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Buzz! The Mega Quiz

Buzz! The Mega Quiz

Your starter for ten...

To shamelessly steal the ever-perceptive Mr Gillen's intro for his review of Buzz! The BIG Quiz, the first Buzz was a great game. No, shuddup.

There's no doubt that it wasn't a gamer's game, but it never set out to be a gamer's game. It was an extremely competent, well-executed quiz game, with a solid set of questions and cheesy presentation which managed to be self-referential and knowing rather than annoying. Crucially, it had a single master-stroke: a set of buzzers with satisfyingly large buttons and pleasantly ludicrous noises, which made it accessible to non-gamers in a way which a joypad-controlled game could never be. It got entire families together after Christmas dinner, from grandparents to young 'uns - that alone makes it into a Great Game.

The follow-up, The BIG Quiz, should by rights have been better again. It expanded the focus of the game beyond music, turning it - on paper- into a vastly more accessible experience. In reality, some pretty dodgy questions, weak balancing and hit and miss humour meant that the game felt rushed and somewhat disappointing. It was still a party favourite, but not the game which the Buzz concept deserved.

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