Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon News

Fire Emblem DS announced for US

Fire Emblem DS announced for US

Shadow Dragon in first half of 2009.

Nintendo plans to release Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon in the US during the first half of 2009, the platform holder said during its DSi jamboree yesterday. Nintendo UK has told Eurogamer there's no word on a release here yet.

Shadow Dragon is a DS remake of the original NES Fire Emblem, and is the first game in the series to incorporate online play (complete with voice chat), along with the usual local wireless play.

The original NES release didn't include various elements that have become standard in Intelligent Systems' long-running turn-based strategy RPG series, but the DS version will make use of things like the weapon triangle, which determines the damage done or blocked by any given character, so fans should be as comfortable as ever.

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Wii Fit date, bikes in Mario Kart

Plus Wii Ware games, Fire Emblem DS, DS download channel.

As well as adding Sonic to the Smash Bros. roster, Nintendo's Japanese press conference also brought us the local release date for Wii Fit, news of motorbikes in Mario Kart and a few details on the first games for downloadable service Wii Software (Wii Ware), announced this June.