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  • High Street Blues

  • waynema 24/01/2009

    Zavvi had the SC4 guide on the shelf at £13. It says £11.99 on the back!

    I asked at the till, £13 was the price...

    This was last week!
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  • Final Fantasy XII

  • waynema 03/01/2009

    Well so far it seems worth the 4.99 I paid :D

    Although it looks pretty poor on the ps3 on a hdtv - but I expected that!
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  • Geek Purgatory

  • waynema 03/12/2008

    Skies of Arcadia was great! Wish they updated that for the 360! Reply 0
  • 25 characters in Street Fighter IV?

  • waynema 12/11/2008

    I think it will be the 360 Remy, then I shall accept your challenge to a bout of fisticuffs! Reply 0
  • waynema 11/11/2008

    This game was the game of the expo for me.

    Really felt fluid like SF3:TS, the only question is to get it on 360 or PS3? I'd have to get another arcade stick if I get it on PS3.

    The misses would KILL me :D
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  • Eurogamer Expo photographs

  • waynema 29/10/2008

    Enjoyed the event, went after work.

    Was robbed against a very good SF4 player on my second go - so hopeful when the full release is out!

    Didn't enjoy idiots continually barging past and never saying sorry though...
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  • HMV trade-in scheme starts Friday

  • waynema 21/10/2008


    "Back in the day, when I had my Mega Drive, no money, and GAME/EB stores didn't occupy every other unit in the town centre, I used to buy and trade-in my games at a little local shop (the guy who owned it also had a market stall near the town centre on weekends). He was a nice guy, about 40 years old at a guess, and when you went to his shop to buy a game, he'd always slot it into a Mega Drive on the counter to prove the cartridge worked and to let you have a quick go on it to see if you liked it. When you took a game to trade-in, he'd give you a reasonable amount of cash based on how popular the game was, how good the condition of the box and cartridge were, and sometimes even offer you a straight swap if it was in good nick and high demand.

    Ah, those were the days.

    He closed up shop a few years ago after almost a decade of business, when our reasonably small indoor shopping centre suddenly found itself housing not just one, but two GAME stores within a minute's walk of each other (for god-knows what reason) along with a GameStation (now owned by GAME), Virgin Megastores (now replaced by a clothes store) and a fairly large HMV store. Their service is markedly different from what I remember of the golden age of gaming; you have to take their word that the discs aren't scratched to hell, and you have difficulty telling which games are second hand and which are new, because they don't make it especially clear with most of them and the prices are so close that you can't use those to distinguish between them. And trading-in a game yourself is even worse - bring some ID for some reason, and get maybe a tenner if you're lucky.

    Now that I've started to sound like a granddad rambling on about how much better the local butchers used to be compared to the supermarket, I'll just get to the point - with service like that, I don't WANT to buy second-hand games. Now that I have a bit more money to splash out on luxuries I prefer to buy new games anyway, but I certainly won't be giving GAME, GameStation or HMV any of my cash for their overpriced goods and lack of service. It's all about first-hand, online purchases from now on."
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  • Mario Kart 64 joins Euro VC

  • waynema 26/01/2007

    I like the whole music/globe thing as well!

    I've yet to find a valid reason for me knowing the temp. of the South Pole though!
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