Alien Breed 3: Descent


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Fireball! Swing! Faery! Zen! Breed!

VideoAlien Breed 3: Descent trailer

Team17s trilogy concludes 17th Nov.

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19th November 2010

Download Games Roundup

17th November 2010

Alien Breed 3 Descent Trailer

12th November 2010

Alien Breed 3: Descent trailer

PS3 Alien Breed 3 EU release date

Alien Breed 3: Descent will launch on the PlayStation Store next week some three months after appearing on Xbox Live.

It'll set you back 7.19 / 8.99, so says the EU PlayStation Blog.

Descent is the final chapter of the top down horror shooter saga Alien Breed, a trilogy of downloadable titles that have launched as timed Xbox Live exclusives.

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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Fireball! Swing! Faery! Zen! Breed!

It's hard to focus on writing right now. The pull of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is just... too... strong. Namco has taken everyone by surprise with not only the best Pac-Man game ever made, but one of the best downloadable games into the bargain.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves; there were plenty of other goodies popping up in download land this week not least Fireball, the fifth radiangames effort to emerge on the Xbox Indie channel in as many months. Whether anyone will buy it is almost beside the point, but it's 80 Microsoft Points what have you got to lose?

radiangames Fireball

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Pac-Man CE DX, Alien Breed 3 hit XBL

Along with a demo of the new CSI.

Microsoft has been busily updating the Xbox Live Marketplace these past 24 hours with treats including a redux of Pac-Man Championship Edition, the third Alien Breed episode and a demo for CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.