Commandos Strike Force

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Commandos: Strike Force

Commandos: Strike Force

Green Beret, Blue Murder.

The sneaky, stabby, thinky Commandos series has delivered some of the most tactically interesting PC games of the past decade. Using the abilities of a small group of men to overcome all kinds of complex World War II scenarios has been a consistent delight, even if many of the isometric challenges have been 'a bit tricky' to master. However, that mild trickiness is as nothing when compared to the task of converting this real-time strategic opus into an FPS. Such an ambitious idea was never going to be easy to realise, and it's a little disappointing to report that it only just works in Strike Force.

This 3D incarnation of the squad-based strategy presents us with three character archetypes that are recognisable from the original series. There's the sniper, the spy and the Green Beret. Each of these chaps can now be controlled in FPS style and each has a forte all his own. Needless to say, their personal abilities must be used appropriately by you to overcome the various obstacles which Strike Force delivers.

The spy is the stealthy one (even though all the commandos are given to a bit of sneaking). He is also the most fun to play, since his challenges are the most esoteric. Of course he ends up gunning down some Nazis now and then, but his key weapon is disguise. The spy can nab a Nazi uniform and use it to infiltrate the enemy bases. The higher rank uniform you manage to obtain, the safer your disguise is likely to be. Getting past a bad guy of equal or lower rank than your uniform is fairly easy, but the higher-ranking officers will detect your subterfuge in an instant. This creates some unique situations and also manages to deliver a high degree of tension when you're desperately trying to pilfer the uniform that will see you safe, while all the time watching for that nightmarish Gestapo officer. Actually obtaining the uniform is best done by stealth kills, for which the spy has a garrotte. If you stay quiet you can garrotte and kill a soldier in complete silence - even nearby soldiers won't notice. Checking rooms by looking through a keyhole means you can wait until your quarry's back is turned before striking. Elsewhere you can even distract people by lobbing a coin. While they puzzle over the noise you get to sneak in and administer some ugly strangulation.

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Play Commandos Strike Force

Well, a new demo, anyway.

Eidos has released a new playable demo for World War II shooter Commandos Strike Force - and it's now available on Eurofiles.