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  • BAFTA's Game of the Year award goes to Fallout 4

  • y2rich 08/04/2016

    And yet more proof, if it were needed, that these awards shows are completely pointless Reply +60
  • Watch: Street Fighter 5's brilliance just about makes up for barebones launch

  • y2rich 16/02/2016

    I love how people seem to be forgetting you don't have to buy a game on day one... Reply 0
  • The obscure baseball game that went on to be the PC's second highest ranked game

  • y2rich 30/08/2015

    @DrStrangelove It does say text based sport simulation at one point but its not specifically made loud and clear Reply +7
  • y2rich 30/08/2015

    @DrStrangelove Pure management Reply +8
  • y2rich 30/08/2015

    Baseballs equivalent of Football Manager, only in far more depth than Football Manager could ever hope to be. Latest versions (now with official licenses) are fantastic. Reply +13
  • Assetto Corsa beta review

  • y2rich 17/01/2014

    Latest update has just dropped Reply 0
  • y2rich 16/01/2014

    AC is also going to be fully moddable like the original rFactor. Part of the reason for the lack of quality rFactor 2 mods has been due to the big modding teams stick with rF1 until the full AC toolset is available. If AC gets the same mod support that rFactor has enjoyed (you'll struggle to find a track or racing series that isn't available via a mod for that) then this will be the 'sim' to own. Reply +2
  • Madden NFL 2011 - first 15 minutes

  • y2rich 12/08/2010

    Animations in this years version are a lot better than previous efforts but still way behind Backbreaker. Reckon it won't be long before the two meet. Reply 0
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  • y2rich 04/08/2010

    I hope thats a really early build because it looks horrendous. Bring back PES5 Reply -1
  • International Cricket 2010 announced

  • y2rich 18/03/2010

    It won't be anywhere near as good as BLC99 Reply +3
  • Games of 2009: FIFA 10

  • y2rich 23/12/2009

    And not one mention of the Online Clubs feature? Best bit in the game this year. Even the EG Forum team is hanging around the top 10 in the uk/top 100 in the world. Reply +2
  • Spore

  • y2rich 04/09/2008

    9/10 just so that EA would let them get the game review out early methinks. Yet another game to suffer due to the massive hype I'm afraid. Reply 0
  • Force Unleashed demo on Thursday

  • y2rich 23/08/2008

    daedaloz. Its a very short demo that bored me already, doesn't bode well for the full game. Theres only so many stormtroopers I can send flying off walkways or doors I can force push open before I've got all the fun out of it. Reply 0
  • y2rich 21/08/2008

    Meh. The force powers are dull after about the 3rd use, the lightsaber fighting is horrible and the camera is just useless. Lets not forget the QTE which just was the icing on the mediocre cake.

    Yes it does look cool, but it just feels dull.

    I'll give it a rent but thats about it.
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  • PES 2009

  • y2rich 23/06/2008

    Fifa finally overtook PES last year and I can only see the gap widening this time round. Shame as I was always a PES fan over Fifa before 08. Reply 0
  • UEFA Euro 2008

  • y2rich 22/04/2008

    Picked this up yesterday and then proceeded to play Captain Your Country with a couple of housemates for the next 7 hours. The gameplay tweaks and extra modes make it so much better than Fifa 08 and PES08. Can't wait for Fifa 09 now to see how they advance the Be a Pro mode in that. Here's hoping for a full career like NFL Superstar in Madden. Reply 0
  • Harmonix's Rob Kay

  • y2rich 09/04/2008

    I think I'll pick up GHIII and spend the other 110+ on GTA IV, Ninja Gaiden 2 and The Bourne Conspiracy.

    I have barely been able to wait for Rock Band over the past couple of months but they can go fuck themselves if they're going to charge that. Even with Play.coms price it's still a bloody rip off.
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  • EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

  • y2rich 08/04/2008

    I'd rather put the money towards a PS3. Fuck that. Reply 0
  • Vista update addresses gaming

  • y2rich 31/08/2007

    What is this with everyone saying games run slower on Vista? I've not noticed any difference between my PC running vista and a friends near identical build running XP.

    I've not had a single problem with a game or piece of software since installing Vista and it hasn't crashed in the 2 weeks it's been installed, compared to XP which used to crash at least once a week and usually more.
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  • Rugby '08

  • y2rich 02/08/2007

    Very very true, although the best bit of Lomu was being able to hit the camera on conversions. Reply 0
  • y2rich 02/08/2007

    They did remake Jonah Lomu. It became World Rugby Championship and Rugby Challenge 06.....in other words, they ruined it. Reply 0
  • y2rich 02/08/2007

    Erm....this is nearly identical to Rugby 06 which was a pile of rubbish. (PC version anyway).

    Players still run offside frequently, theres still far too many high tackles and red cards, the set plays often end up with you calling the wrong one because you were still pushing the maul along, theres no way to change your controls, its still far too easy to score with quick players by running widthways across the pitch (one of the biggest no-nos in the real game) and numerous other problems.

    8/10? more like 3 or 4.

    I'm going back to Jonah Lomu Rugby.
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  • Football Superstars

  • y2rich 23/07/2007

    This could well work quite well match wise. When I used to play IOS for Half Life regularly the only teams that ever won were those which were well organised and had a defence. Once the serious players get separated from the average "GIVE ME BALL I WANT TO SCORE" players, this could be awesome. Reply 0
  • Sony E3 conference

  • y2rich 11/07/2007

    A hell of a lot of games that are either very close copies of games on other systems (Infamous looking like a cross between Crackdown and any generic be good or evil game and Killzone 2 looking like an FPS Gears of War), and a lot of the exact same content from the 360 presentation.

    MGS4 did look good, but for how long will it be a PS3 exclusive. Konami have already hinted at the fact that with the current PS3 userbase they're going to struggle to make back their developments costs with a PS3 exclusive.
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  • E3: Sonic, Golden Axe on XBLA!

  • y2rich 11/07/2007

    I want Track and Field now.

    Ah the memories.
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