25 to Life

25 to Life's sentence extended

Won't get out till 2006 now.

Following the announcement that Eidos' 25 to Life has been delayed in the US until next year, confusion is growing over whether the game is still on track for a spring 2006 release in Europe.

25 to Life gets more flack

This time from Taser charity.

Eidos' forthcoming PC, PS2 and Xbox gangbanger 25 to Life has come under yet more fire - this time from charity organisation the Taser Foundation.

25 to Life under fire again

"Rewires the brain", apparently.

Following earlier comments by a US senator that Eidos' 25 to Life "lowers common decency", TV presenter Nancy Grace has slammed the game in a panel discussion on her CNN show.

Microsoft has backed Eidos after a US senator declared that its gang warfare title 25 to Life "lowers common decency", while the British publisher has reacted by saying that it believes videogame are a creative form and that the ratings systems in place to govern them should be allowed to do their job.