Emergency Mayhem

Wii Roundup

Wii Roundup

Secret Files: Tunguska, SEGA Bass Fishing, monkeys, fire engines and crazy golf.

So, it turns out that Tom has been receiving angry letters from PETE, People for the Ethical Treatment of Ellie. Apparently forcing her to constantly review the dregs of the Wii barrel is cruel and inhumane, and PETE activists have now helped Ellie escape from her mini-games dungeon by building a special tower out of Boom Blox. Clearly, this is political correctness gone mad. Not that I'm bitter or angry. No, I'm quite happy to take Ellie's place while Tom hunts her down with his high-powered drug gun. It's fine. This stack of new Wii games looks...interesting. Right? They can't be that bad. And it's not as if the shackles are that uncomfortable. There's even some hay on the floor, which is a bit like a cushion. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Secret Files: Tunguska

Publisher: Deep Silver

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Emergency Mayhem for Wii

Race to save things then wiggle.

Codemasters is working on a new Wii game called Emergency Mayhem, where you take control of emergency services vehicles to race to the scene of a calamity and then perform Wiimote actions to do a mini-game. Someone resuscitate Ellie.