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FeatureTrading Host: Are Tablets Transforming Card Games?

Rich Stanton investigates the magic of card trading games.

When I was a teenager I did all sorts of terrible things, from buying Ant and Dec albums to nicking my dad's whiskey. I especially regret the fact that, despite loving chess and spending all my time playing videogames, I regarded the guys who played trading card games as the biggest dorks in the playground. Man, they got a hard time at school.

App of the Day: Assassin's Creed: Recollection

Let's clear the back rows first: this is an Assassin's Creed spinoff in the form of a freemium deck-building card game, and you need to sign up to Uplay to use it.

Those that remain, abandon all doubts. Assassin's Creed: Recollection is absolutely superb.

The game's rules share much in common with Magic the Gathering and its ilk, but Recollection has several of its own twists. The key touch is that everything takes place in real-time - one day is one minute, with a constant on-screen indicator telling you how long until the next turnover. The gameplay area is a board split into three regions which you contest with an opponent through agents and sites, and when a day turns over, sites in regions score their points, and each player draws a card and gets a slight but permanent cash boost. It's the simple and elegant fulcrum on which everything else depends, an ever-swinging pendulum that brings home a crushing influence at just the right moment, or the sword of Damocles itself.

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Assassin's Creed: Recollections announced

Assassin's Creed: Recollections announced

iOS strategy title due before the end of the year.

Ubisoft has just announced iOS strategy spin-off Assassin's Creed: Recollections.

According to GameInformer, it's a real time virtual board game that sees you collecting a gallery of character cards with which to do battle.

There's apparently an 8-10 hour single player campaign that takes in 20 mission, as well as a multiplayer mode.

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