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Richard Leadbetter

Technology Editor, Digital Foundry

Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. He's commonly known around Eurogamer as the Blacksmith of the Future.

Digital FoundryNvidia uses AI to recreate Pac-Man on its 40th anniversary

No game engine, no rasteriser - everything's generated by a neural network.

Digital Foundry4A Games on next-gen: "We are fully into ray tracing"

And teasing even more exciting features in the pipeline.

Digital FoundryHas GeForce Now quietly killed Google Stadia?

Free access for all, play your existing PC games library, low-cost sub for RTX ray tracing.

Digital FoundryAMD Radeon RX 5700/ 5700 XT revealed: full Navi specs and analysis

Team Red says they're faster than RTX 2060 and RTX 2070.

Digital FoundryPlayStation 5 tech demo footage surfaces at investor conference

Spider-Man SSD speeds showcased, future plans shared.

Digital FoundryAMD board leak hints at next-gen 'Navi' graphics tech

Our first look at the next Radeon mainstream contender?

Digital FoundryDevil May Cry 5 PC's Denuvo DRM has a CPU hit

Capcom leaks unprotected code and it does run faster - but will you actually notice?

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry to host GeForce RTX panel at EGX 2018

Is ray tracing really the future of gaming graphics?

Digital FoundryNvidia reveals GeForce RTX 2080 performance numbers

It's not just about ray tracing - there are big frame-rate increases.

Digital FoundryNvidia unveils new Turing architecture and teases 'RTX 2080'

Workstation products announced, gaming GPUs to follow.

Cyberpunk 2077 E3 demo PC specs revealed

CDPR's tech showcase runs well on today's top-tier kit.

Digital FoundrySamsung adds FreeSync support to select 4K TVs

Tear-free, smoother action for AMD GPU and Xbox One owners.

Digital FoundrySony is working with AMD's Ryzen CPU tech - and PS5 is the most likely target

PlayStation programmer improving Ryzen support on a key developer tool.

Digital FoundryBluepoint's next game is another remake

And it's bigger in scope than Shadow of the Colossus.

Digital FoundryAMD returns to the high-end: Radeon RX Vega unveiled

Two cards to challenge GTX 1070/1080 - and a liquid cooled GPU too.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft gives more memory to Project Scorpio developers

9GB of GDDR5 memory for games, 3GB reserved for the system.

Digital FoundryZelda: Breath of the Wild uses dynamic resolution scaling

Does this explain why Switch's portable mode runs smoother than docked?

Digital FoundryHas Nintendo Switch already been hacked?

Old browser exploit compromises new console.

Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 Ti: 'faster than Titan X Pascal'

And the biggest leap in performance from a Ti product yet.

Digital FoundryPS4 Pro 'boost mode' runs unpatched PS4 games more smoothly

UPDATED: Sony confirms CPU/GPU boosts and possible loading time improvements.

Digital FoundryGeForce Now streaming coming to PC and Mac

Run your PC games library from the cloud. Pricing for GTX 1060 and GTX 1080 access revealed.

Digital FoundryHDMI 2.1 spec adds 8K/10K video, dynamic HDR and variable refresh

G-Sync/FreeSync-style technology is coming to next-gen TVs with new game mode.

Digital Foundry launches high quality 4K video platform

Five dollars a month via Patreon for access to pristine ultra HD downloads.

Digital FoundryNvidia reveals GTX 1050/1050 Ti: Pascal on a budget

Keenly priced, with the promise of extreme overclocking.

Digital FoundryPS Vita hacked: full system access enabled for homebrew

Browser-based exploit runs on the latest 3.60 firmware.

Digital FoundryGears of War 4's PC-exclusive features detailed

"We sit at 28 different settings and we're thinking of ways to add more ..."

Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: $249 buys you GTX 980 power

UPDATED: UK and European prices announced.

Digital FoundryAMD's Polaris-powered RX 480 graphics card priced at $199

Aggressive pricing for GTX 970/R9 390-beating performance.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft adds unlocked frame-rate and G-Sync/FreeSync support for UWP

Forza 6 Apex and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition PC patches due shortly.

AMD "design wins" suggest three upcoming console reveals

But not all of them will ship this year.

Digital FoundrySony investigating PlayStation VR support for PC

"We're looking to expand in a variety of areas."

Digital FoundryWhat does PlayStation VR's external processor unit actually do?

Social screen, 3D audio processing - plus a new "separate mode" for asymmetrical multiplayer.

Digital FoundryIntel moves to shut down locked Skylake CPU overclocking

Is it really the end of the cheap OC party? And what can you do to avoid the lockdown?

Digital FoundryAMD reveals 'Polaris' next-gen graphics architecture

New manufacturing technology provides unprecedented increases in power and efficiency.

Digital FoundryPlayStation 4 hack confirmed: watch the Linux demo

UPDATE: "SteamOS on the PS4 should 'just work' once the driver issues are sorted out."

Digital FoundryHas PlayStation 4 been hacked?

System RAM dumped via high-level exploit.

Digital FoundryHow to unlock 'very high' quality in Windows 10's Xbox One streaming app

A simple PC tweak improves resolution and image quality.

Digital FoundryNew PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

Japanese blog tears down and tests new CUH-1200 model.

Digital FoundryNvidia facing legal action over GTX 970 specs

UPDATE: Nvidia boss: "We won't let this happen again."

Digital FoundryIs Nvidia Tegra X1 the next big thing for mobile graphics?

iPad Air 2, Shield Tablet and last-gen console effortlessly bested according to initial benchmarks.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

SDK leak reveals game-makers now have access to a seventh processing core.

Digital FoundryGet 11.5 teraflops of PC graphics power for under £500

AMD slashes prices on the ultra-powerful Radeon R9 295x2.

Digital FoundrySmaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development

Completed design opens the door to a cost-reduced 'slim' console.

New lighting tech debunks moon landing conspiracy theories

Illuminating the truth behind one of Apollo 11's most iconic images.

Digital FoundrySucker Punch explains inFamous DLC frame-rate boosts

First Light runs faster than Second Son - will those enhancements roll back into the original game?

Digital FoundryHave mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

New Unreal Engine 4 demo running on Nvidia tablet technology says yes.

Digital FoundryWatch Portal running on Nvidia Shield

Valve's classic ported to the handheld Android console.

Digital FoundryNvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card

Two Titan Black GPUs in a single, monstrous product.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft reveals DirectX 12 - and it's coming to Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 5 already ported - and running on PC.

Digital FoundryTitanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

Respawn: "We're trying to optimise... we don't want to give up anything for higher res."

Digital FoundryPS1/PS2 games heading to PlayStation 4

Source: titles running under emulation, HD visual enhancements in development.

Digital FoundrySony creates custom PS3 hardware for PlayStation Now

Dedicated servers house eight PS3s, built from the ground up for cloud gameplay.

Digital FoundryMicrosoft to unlock more GPU power for Xbox One developers

Kinect and app reservations will be accessible to game-makers.

Digital FoundryXbox One exclusive Ryse runs at 900p

Full HD off the table for Crytek's showcase. Digital Foundry assesses the news.

Digital FoundryXbox One CPU speed increased by 9.375 per cent

1.6GHz processor bumped up to 1.75GHz in production hardware.

Digital FoundryXbox One is designed to be always-on for 10 years

New development hardware also reveals that it's near-silent a lot of the time.

Digital FoundryMobile Kepler revealed: more powerful than current-gen console?

Nvidia says its new tablet/smartphone tech outperforms PS3's RSX.

Digital FoundryXbox One memory performance improved for production console

Microsoft tells developers that ESRAM bandwidth is up to 88 per cent higher.

Digital FoundryHDMI 1.4 stereo 3D arrives on Xbox 360

Arkham City is first full-res Xbox 360 3D release.

Nintendo Wii U specs emerge

No word on graphics tech though...

Blu-ray 3D support hits PS3 next week

"Additional features" promised for firmware.

Ubisoft plays down DRM "hack" rumours

Pirate downloads "not complete".

New Ubisoft DRM "cracked" on day one?

Silent Hunter 5 succumbs to PC pirates.

4A Games dismisses Metro 2033 rumours

Denies tech is derived from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Geohot releases "hack" for PS3

"Hopefully this will ignite the scene."

Sony shows off 3D LittleBigPlanet

New technology makes planes simple.

CryEngine 3 Technical Breakdown

Video analysis of the GDC demonstration.

VF5 as good on 360

Comparison shots tell all.