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Buzz! returns to PS2

New Mega Quiz awaits.

Buzz is back, ladies and gentlemen, showing Bruce Forsythe-like resilience as he embarks on his new show, The Mega Quiz, which is due for release in spring.

Jam-packed into this sparkly-fresh version are tons of new questions based on things like movie footage, sporting clips and TV snippets. There's also support for up to eight players this time around - by plugging two sets of buzzer peripherals in - as well as 16 contestants to pick from.

Multiplayer, Single, Team, Quickfire and Quiz Master modes are all included, as are three new round types: Point Picker, where you'll chose the questions that suit you most (and your opponent least); Winner Stays On, which is fairly self explanatory; and Final Countdown, to create a desperate dash for the finishing line.

You can also challenge the "cheesemonger" himself, in special "Mystery Games", where Buzz takes the centre stage and attempts to dazzle you with his exhaustive and slightly pointless knowledge.

Relentless Software hasn't quite managed to duplicate the charm of the original Buzz! game from 2005; lets hope Mega Quiz marks a return to form.

Question your way over to our gallery for a look at the latest screenshots.

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Buzz! The Mega Quiz


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