Chickens Can't Fly

App of the Day: Chickens Can't Fly

Chickens really can't fly, which is just as well or this fun little downward-scroller wouldn't exist. Chickens can, however, flap about a bit, which is your basic method of movement in this Windows Phone 7 exclusive, part of Microsoft's current "Must Have Games" promotion.

The idea is to guide your plucky fowl through the trap-filled tunnels of an abattoir, where you must overcome increasingly murderous obstacles. This means tapping the touch-screen to slow your chicken's descent and tilting the device to dodge sideways. A fluffy bed of pillows awaits you at the bottom of each stage. There are no time limits to rush your progress, and one method is to squash yourself against the tunnel walls to slow your fall to a crawl, but sliding down the metallic sides is a dangerous route, however, as they are dotted with skewers and other dangers.

Chickens Can't Fly is about survival, then, but also gobbling up collectible corn kernels along the way. Your grade for each level depends on how many of these your chicken has necked, and you'll need quick reactions to nab them all.

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