Boogie Reviews



Blame it on the poorly designed game mechanics.

If you like music games, you've probably been looking forward to Boogie. The concept is simple: it combines karaoke with dancing. You might think this sounds fun. You'd be wrong, as far as Boogie goes. This is how rubbish a music game Boogie is: it's not even fun when you're drunk.

It might be, might be fun if you're very young. Which means young enough to think Balamory is a reality TV show. Boogie doesn't offer any kind of challenge, certainly not if you're old enough to think Balamory is a nice way to spend time on the days you're not signing on.

Let's start with the dancing. You shake the Wii remote left, right, up and down in time to the music. There are no Dancing Stage-style arrows specifying directions; you choose for yourself, and the more varied the moves the more points you score.

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