Cannon Fodder

FeatureNever Been So Much Fun: The making of Cannon Fodder

How Sensible Software turned the horror of war into a 90s classic.

20 years ago - nearly a decade before Medal Of Honor forced players to storm Omaha beach under merciless artillery fire, and a full 15 years before Call Of Duty ended a mission with everyone dying in the radioactive aftermath of a nuclear blast - one game taught a generation that war is, indeed, hell. If you were playing games in 1993 - especially if you were playing them on the Amiga, the concerned parents' 'educational' alternative to the SNES and Megadrive - you probably remember Cannon Fodder's 'Boot Hill' inter-mission screen, where tiny, brave, 16-bit civilians were waved through a door by a recruitment officer, only to (almost) inevitably reappear as gravestones dotting the surrounding landscape. It's hard to forget.

Cannon Fodder

The ideal choice for warm-hearted warmongers, Cannon Fodder puts the ‘ahh’ back into artillery

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