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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • turingsway 28/04/2011

    Good to hear you can turn the hints off. Can't wait for this! Reply 0
  • Section 8: Prejudice

  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    I think that means that the graphics are the only feature lacking to justifies the lower price point compared to recent full price fps, not that it isn't worth the £9 they are charging. Reply 0
  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    I played Battlefield 1943 again last week and didn't have any problems finding games to join so I think XLA online shooters can sustain their life if they are good. Reply 0
  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    With Mortal Kombat arriving today and this appearing on my radar this week I think I'll have an embargo on new games now!! This has also been getting some great reviews elsewhere. I'd lovee for this to be successful, as I think there is a place for quality budget titles priced much less than AAA products. With industry leaders complaining about competing with $1 apps it is going to be interesting to see how this performs. Reply +2
  • Mortal Kombat

  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    Interesting to read your further comment Matt. Personally MvC3 was no more than a 6 for me as it felt unfinished and unbalanced. The lack of both online and single player modes was inexcusable for me and the gameplay didn't do a lot for me either. I loved MvC2 but in 2011 we expect a lot more and its nice to see games like this and Blazblue CS offering decent amounts of content to justify their price. Reply 0
  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    Expected to see an 8 at the end of that after reading the review. Suprisingly low score for a such a positive review. I still know I'm going to love this regardless. I was really disapointed with MvC3 and its great to hear that there is so much content in this. Reply +6
  • Epic: $1 apps are "killing us"

  • turingsway 20/04/2011

    The problem is not taking advantage of digital distribution to lower prices. Why are games being released as downloads at the same price as the physical version? In fact most games on Xbox's games on demand service cost more than buying them from online stores. I don't see any reason why games shouldn't be launched at £39.99 in stores and £24.99 as downloads with the price dropping to £14.99 and £9.99 after set periods of time. This would go a long way towards tackling the preowned market which is damaging the console market at the moment.

    I don't think full priced games should be priced to compete with the app titles but they should be able to use the similar methods of distribution to keep the costs down.
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  • Portal 2

  • turingsway 19/04/2011

    Its nice how you resisted resorting to hyperbole. The original was really good but was unfortunately the only game to ever give me motion sickness which somewhat limited my enjoyment of it :( Reply -1
  • Mortal Kombat's Boon defends online pass

  • turingsway 19/04/2011

    Kingcrowbar - The online pass has nothing to do with the cost of running the server it is solely a measure of dealing with preowned game sales and piracy. Reply 0
  • turingsway 19/04/2011

    I fully support the online pass as the 2nd hand market has got totally out of control and its far more damaging to the industry than piracy imo. PC games have had serial keys in the box for years and this is just a slightly more robust version of that. Games can be bought new for virtually the same price as a pre-owned copy anyway so I don't really see what the problem people have with online pass actually is. Reply -2
  • WWE All-Stars - first 15 mins

  • turingsway 29/03/2011

    This is getting some good reviews so far but IGN gave it a 7 stating that its too hard. Most of the reviews have mentioned the difficulty and criticised the lack of a tutorial but that doesn't really bother me as I can't remember the last wrestling game that was a challenge and the demo did get easier with practice (and through referring to the guide THQ posted). Reply 0
  • Cliffy B: "The middle class game is dead"

  • turingsway 04/03/2011

    The only difference between a good middle class game and a good 'AAA' game is marketing budget, their both good games. He would be better to say games without an adequate marketing budget and the weight of a big publisher behind them will not do well. Reply +8
  • EVE: CCP Gives A Damn

  • turingsway 07/10/2010

    Good article and seems like there is some good things coming in the future. CCP do get a lot of stick from the user base but I think thats largely because of the type of player EVE attracts and the dedication so many people show to it.

    I am a new player of just over a month and I have already got involved in plenty of cool stuff. I can vouch for the eurogamer.net channel as a good place for advice. I chose not to join Lolli but instead joined one of the many universities in EVE to learn the ropes and I was flying in a fleet in 0.0 (no security) even before my trial had expired. There are so many people willing to help new players and ease you into the game provided that you just ask and thousands of articles all over the internet.
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  • UFC 2010 demo out this Thursday

  • turingsway 28/04/2010

    Karate wasn't in 09 and Lyoto is a Karate fighter...you can see this in new videos of him as his stance and strikes are quite different so that will be something new to try. Reply 0
  • turingsway 28/04/2010

    Can't wait for this. Poured so many hours into the last one! Reply +5
  • UFC Undisputed site offers early demo

  • turingsway 26/04/2010

    Gmail put the registration email for the community in my spam box so you will want to check that.

    So psyched for this game! Hopefully this year you won't just be able to win online by holding the right stick when in top position until your opponent gasses themselves trying to escape! Almost everything the community has been suggested seems to have been implemented which surely must be a first!
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