Bust-A-Move DS

Bust-A-Move DS

Bust-A-Move DS

Bursting to go?

Ah, the Bust-A-Move series. Also known as Puzzle Bobble in Japan, or by Japanophiles who call Pro Evolution Soccer 'Winning Eleven', or something, the appearance of the series on the Nintendo DS was merely a matter of time, with the series having appeared on practically every system other than, um, the ZX81 or the Gizmondo. It's likely that if you've ever played a videogame system, or maybe even just seen one from your car window while driving past a branch of Dixons, that you probably know all about the mechanics of playing Bust-A-Move.

But I'm going to tell you them anyway.

Set in the world of Taito's Bubble Bobble, an excuse to populate your screen with cute little dinosaurs (main characters Bub and Bob, and evil winged antagonist Dev) and others slightly odd, yet adorable characters such as Willy, Bob's 'prized stuffed bear', Bust-A-Move's aim is to beat each puzzle by firing a random selection of bubbles into the playfield, one after another, making groups of three matched by colour. Each time you make a group, they 'pop', until the screen is clear and you move onto the next puzzle. This is the way it's been with the Bust-A-Move series since the very first appearance, and if you're expecting anything different about the core game design, then expect to be sorely disappointed. The game does, at least, feature the handy ability to save a bubble to swap with a less helpful bubble later on, which can get you out of a tight spot or two, but there are absolutely no new bells and whistles to the single-player mode, not even an excuse for a plot.

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