Family Trainer

Family Trainer

Family Trainer

Fit but you know it.

Is Family Trainer an attempt to cash-in on the Wii Fit phenomenon? The game's title hints there may be some kind of exercise involved, and it comes bundled with a peripheral you stand on. But Wii Fit is made by Nintendo - new, sophisticated, lifestyle Nintendo. Family Trainer is made by Namco-Bandai. Let's explore what this means in practice.

The Wii Fit box features pale grey silhouettes of female figures performing yoga poses. The Family Trainer box features a mainly orange photograph of an over-excited family. It looks like it was taken from the MB Games image archive (folder: "Twister box art 1992 - 94"). The Dad is wearing jeans that are too short, white socks and no-brand trainers. He hasn't shaved. The little boy has a haircut that would get him nailed to the climbing frame in any self-respecting British playground. The Mum looks dead inside.

The Wii Fit box features no text other than the title of the game in discrete grey and green type. The Family Trainer box has the title of the game in giant orange letters. It also has the same message displayed in six different languages ("INCLUYE UNA ALFOMBRILLA ESPECIAL DE JUEGO!"). There are some stick shapes that look like they're pretending to be the kanji figures for Family Trainer, but have just been made up.

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