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  • BioShock 2's Jordan Thomas

  • zErOb_cOOl 21/12/2009

    Hmmmm can't say I'm too enthused about this.

    Fallout 3 was a bit boring but had an insane amount of depth.

    The first Bioshock just seemed a bit boring.
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  • GT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis

  • zErOb_cOOl 20/12/2009

    Hmmm, Polyphony Digital seemed to be more 'at one' with the PS2 than Yoda was with the force...what they graphically got out of the PS2 was astounding.

    Doesn't seem to be quite the same case here with GT5, but the game is looking pretty stunning.

    Also interesting to see the 1080p mode doesn't run at the full 1080p resolution, 1920x1080 px, and the native resolution of the game is stretched horizontally to meet the full HD resolution....not that any other games output at pure native 1080p resolution to my knowledge!

    Will any games manage this in this generation?!
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  • Modern Warfare 2 wins America 2009

  • zErOb_cOOl 15/12/2009

    Hmmm, apart from NSMB a lot of these titles have been out for a while. Shows how fast and how many people jumped on MW2! Reply 0
  • Getting It Wrong

  • zErOb_cOOl 15/12/2009

    Did either of you read past the first line of my previous comment? - This was just a passing comment to start with.

    My main point was that drawing a conclusion based on comparing units sold between products which cost different amounts can't be done.

    Glad you guys are enjoying your DS games, but I don't think I know you both personally, and my point was that no DS games appealed to me personally or anybody I know in the first place, across the board. Nearly all of my friends are gamers who have adopted many consoles, so it must just be that the DS isn't popular in the over 20 age range....but I can only talk from my experience.
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  • zErOb_cOOl 14/12/2009

    The only thing I can't understand is why me, nor anybody I know, owns one or wants to play any of the games on the DS. Curious for such a successful "console".

    It has gimmicky software which purposely appeals to all ages across the market and it's a cheap "console" so I hardly think it's fair to label the DS as "successful" based on uncomparable unit-shifting-based sales figures.

    It may also be "successful" due to the amazing ease with which you can pirate games for the DS.

    This article is the pinnacle of the sort of crap that I really really hate these days. It goes along with the amazing success of the Wii, which is crap, the iPod, which is crap, the winner of the X Factor, which is crap, Twilight, which is crap, I'm a Celebrity, which is crap and Coldplay, who are crap,

    Things touted as amazing when they are in fact crap....when will it all end?! Whennnn???!1!
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  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

  • zErOb_cOOl 08/12/2009

    Hmmm, this or Modern Warfare 2? Hmmmm. This or..

    ...oh look, I've bought Modern Warfare 2, and it awesome.
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  • Can Consoles Run Crysis?

  • zErOb_cOOl 07/12/2009

    I'm interested in graphical and game performance issues between different hardware running CryEngine 3, but more than that I just want Crysis 2 to be a great game.

    I think that Crytek owe it to themselves to build a legendary game on their hard-developed and impressive engine.

    I really feel that Crytek can produce a great game in terms of what Modern Warfare was to the action FPS, but based in the stealth FPS genre.

    I loved the Delta Force games to death, but they were too stark and devoid of physical content. Finally a company has prided itself on vast, detailed outdoor environments, but I've still felt a little funnelled from mission to mission along certain paths.

    I know what I'm about to describe could be the original Crysis, but (IMO) it would be awesome to be put on an island and cause loads of sniper-based havoc with maybe 2 or 3 objectives to meet completely by your own tactics....completely open-ended.
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  • James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

  • zErOb_cOOl 02/12/2009

    I just wish Avatar seemed a bit more original.

    There may be hidden depth to the storyline...I haven't seen the film...but the premise of the film seems overly contrived, heavily leaning on much better sci fi storylines, rather than a eureka moment of genius. I think hour long Star Trek episodes have had far more in-depth ideas going on.

    Hopefully the greatness is in the execution. Sadly not for the game though.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer trailer

  • zErOb_cOOl 29/08/2009

    Is there a special bonus for every type of kill in this game? Seems a bit over-done to me.

    "Ha ha, I just got a Killstreak"
    "Ha, but I got a Buzzkill"
    "Ha ha...but then I got a Payback Kill"
    "Ha, but then I got you back with a Revenge Kill"

    Who cares?! Essentially you either shoot someone or blow someone up and they die. That's it.

    Apart from that impending annoyance, looks awesome!
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  • Mario Kart Wii

  • zErOb_cOOl 26/04/2008

    Been playing this a lot. Great addictive gameplay and progression structure. Great online play. But one thing has really been bugging me. Why doesn't it run at 60FPS? The graphics are good, but I wouldn't have thought they would push the Wii. I believe all other Mario Kart games ran at 60FPS (bar possibly the N64 version) so why doesn't this version? Its just really bugged me since I first started playing this game. Reply 0
  • Lost Odyssey

  • zErOb_cOOl 22/03/2008

    Am I the only person who doesn't get the attraction of games like this? Dull stat management fighting. Piss poor puzzles. Great. Reply -3
  • No More Heroes

  • zErOb_cOOl 21/03/2008

    Me and my mate have been playing this a bit. He really likes it (think he's been reading too mych hype.) I personally think it's throwaway rubbish. Flawed horrible graphics. Horrible vehicle handling/physics modelling. Boring repetative fighting. Only thing I liked were all the retro references, but which unfortunately come across in a highly pretentious way.

    This is any of the 3D GTA games, only nowhere near as well executed. I honestly can't see a single point that this game beats GTA III/Vice City/San An on.
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  • Endless Ocean

  • zErOb_cOOl 22/12/2007

    Yeah a 6 seems harsh because I applaud games developers and publishers that are willing to do something different, instead of the same confined-in-style game genres. Not many games have felt that different from others recently, with the exception of Guitar Hero and possible a few Wii games, mainly due to the controller aspect.

    I'd give Endless Ocean at least a 7 myself for having the balls to be a different type of game. It's a pretty compelling game to play, which counts for a lot in my book.
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  • Donkey Kong: Jet Race

  • zErOb_cOOl 12/12/2007

    Yeah, my housemate owns a Wii, and we have a lot of games, and the vast majority are very poor. In fact some are O..K games, marred by terrible controls...and some are downright poor.

    I mean Mario & Sonic @ Olympics. Unlike other Olympics games instead of hammering a joypad button to within an inch of it's life, you wave Wii controllers around repeatidly until one develops a rattle. Great stuff. Just great. Gaming gold :|

    As I see it there's Wii Bowling (which seems to be the only Wii Sport with any replay factor) Metroid Prime (which is a bit bland, but downright playable) Excite Truck (they nailed car handling on the Wii in THIS game and THIS game only) and Mario Galaxy (becuase it's basically Mario 64, which is good.)

    Apart from those 4 I honestly couldn't recommend anither good Wii game, you know, that's actually worth the price of the console and 29.99. Nintendo seriously need to sort out some good games soonish.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • zErOb_cOOl 05/11/2007

    I've been telling my mates for months that this looks awesome, because it resembles a lot of aspects of Mario 64, and it looks original and 'free' enough to be a highly original and amazing in it's own right, pretty much what the review said, so was kinda expecting the 10/10. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: A forumite in Montreal!

  • zErOb_cOOl 25/10/2007

    Hmmm, disappearing NPCs. Reminds me of Shenmue all too much!

    Apart from that this sounds great though, and I hope it is extremely immersive, as that's definately the main factor for any game. I love these kinda open plan games, especially if they have a bit of style (GTA series, Far Cry) but there are far too few of them around. I very much doubt the computer horse is better than the one in SOTC though! :)
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  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • zErOb_cOOl 17/09/2007

    Lol @ women in labour comment Reply 0
  • GC: Far Cry 2

  • zErOb_cOOl 23/08/2007

    I played many a FPS shooter when I was younger. Then the novelty wore off for me, and they all became way too samey, to put it bluntly,...

    ...until I played Far Cry. Totally refreshed the genre for me. It just felt so un-linear, the levels were pretty vast, mostly outdoor, and gorgeous to look at. Sneaking about was just great, great stuff (even if you were way too easily spotted by the enemies.)

    I hope Far Cry 2 continues where the previous game left off, becuase I couldn't be more bored of FPS like Halo, HL2, Gears of War, Rainbow 6, etc. I even cracked out Delta Force: Land Warrior on the PC the other day in desperation.
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  • Tomb Raider Anniversary

  • zErOb_cOOl 01/06/2007

    Played the very 1st Tomb Raider game through all the way on the PC. Loved it. Brilliant set of first levels, and the later levels just seemed to get bigger and better. Some good puzzels and bosses in there too. Great depth. Brilliant game.

    After that, I've not really played any TR game. Wasn't overly impressed by the second, or the games that followed it. Thought snowmobiles were completely unecessary, as TR isn't about vehicles. Some of the levels lacked charm, in the second game in particular. It was as though the developers were clutching at straws in order to put something new in the game, be it vehicles or unusual locations.....IMO they got TR bang on the first time.

    I hope this game gives me the feeling of playing the first TR game again. It probably won't, but if it's near, I won't be disappointed.
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  • Exclusive: Forza 2 - EG Laps

  • zErOb_cOOl 19/05/2007

    "I hate that racetrack."

    Ha ha, yeah hated that track on GT4 too. I had to stop watching that vid....the music....the music....noooo!

    I've never been a fan of Forza but I'll admit I thought the graphics were good in this new video. If it runs at 60fps then even better too. The full reflections in the cars is done to a sick level of detail, and everything else looks present and correct. What's people's beef with the graphics?....the fact the PS2 was throwing out similar graphics years ago with GT4?

    I have to admit I was impressed with what I saw in this video off the bat. Anyway, hope the game doesn't have the same sluggish unresponsive "realistic" handling of the last game.
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  • Guitar Hero II

  • zErOb_cOOl 06/04/2007

    I play actual guitar and enjoy it. As do other people, duh. How is this game rewarding to guitar players? Reply 0
  • Okami

  • zErOb_cOOl 18/02/2007

    Well, I've played a little of this game (I don't have much time these days!) and sat through the interesting but stupidly long (hence boring after 10 minutes) intro, so I suppose I ought to comment.

    It seems to me that it's shaping up to be a good game, when I play more into it, but apart from the whole brush thing, the gameplay seems fairly basic to me, and I can't honestly see me playing the whole 60 hours. Saying that, I'll just play 'till I get bored, and it does look awesome. We need more games that are visually like this!
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  • Virtua Fighter 5

  • zErOb_cOOl 08/02/2007

    Not as good looking as I thought it would be (same goes for every PS3 game so far, apart from GT:HD) but will still probably be one solid fighter. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

  • zErOb_cOOl 05/02/2007

    Haribo faux pas comment 'for the chuckle'. Reply 0
  • Investigating the PSP's PSone emulator

  • zErOb_cOOl 02/02/2007

    I'm all for people using hardware, THAT THEY'VE BOUGHT THEMSELVES AND OWN, for whatever they want. I'm sick of all the restricions put on hardware, and the crippling of software, just to meet a company's marketing strategy.

    I think console manufacturers should simply count themselves lucky that so many people buy their consoles (considering the high price of most of them, this time around especially) and count any post games sales as a bonus. Not a very proactive view in terms of the future of the games industry, but a fair and realistic one I feel.
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  • God of War II

  • zErOb_cOOl 01/02/2007

    Yeah the Gamespot preview is definately worth checking out if you're interested in GoW. It looks identical to the firsty game, which can be seen as a good or bad thing.

    Getting straight into the driving seat will be good (if you've played the last game) but I just hope the gameplay varies a bit from the last game, adn the game is a bit longer!

    Still, from what I've seen in terms of previews, this looks set to be as awesome as the last game. It is a really good game concept, plays well, the story and Kratos character are awesome, so it can't fail in my eyes.

    Also, why would I rather play this over any of the current 360 offerings?
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  • Biker Mice from Mars

  • zErOb_cOOl 31/01/2007

    Random as hell game release! I used to watch the cartoon all the time....for some reason. Shame this game is so poor really. Reply 0
  • Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition

  • zErOb_cOOl 30/01/2007

    Still remember watching the intro to this game on the good ol' Megadrive and being amazed by it. 3D graphics on the Megadrive FTW! The game was way too harsh though. Made me teh cry. Reply 0
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight

  • zErOb_cOOl 30/01/2007

    Pah, sounds like this deserved a 2/10 at best. Just terrible. Reply 0
  • Sony confirms 23rd March, 425 PlayStation 3

  • zErOb_cOOl 25/01/2007

    Simply put, and for the 1,000,000th time stated on the Internet, far too expensive.

    Still, a nicer bit of kit than the 360 (shame about the pad), and hopefully some juicy original games will be out soon, other than the generic piles of crap that are GT:HD and F1 games, etc.
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  • Virtual Console: SEGA Mega Drive

  • zErOb_cOOl 23/01/2007

    The Megadrive emulator on my Symbian phone is sweet-as. No need for a Wii. I can play mine on the toilet at work too.

    There's a Wii/toilet joke in there somewhere.
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  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

  • zErOb_cOOl 22/12/2006

    I thought C&C Tiberium Sun was a horribly unbalanced game, and very over hyped. Too many long range projectile attacks also ruined the actual tactical combat for me, and I never got into the game. The game tried to add an even more futuristic edge to the game series, and add a few new interesting gameplay features but, quite simply, none of it worked.

    The original C&C and Red Alert were by far the best games of the series, and that isn't nostalgia speaking, they simply got EVERYTHING dead right first time. I quite enjoyed generals, although it was short lived. I feel I only enjoyed it due to the dynamics of the game working differently to the original games. However, fighting terrorists always made battles interesting, due to the unusual way in which they can deploy bases anywhere and easily, and also upgrade their weapons using downed enemy vehicles, which I thought was quite cool, so more of that for C&C 3 imo.
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  • Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

  • zErOb_cOOl 20/12/2006

    "or anyone suffering from scepticism and uncertainty about the validity of the Wii's control system and doubting developers' abilities to create games to live up to its potential, Trauma Centre: Second Opinion is the perfect remedy."

    Best bit of the review for me. I've had a go on a Wii (only sports) and they are really fun, but if I bought one I don't know how long it would be before the novelty wore off. At least this suggests the control system is good, flexible, and substantial enough to make a good variety of games like this.
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  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

  • zErOb_cOOl 29/11/2006

    Not sure if I agree with the final verdict in the review, in that repetetive combat and poor graphics (especially on the PS2 version I've been playing) cripple this game for me. I couldn't care less what's around the next corner to unlock if the game itself is relatively poor. I managed about 20 minutes on co-op mode with a mate on this game, then I ducked out through sheer boredom, even though I love the Marvel franchise and other superheroes. Reply 0
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

  • zErOb_cOOl 20/11/2006

    Did this really need re-reviewing? Reply 0
  • Gears of War

  • zErOb_cOOl 17/11/2006

    I'm sorry for the unoriginal comment, but lol (again.) Reply 0
  • Gears of War

  • zErOb_cOOl 08/11/2006

    Just watched the IGN vids of this. I personally find FPS games very boring; you've played one, you've played them all. The graphics look good in this game (only as good as Dead Rising or Prey though, maybe a little better) but I was seriously expecting more from the graphics after all the "in-game videos" I've seen. They remind me of Resident Evil 4's graphics with a bit more gloss, and a higher resolution of course.

    HL2+Counterstrike is the pinnacle FPS for me, due to it's superb graphics, playability, and setup flexibility, and I simply can't see Gears of War making much difference in the FPS genre for me. The wall-hugging is pretty cool though \o/
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  • Heavenly Sword

  • zErOb_cOOl 25/09/2006

    Looks really good. Love the low down view point and the epic looking levels. I bet you feel right in the middle of chaos practically all the way through the game. Reply 0
  • Japanese PS3 price cut, as Kutaragi talks technology

  • zErOb_cOOl 22/09/2006

    I think people here in Europe should protest the price, especially people in the UK who already pay top dollar for everything already. Everyone should refuse to buy the console until the base model is reduced to 225 here too. That would get Sony to respect Europe a bit more.

    I'm sick of Europe being the place that things are sold at a high price, if and only when the product has been successful in every other part of the world. How can waiting longer for a product AND paying a higher price than every other part of the world ever make sense, whatever the reason?
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  • Nintendo Wii to launch on December 8th, GBP 179

  • zErOb_cOOl 15/09/2006

    It costs a little too much, but I'm still quite tempted as it looks quite promising. Reply 0
  • Star Fox Command

  • zErOb_cOOl 11/09/2006

    "Nope. Nothing like Lylat Wars."

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  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection

  • zErOb_cOOl 07/09/2006

    Since Soul Calibur was released, everybody seems Soul Calibur crazy. I got SC on the day of release for the Dreamcast, was wowed by the graphics, loved some characters, hated others (like any beat-em-up), subsequently completed the game with all of them, but then I took a step back. I actually though SC was missing something over Tekken 3 on the PS1.

    It's not that I don't know how to play SC, but it really is a button-basher's paradise. Tekken is as well, to an extent, but after that there is a very deep move set to explore for every character in Tekken, and extremely varied fighting styles, so that even without weapons you get very interesting match-ups. Ducking and dodging is also better/more satisfying in Tekken, as well as moves which you can execute to purposely dodge a predicted high kick, for example. It is much more of a thinking person's fighting game.

    Tekken 5 on the PS2 must also utilise the hardware to the max, as the graphics are amazing. I whipped Tekken 5 out again last week, after not playing it for a good few months, and loved it. My housemate, who couldn't have been less enthusiastic about playing it, also got straight into it, and loved it! We must have played it for hours and hours last week. I think this speaks volumes about the game, and it sounds like it's younger brother is the same story here on the PSP.
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  • PS3 delayed in Europe

  • zErOb_cOOl 06/09/2006

    Good lord, never seen so many comments in one day! I really did see this coming though. And why "PS3 delayed in Europe"? Why not say it like it is. Something like "Planned PS3 launch in Europe still right on track for intended March release " would do fine. Reply 0
  • The best of YouTube

  • zErOb_cOOl 31/08/2006

    Why, when you search for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, even here on Eurogamer, do you not come up with much at all. I have it on my Dreamcast and, although quite hard, is an absolutely awesome game. Perfect mix of original SF2 fighting, but not too over the top like the MvC games were, although they were great too.

    Liked the SF3:3rd S clip anyway, and the one where the master is teaching Ryu and Ken new moves. Very funny.
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  • Pathologic

  • zErOb_cOOl 30/08/2006

    Looks interesting. Good to see design and visual flair has won a small victory over pure graphical brilliance. I'd be quite happy playing a 2D RPG, if it was really good, absorbing, and had a cool grapical style. Reply +1
  • Wii for less than 250 Euros

  • zErOb_cOOl 24/08/2006

    I'm going to be negative as usual, but 170 minimum for the Wii is too much in my opinion, especially for the relatively low level of hardware you're buying. Even 140 would have been more reasonable. If a more realistic Wii package costs > 200, I hate to say it but you may as well get an X360, as they will probably cost less than they do now by the time the Wii comes out anyway. Reply 0
  • Tenchu: Time of the Assassins

  • zErOb_cOOl 06/07/2006

    Why hasn't Tenchu moved on from its debut on the PS1. Its a good concept, was executed fairly well on the PS1, but has never been bettered.....and the sad thing is (for everybody) I think it could easily be bettered. Reply 0
  • Ship Simulator 2006

  • zErOb_cOOl 05/07/2006

    Was this an entry into the "Most Boring PC Game Of The Year" competition?

    ....and O-M-G @ the lawnmower simulator link.
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  • Lumines Mobile

  • zErOb_cOOl 13/06/2006

    I really want this!.....but when I go to order it from gameloft my phone doesn't appear on the list of compatible handsets. Its a Nokia 3230. Ok not the best phone ever, but it is a symbian and java enabled phone, so I don't see why it isn't compatible. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime: Corruption

  • zErOb_cOOl 16/05/2006

    I'm sorry. I'm not against the Wii, and I'm buying one if they are released at a reasonable price, but this looks shit. Reply 0