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The new star of Red Alert 3: Uprising on Ramsay Street and Benny Hill.  

Eurogamer: There was a bit of a furore on account of how you could almost see your Coco Hernandez...

Holly Valance: I don't think England gets an opinion when they have Page 3 every day. I don't think anyone's worried about tits and arse in England.

Eurogamer: We love tits and arse in England. But there was a furore...

Holly Valance: I was happy with that. When you're launching a career in music, any publicity is good publicity, and I guess it was a good conversation point for people. Which is great - job well done.

Eurogamer: I might try advancing my career in videogames in a similar fashion.

Holly Valance: You should! Do a nudie report on all the new games coming out. You'd have so many hits.

Eurogamer: I meant I might start doing phone interviews nude. Your idea's interesting but I'm not sure I'd look as good as you naked. Even though you did say yourself that I, Ellie Gibson, am fitter than you, Holly Valance.

Holly Valance: Hey, it's unique. You've got to get to the masses.

Eurogamer: I'm not sure the masses want me to get to them in that fashion. Anyway, you're also known for your role in the Dead or Alive movie. Did you enjoy that experience?

Holly Valance: It was an amazing experience, but it was the toughest experience of my life. We spent four months training in kung fu, then we were in the desert in China, sick as dogs, working hard in heat like I have never felt before. It was literally 50 degrees Celsius one day.

But it was a wonderful bonding experience with the other girls, I've made friends for life. It was like going to war together almost, because you were doing things in really poor conditions and it was quite third-worldy in some areas. So it was hard, but it was great fun.

Eurogamer: Did you play actual Dead or Alive?

Holly Valance: Oh yes, we played so much. That's pretty much what we had to do in our rooms, because there was nothing else to do. That and buy pirated DVDs in the village. I'm so against buying pirated movies and music, because that's my business, but there was literally nothing else to do. So we'd watch these awful DVDs filmed on a camcorder in the cinema.

Eurogamer: In that movie you defeated an entire room of baddies while wearing just a towel...

Holly Valance: That was awesome, I had so much fun shooting that scene. The only problem was, when I pistol-whip the detective at the end, I actually did during one take. They had moved the marks between takes without telling either of us, and I ended up accidentally smashing his face with the butt of a gun. He was bleeding and we stopped shooting for the day. I felt so awful.

Gnomes: not what they used to be.

Eurogamer: Do you play many other videogames?

Holly Valance: I'm learning to get better at the Wii, and I've got a 360 and a PSP. I do try, because I see boys get so much satisfaction out of playing it. I think if I understand and get better at it, I'll enjoy it more. The Wii's good because it's exercising at the same time.

Eurogamer: How could Eurogamer readers use their gaming knowledge and skills to attract a woman like you, famous international sex symbol Holly Valance?

Holly Valance: I would like to be moulded into some sort of videogame character. So they could come up with a game, and EA could hire me and take all the computer shots of me, and make me into a character, based on me, about me - just me. Stroke my ego, basically. That would win my heart. So tell them to write to EA.

Eurogamer: Will do. I was doing some extensive research on Wikipedia earlier, and I read that you're related to Benny Hill. Is that true?

Holly Valance: Yes, it's true. Benny was my grandfather's cousin. I never got to meet him. I would have liked to, I've heard wonderful things about him.

Eurogamer: Did Benny Hill inspire you to become an actress?

Holly Valance: No, I don't even think I understood who he was until I was a bit older. Now, if I'm watching telly and he's on, I do have quite a giggle. He was very naughty and I liked his sense of humour. For that time he was very cheeky, and I can appreciate that, because I've got a foul mouth and a sick sense of humour. Probably passed down.

Eurogamer: Had you been acting back then, would you have liked to have been one of the ladies running around in short skirts while Benny gave chase?

Holly Valance: I don't think so. It would depend on what they were paying. If it was massive amounts of cash, I would totally be up for it.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising is out exclusively for PC this March. Ellie Gibson is fitter than Holly Valance.

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