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Eurogamer Editorial

Oli Welsh


Oli became editor of in 2014. He has been voted the best-dressed man in video games by his colleagues, but it's not saying much. He loves reviewing and is probably playing Diablo 3 right now.

Wesley Yin-Poole

Deputy Editor

Wesley is Eurogamer's deputy editor. He's passionate about news journalism and under his guidance it has become one of Eurogamer's greatest strengths. He's also a massive fighting game fan.

Martin Robinson

Feature and Reviews Editor

As features and reviews editor, Martin commissions and writes much of Eurogamer's long-form articles in collaboration with our staff and freelancers. He loves cars and Nintendo in equally intense and creepy ways.

Tom Phillips

News Editor

In 2017, Tom emerged from a years-long training montage under his sensei Wesley's stern but encouraging eye to replace Wes at the helm of Eurogamer's news desk. He loves Nintendo, scoops and lore.

Christian Donlan

Features Editor

Christian contributed to Eurogamer on a freelance basis for four years before we realised we should probably hire him because he's really talented and popular. He works with Martin on features and reviews, and rarely shuts up about Crackdown or the paintings of Velazquez.

Matthew Reynolds

Guides Editor

Matthew is Eurogamer's guides editor, responsible for walkthroughs, tips and other helpful resources. He has the ultimate qualification for this job: he used to write GameFAQs for fun. Yup, really.

Robert Purchese

Senior Staff Writer

Bertie is the longest-serving member of Eurogamer's editorial team. He covers a range of games, mostly featuring dragons, and tries to find a story wherever there's one to be told. He often reminisces about Dark Age of Camelot and seems to go to Poland a lot.

Chris Tapsell

Staff Writer

Chris is Eurogamer's staff writer and leading Pokémon bore, despite some very stiff competition on that front. In a former life he was actually a named player in Football Manager. He also likes strategy games and winning arguments.

Matt Wales


Matt joined Eurogamer in 2017 to keep the site updated in the evenings, during US working hours, even though he lives in the UK - a noble sacrifice in the name of news. He loves his Switch and playing those slightly shonky survival games that are so strangely popular on Steam.

Emma Kent


Emma was Eurogamer's summer intern in 2018 and we liked her so much we decided to keep her. Now a fully-fledged reporter, she loves asking difficult questions, smashing people at DDR and arguing about, well, everything.

Video team

Ian Higton

Video Team

Ian joined Eurogamer at the end of 2012 to kickstart our YouTube channel, and can often be found playing games and dying a lot during live streams. His life's work is his complete collection of Codemasters games for the ZX Spectrum.

Johnny Chiodini

Video Team

Johnny joined Eurogamer's video team in early 2015 to help Ian feel less lonely and to show us all his tattoos. He's a fan of tabletop gaming, a seasoned dungeon master and a singer of sea shanties. He lives in East London, obviously.

Aoife Wilson

Video Team

Aoife also joined the video team in 2015. She's an authority on Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and swearing, and she's pretty scary for her size. It's pronounced ee-fa, by the way.

Digital Foundry

Richard Leadbetter

Technology editor, Digital Foundry

Rich has spent 20 years writing about games, mainly for magazines the youngsters of today haven't even heard of. Today he heads up Digital Foundry's YouTube channel and writes for Digital Foundry on Eurogamer, using words like "hypervisor" and "temporal resolution" in a serious context.

Tom Morgan

Senior Staff Writer, Digital Foundry

32-bit era nostalgic and gadget enthusiast Tom has been writing for Eurogamer and Digital Foundry since 2011. His favourite games include Gitaroo Man, F-Zero GX and StarCraft 2.

John Linneman

Staff Writer, Digital Foundry

An American living in Germany, John has been gaming and collecting games since the late 80s. His keen eye for and obsession with high frame-rates have earned him the nickname "The Human FRAPS" in some circles. He's also responsible for the creation of DF Retro.

Gamer Network

Jon Hicks

Audience Development Director

Jon has been writing about video games and technology since 2002, during which time he contributed to dozens of publications and spent seven years as Editor-in-Chief of Official Xbox Magazine. Now he helps Eurogamer and its sister publications like USgamer, VG247 and Rock Paper Shotgun grow their audiences, sometimes taking time out to write about the good old days. He has a terrible addiction to shonky open-world games.

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