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Download Games Roundup

Eat! Beat! Auditorium! Asteroids! Bomberman!

It's interesting to observe the tactics of Sony and Microsoft in promoting their respective motion gaming technology. While Microsoft tries to position Kinect as something akin to a full console launch, Sony has taken an altogether less aggressive stance.

It shows in the games released to date, with Sony happy to utilise numerous cheaper downloadable PSN titles to showcase its Move tech, games like Tumble, Flight Control, Beat Sketchers, Funky Lab Rat, Deadstorm Pirates, and, shortly, Echochrome II all proving to be highly entertaining.

But there's a complete lack of Xbox Live Arcade titles using Kinect. Has Microsoft deliberately ring-fenced the launch period for boxed games only, or are developers simply less inclined, at this early stage, to commit?

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Eat Them! dished up for PSN

Who remembers Rampage?

Sony has confirmed a PlayStation Network release for Eat Them!, the latest game from Bristol-based developer FluffyLogic.