Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures

Buggin' out.

It doesn't speak too highly of the innovative thinking in the games industry that a simple cosmetic makeover can spark talk of originality and freshness. Deadly Creatures is a third-person action-adventure, with a heavy emphasis on melee fighting. It just happens to have a tarantula and a scorpion as its heroes, instead of a cyborg space marine ninja avenging the murder of his twin brother who was also a wizard.

To begin with, at least, the change in perspective is compelling enough to make up for the rather threadbare construction. Alternating between the tarantula and scorpion, you explore your desert environment, occasionally fighting against each other as well as local predators, munching on crickets and grubs to top up your health afterwards. Each objective met, and each enemy slain, earns you points which unlock new moves when your total hits certain preset points.

The scorpion is able to dig through cracked earth and slash through dry weeds. The spider can jump over lower obstacles and travel from one web to another in a bungee-cord fashion. Both are able to stick to walls, provided there's a gentle slope up to them, and this freedom from the horizontal makes exploration an entertaining prospect during the early stages.

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