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  • Ubi shelves plans for third Far Cry demo

  • theheadcharge 20/03/2004

    Really want to try this but both demos didnt work. Something about the installer not being right, and i found other people complaining about it on the net but no fix. Reply 0
  • Where did the games go?

  • theheadcharge 04/03/2004

    I very rarely buy games as soon as they are released anyway as i dont have the cash. I like to buy second hand, and therefore contribute nothing to the publishers or these sales figures...
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  • Reader Reviews

  • theheadcharge 26/01/2004

    Ha, did you check out the post above.
    What a nice guy.
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  • Bad Boys II

  • theheadcharge 23/01/2004

    Dont worry guys, its obvious that they are putting all the care and attention into the gameplay. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia PC gamepad bundle

  • theheadcharge 14/12/2003

    Hmm, this could be added to my chrimbo list. I was going to wait for the xbox version, but I'm still not decided on whether i should trade that for a GC. Plus a gamepad for the pc would be nice, i could get a footy game. Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • theheadcharge 09/09/2003

    Think im going to get deathrow for my box. Need a good sports/multiplayer title. I also need to brush the cobwebs off my xbox. Reply 0
  • Namco working on 'Donkey Konga'?

  • theheadcharge 16/08/2003

    Speaking of music games for cube, are there any for xbox?
    Theres plenty of cool looking ones on ps2, but the chances of my brother buying a) A decent game. b)An original game or c)Any game are fairly small because he's a cheapskate who only gets new games when he borrows them off his mates, he gets sucked in by tv advertisments and never reads reviews (its been so long since i saw him read anything i wonder if he has actually forgotten how). Top of my brothers to buy list is currently SOCOM, and we dont even have BB. When i made him try the ico demo he deemed it shit, just to give you an image of how stupid he is.
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  • Freedom Fighters

  • theheadcharge 08/08/2003

    This used to be called battle for liberty island didnt it?? Reply 0
  • Vicarious Visions handling Xbox DOOM III

  • theheadcharge 08/08/2003

    Trinity - I'm sure i remember that name from YEARS ago, before HL was released and there was all that fuss about all the big new games about to come out (Trinity, sin, max payne, HL). Reply 0
  • Croteam working on Serious Sam 2

  • theheadcharge 02/08/2003

    In the first one the ultimate moment was at the end when something like 100 bulls all attacked you at the same time. Im tempted by serious sam on xbox as it has both SS1 + 2nd encounter- anyone here played it, id imagine the controls arent brilliant as its kind of a twitch game. Reply 0
  • EG launches Reader Reviews

  • theheadcharge 21/07/2003

    If they only give out 1 prize a week and all you guys have sent in a whole bunch of reviews straight away then thats bad. I might wait till the confusion as died down before submitting my review, written in the style of 'gangsta'

    You bunch of wise-ass mofo's.
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  • Core plans Tomb Raiders 7 and 8

  • theheadcharge 28/06/2003

    Didn't they realise that everybody liked the exploration and sense of adventure of the first one? They continually veered towards modern and realistic after that. I still recall the 'wow' moments, for example when you climbed to the head of the Sphinx and the camera gratuitously panned back to show the boggingly beautiful scale of the location. Or dived into the little pool at its base and found yourself in an enormous underground tomb with statues the size of a skyscraper. Or the fabulous Escher-like puzzle room that gave you vertigo when you tried to peer over and see the bottom... Sigh.
    Someone else remembers that fantastic part!! Ive been trying to get TR1 running again but it seems my keyboard isnt compatible and lara just keeps hopping backwards. boohoo.
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  • Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

  • theheadcharge 26/06/2003

    On a completely different note, at they claim to have a program which improves TR1's graphics by a fair margin. I will d/l it later tonight and if all goes well i will be level skipping up to st francis folly (maybe a brief stop off in the valley - the dino level) in a couple of hours. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • theheadcharge 02/06/2003

    Like the reviewer i preferred the cities in gta3 because each was so different, and it was easy to memorise where everything was after only a short time. In vice city i find i still have to consult the map to find many places and im on the final couple of missions.
    Anyway, after the bitch that gta3 ran like i wont be buying vice. And to anyone with the exact system requirements i would say - upgrade your pc or get it on ps2. If you can run it, and havent yet played the game i would say DEFINITELY get it, it is really a game that deserves the praise and sales it gets.
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  • Worms 3D

  • theheadcharge 07/05/2003

    I think team 17 are in a catch 22 here. If they just churned out another side on 2d worms theyll be criticised for lazily cashing in on the franchise, and as the other posts show, people criticise the move to 3d as well, saying it wont suit the game.
    Me? Well if they brought out a 2d worms for the current platforms but sold it for budget prices then id definitely be supportive. This 3d will be hard to get right, it could just turn into a turn based 1st person shooter - how good that would be is anyones guess.
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  • Counter-Strike hits the arcades

  • theheadcharge 06/04/2003

    Yeah, i would say that people should be allowed to play an online game how they want (not killing same team tho obviously), i hate those whingy bastards who moaned about people using awm or auto shotty. Both are good in their own situations etc and ppl have a right to use them as much or as little as they want. I remember wheni went on one server they had a thing that if you stayed still for over 5 seconds the game would tell everyone where you were or something, and then boot u if u tried to stay there. Anyway, my rant is over. Main reason i quit was cos of all the geeky shits: haha, lmao. stfu, various other gay abbreviations. Reply 0
  • Sega Sports Day, with Barry Wannaker and Banal Handsome

  • theheadcharge 03/04/2003

    Well, ive never been much intersted in any of these sports but one of my friend s got an NFL game a while ago (not sure if it was sega/ea sports or whatever tho) and he said it was really good, but that the defence side of the game is near impossible to master. Reply 0
  • Websense wants to ban online gaming

  • theheadcharge 31/03/2003

    To tell the truth guys it is pretty obvious why an employer would not want his workers being able to play computer games all day, remember how its called 'work'.
    This survey is about the average business and obviously a games company will allow its employees to play games online (well actually i suppose it depends how nice the boss is) so lets face it you're in a minority who the survey results do not apply to. However they will apply to an average office worker.
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  • Xbox steals Clancy's Thunder

  • theheadcharge 27/02/2003

    Someone commented about the pricing issue that Ł20-25 would be about right. This seems like a good deal as a stand alone game (which it can be used as) but for anyone who has bought ghost recon already its not quite so simple- maybe the new maps start being played online so you would not be able to join these games unless you buy the expansion pack, this seems kind of unfair to me, it would be good if if you already had the original game you could get some sort of a discount on this mission pack. i dont have the game (or know what pricing system will be used) but thats my little opinion because this news got me thinking about that pricing stuff. Reply 0