Bloodline Champions


Bloodline Champions

Dotty over DOTA.

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Free-to-play online PVP out now.

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In-game class, not obsessive fan.

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New footage streams in.

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Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions

Dotty over DOTA.

I'm so stupid. With my review account for Bloodline Champions, Funcom included some in-game cash so I could see what spending money in the game was like. With all the restraint of a Casablancan libertine, I wisely invested it in sex-change outfits, a character portrait and some weapons with faces on. Now they've released a frog suit for the Ranid Assassin. It's Kermit with knives and it's 3000 Funcom coins, 30,000 in-game coins, 18 Euros or one kidney to you and me.

I really want that frog. I lust for it. I finally understand what it must be like to be Miss Piggy.

Bloodline Champions, as you'll know from Quintin's preview, is a free-to-play team arena title. It eschews, with great justice, the title of MMO, but throws up the same large variety of classes; there are currently 20, following the four standard team archetypes of tank, melee, healer and ranged, each with a huge range of twists and individual powers.

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Bloodline Champions beta opens up

Bloodline Champions beta opens up

Snappy and capable fantasy arena PVP.

Bloodline Champions, Funcom's Diablo-like online arena battler, is open for everybody to test.

Participating in the 200,000-strong beta nets you not only early access to what the game's all about, but also exclusive pre-launch rewards, which include four new bloodlines added to the game. You can also rack-up Bloodcoins during the beta to spend on in-game items and more bloodlines.

Bloodlines is the name Funcom uses for the different characters (classes) within the game. These span the typical warrior, mage, archer, rogue archetypes as well as combinations that create a slew of hybrids.

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Funcom's Bloodline Champions dated

Fast, skilful, online PVP arena battler.

Bloodline Champions, the free and refreshingly blatant online arena combat game, will be released either in late December or early January, Funcom has told Eurogamer.

Bloodline Champions

Feud for thought.

It's the closing seconds of the match point when you get your chance. The other team are dominating the field. Your team? Underdogs, held together by a star player. Who isn't you. You? You're nobody. And now it's your time to step up to the plate. All eyes on you, kid. Packed tight with tension, you take aim and take the shot.