Rainbow Islands Evolution

Rainbow Islands Evolution

Evolution scares me. Not in the same way that it scares evangelical Alabama hillbillies who think God planted dinosaur fossils as some enormous cosmic prank, but in the way it's often applied to modern updates of classic games. In that context, "evolution" usually translates to "we pretty much changed everything - so it must be better."

It's a mindset that has produced nothing but punches to the sack for fans of Taito's venerable arcade classics in recent years. Having previously sullied the memories ofSpace Invaders and Bubble Bobble, neither of which could claw their way from the bottom of our scoring system, Rising Star now turns its baleful attention to a second stab at revitalising Rainbow Islands.

Readers of a nervous disposition should look away now. Seriously. Look over there. Oooh! It's a squirrel!

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