Civilization 5: Brave New World

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It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

It's been a good week for people who enjoy half-cloaks and complicated bits of machinery, all things told. Star Wars Battlefront's new DLC let's you play as cape-sporting cloud man Lando Calrissian, whereas Fallout 4's Contraptions workshop DLC lets you tinker with all sorts of, well, contraptions.

Civilization 5: Brave New World review

I have lost count of the cups of tea that have gone to waste at Firaxis' expense. The Civilization 5 developer is responsible for dozens left half-finished and forgotten, their heat dissipating as the decades roll by and Leonard Nimoy's honeyed tones note the founding of another milestone in human history or landmark feat of ingenuity. Scores more have gone cold as the music from that Hovis advert induces a Zen-like state and centuries run into hours and millennia stretch into days.

Brave New World does not solve this problem. In fact, it exacerbates it, leaving me with lots more washing up. I can't complain.

The main contributing factor to this new wave of tea abandonment is how well the additional systems and features of Brave New World are integrated into Civ 5, and how they serve to enhance the more recent additions in 2012's Gods and Kings expansion. Brave New World includes all the mechanics introduced there (although you'll still need Gods and Kings installed for its extra leaders and civilisations), and in going further it leaves my desk strewn with even more mugs.

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Cultural victories are the ones that tend to stick. You can bomb people into oblivion, but they often just come back from oblivion fuming about it. Hit them with Shakespeare, though - or with Starbucks - and you've dealt your enemy a blow that's much harder to shake off. If all-out warfare's like going to your neighbour's house, ringing the doorbell and then smacking them about the face with a snow shovel, cultural imperialism is a little sneakier - it's more akin to dropping a load of termites over the back fence under the cover of night. Termites that write the popular hits and star in the popular films as they munch through your rival's territory. Termites that come bearing flat whites and frappucinos.

Civilization 5: Brave New World due in July

Contains an XCOM crossover.

Civilization 5: Brave New World - the second expansion for the popular strategy game after Gods & Kings - is slated for a 9th July release in North America and 12th July in the rest of the world.

New Civilization 5 expansion Brave New World announced

2K has announced the second expansion for Civilization 5.

It's called Brave New World, is developed by Firaxis Games and is due out on the PC and Mac this summer.

Brave New World introduces nine new civilizations, each with new unique units and builders. There are new leaders, too, including Casimir III of Poland.

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