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Dennis Hopper signs up for THQ game

Thornton also to voice Deadly Creatures.

THQ has announced the signing of two very famous and considerably bonkers film stars for its new Wii game.

Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton have both agreed to provide voices for Deadly Creatures, which is out in February. It's a third-person action adventure in which you control a scorpion and a tarantula, fighting lizards, black widows and the like.

"What surprised me about Deadly Creatures is how it looks like watching a movie," said Billy Bob Thornton about the Wii exclusive. "The scorpion and tarantula are like two actors meeting up for a gun fight."

"Gamers are really going to love Deadly Creatures," added Dennis Hopper, apparently. Of course, he knows just what gamers love, having appeared in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Last month Hopper admitted he only took the job to buy his son shoes. Presumably they've worn out.

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