Fallblox review

Fallblox review

Drag and drop.

Compared to the big hitters that are fighting for your attention this autumn, Fallblox is a mild-mannered affair, having chosen to hide itself deep in the wilderness of the 3DS eShop and offer players nothing more visceral than a wonderfully tactile 3D toy box that you unpack using spatial logic. However, in a weird kind of way, this self-effacing approach only makes the dazzling puzzle creation skills its developers display all the more showy. Like its predecessor Pullblox, Fallblox fairly backs into the limelight - which allows its gently-worn proficiencies to really stand out.

Just look at the casual manner in which it uses a rather simple tweak in the rules to justify an entire new game's worth of challenges. Pullblox saw you moving a funny little guy around brightly coloured sculpture, dragging different layers of, um, blox out of their starting positions in order to create the staircases he needed to reach each level's goal. Fallblox offers the same sort of objective - it's birds rather than stranded kids you're trying to rescue on this occasion - and the same basic pulling and pushing interactions. Second time around, though, gravity's entering the mix, and you now have to think about how block stacks will collapse around you as you work.

The physics are playfully - yet consistently - peculiar: only the blocks you actually push will move in the direction that you're shoving, meaning that any blocks placed on top will stay put and then fall to the floor when the ground disappears beneath them. If you want to move two or more rows at once, in other words, you'll have to brace the top one so that it moves with the bottom, either utilising part of the bottom block to snag it and carry it along with you or using a third block to push both at once. The original Pullblox was about pushing blocks in and out of the screen as if they were drawers in a desk. Fallblox allows you to drag them in four directions, meaning you can grab them and take them for a walk around the stage if you fancy. (I fancied.)

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