sony's ever-awkward network set-up routines. But, beyond that, we're a bit short of ideas. We tried taking Ape Academy out with us once, but by the time the game loaded we'd already left Oxford Circus and made it halfway to Holborn.

So, it's safe to say that just about everyone is looking forward to the PSP's European launch, because with that comes the promise of all sorts of new fun; all sorts of new driving fun anyway. With the exception of Virtua Tennis, most of the "hot prospects" are things like TOCA Race Driver 2, Colin McRae and this, Sony London's latest stab at vehicular combat. Fired Up! Tedious perpetuation of the sentence-muddling game-title-with-exclamation-mark aside, is it something new to champion? Does it, with the obvious expression already spoken for, leave us pumped? Certainly does.

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