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  • WipEout Pulse may be heading to PS2

  • spk 27/01/2009

    as a matter of fact Wipeout Pulse is entirely new tracks and there is no "rehash" about any of it. On PSP it features a total of 16 new tracks (including 4 on DLC) in forward and reverse versions, making 32 new tracks in total. Reply 0
  • PSP Slim cables at launch

  • spk 06/09/2007

    @fodder. It`s progressive scan and component only for games. Videos will work over any cables.

    I don`t think it`s so unfair not to bundle the cables. Not everyone will want them, or they would want different types depending on how they intend to connect, and a bundled standard cable would put up the price for everyone, then frequently languish behind the sofa forever.
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  • PSP firmware hits 3.10

  • spk 01/02/2007

    ironic how people call Sony the "stinking company", and such like, and in the same sentence advocate the promotion of software piracy. Some people seem to think they have a god-given right to have whatever they want, whenever they want, for free, and that Sony should not operate as a business trying to make money; and that if what Sony offer is not exactly what will pander to their "I want it now mentality", or if they can`t afford it, then that means Sony are evil. Downgrading of PSPs is clever stuff. The hackers who work out how to do it are bright sparks, for sure, and a lot brighter than the the "we beat $ony lollerz $ony you suck" crowd, who leach off the hackers` success, but at the end of the day hacking promotes piracy. "Backup" is a euphemism for "Pirate Copy". If, like me, you started gaming on a Megadrive, then you will understand that the PSP is an astounding piece of hardware - that something so small can play 3D games and do some much other stuff is incredible, but the spoiled brats who populate the internet don`t appreciate it and will probably kill it. We would possibly have direct to PSP downloads of PS1 games now, if it wasn`t for the hacking/piracy scene. Some kids today...... yuck. If I was Sony I would have some of them up in court, but I suppose they`re nicer than me. Reply 0
  • Formula One '06

  • spk 20/11/2006

    is this a re-release or a late review? :) I had this game on launch but there was no online racing whatsoever, despite all the retailers advertising it. Same for the PS2 version. Did you actually play this online? I prepare to be corrected of course. Anyone thinking of getting this should check it really does have online mode. The version I had didn`t even contain wireless-adhoc multiplayer.

    As for the game, the PS2 version was much much better and easier to play, so I kept that and sold this. I just couldn`t get round Monaco without hitting the walls on the PSP version, and I don`t think it was all my fault, partly that on PSP the cars` turning circle was just too wide, unless I missed something. Having said that, it`s a very fun and accomplished pocket racer overall , and you can have some great battles with the AI on it.
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  • Xbox chap defends Lumines

  • spk 24/10/2006

    exactly dcangel. This is the big story today. It`s not that Lik-Sang thing, which is just an ongoing instance of corporate warfare. It happened before and it`ll happen again. There is a market for imports and someone will supply. Paid downloadable content, on the other hand, is an attempt to change the model of how we buy, sell and enjoy, or "consume" our games. It`s about destroying the second hand market, moving from a sense of ownership with our games to accepting that we only license their use, making us pay more, getting us used to that over a long period of time until, for our kids, it seems the normal thing. Remember that in videogames when companies talk about "giving consumers choice" what they really mean is "making bigger profits." We already have a wonderful barter system that everyone is happy with - it`s Microsoft and Sony who want to change it. Sony has a wonderful opportunity to look like the gamer`s friend by rejecting this kind of thing, but of course they won`t. When Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot they will insist on shooting themselves in both. Buying cosmetic add-ons to games might be acceptable, and is probably the best we can hope for, but selling incomplete games is insidious and manipulative - we have to reject it. Once the model is accepted there will be no going back. It`s the slippery slope and the thin end of the wedge all in one. Reply 0