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Obsidian's canned Aliens RPG looks finished in new gameplay video

Judging by a 13-minute gameplay video that's appeared on the internet, Obsidian's Aliens RPG was ready to ship, as studio boss Feargus Urquhart once said it was.

The video's resolution doesn't climb above 480p and the environments are primarily dark, so it's hard to get an accurate idea of texture detail. But at a glance it passes as a finished product. It's not as visually stunning as space RPG Mass Effect; it's roughly similar in terms of visual quality to Obsidian's spy RPG Alpha Protocol.

The characters are voiced and there are naughty swear words as the player explores the interior of what looks like a spaceship with his four comrades. There are dialogue options at one point.

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Obsidian confirms demise of Aliens RPG

Obsidian confirms demise of Aliens RPG

Rumours finally laid to rest.

Obsidian has confirmed that the Aliens role-playing game it was developing for SEGA has been canned.

In a post on its forums, an Obsidian staffer said, "Unfortunately, it is true that we are no longer working on the game, and we wanted to finally announce that officially to everyone who has been following its development... it is no longer a product that is in development."

SEGA subsequently confirmed the news, spotted by Giant Bomb, with a statement. "At this point, SEGA has no plans to move forward with the Aliens RPG. The Aliens franchise offers us so much content to choose from that we feel it important to take a step back and carefully consider the type of game we want to release," the publisher said.

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Sega quiet on Aliens games

But Gearbox boss leaks info.

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has let fly a few plot details for his team's upcoming Aliens-inspired first-person shooter.

Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

Gearbox Alien FPS confirmed

Hot on heels of Obsidian RPG.

SEGA has enlisted seasoned PC and console developer Gearbox Software to create a first-person shooter based on the Alien film franchise.

The news comes hot on the heels of an announcement that Neverwinter Nights 2 developer Obsidian Entertainment will be producing a role-playing game based on the films.

Earlier this week SEGA revealed it had secured the rights to create next-generation games based on the enduring sci-fi favourite.

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Obsidian doing Alien RPG

Confirmed. Gearbox for FPS?

SEGA has confirmed that Obsidian Entertainment will be developing its upcoming Alien RPG for next-generation systems.