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  • Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned

  • smelly 04/08/2015

    @linksdad : Encouraging idiots to do this for real.. Yeah, really funny. Reply +7
  • Video: The Batman: Arkham Knight easter eggs you probably missed

  • smelly 01/08/2015

    (cant be bothered to watch video)

    Do any of them enable me to play it properly on the PC yet?
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  • Terraria is heading to Wii U and 3DS in Q1 2016

  • smelly 31/07/2015

    @Zioman : If the NX is released in 2016 - i'll eat my chocolate bar Reply +2
  • Wii U lifetime sales pass 10 million, Splatoon sells 1.62m

  • smelly 30/07/2015

    @grassyknoll : Google. It's not hard to find. Reply -1
  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @addyb : And yet my wii-u games library is better than any library i could hope to have on the other 2 machines (probably put together) Reply +3
  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @desmondmiles12 : Also - If you look at microsofts profits for its gaming division for the same quarter. Nintendo made around 7x more.. Reply +1
  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @adampoole : What is incredible, is that the ps4 has sold significantly more consoles.. But yet doesnt have even half as many decent exclusives.

    .. Most of it's "must have" games are still being released on previous gen!

    See.. Fanboy crap is easy!
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  • smelly 29/07/2015

    Lots of fanboys on here... It's easy to say stupid fanboy comments.. Let me demonstrate:

    Xbone has really only just about outsold the wii-u... How many xbone first party exclusives have sold more than 1.6million?

    Hang on.. Let me go find more than 2 xbone exclusives...
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  • ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in August

  • smelly 30/07/2015

    I thought it was dull as ditchwater personally Reply +1
  • The gamer's guide to the Windows 10 launch

  • smelly 29/07/2015

    Means absolutely nothing to me.. IMHO, if you get latest windows before waiting for at least one service pack.. You're as daft as the people who pre order games! Reply -3
  • Dragon Quest 11 coming to 3DS, PlayStation 4 - and the NX

  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @Pirederas : OMG! I cant play lots of boring shootery games! How will i ever live without another CoD? :D Reply +2
  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @Pirederas : Why feel sorry for me as a wii-u owner? I feel sorry for xbone owners, who have yet to get any really decent exclusives, and most of their best games run better on other platforms.

    But hey.. Xbone owners.. at least your machine has slightly outsold the wii-u!

    (no idea if you're an xbox fanboy or a playstation fanboy - but i can do the opposite if needs be)
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  • smelly 29/07/2015

    @ubergine : Xbone not capable of running a 3DS title at 60fps - confirmed! Reply +1
  • Black & White combined the sublime with the stupid

  • smelly 26/07/2015

    @Neoptolemus : I remember that bug only being prevalent in the pirated copy of the game?

    Not making accusations on whether or not you bought the game 15 years ago..
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  • smelly 26/07/2015

    The game consistently crashed for me at end of 4th island. So I never went back. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's bright future with Splatoon

  • smelly 25/07/2015

    @jacobean_blender : " play is the reward."

    Well that.. and the golden roller you were just talking about.
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  • smelly 25/07/2015

    @Cjail : how many first party Xbox games again? Excuse me while I swim through all the many exclusive Xbox one must have titles.. All two (being generous) of them Reply 0
  • smelly 24/07/2015

    @kraigmorgan : Even 30 quid is a bit steep for something i may not like. You should see what you can get around the back of Manchester Picadilly Station for 30 quid... Reply -4
  • smelly 24/07/2015

    Ive been called a nintendo fanboy - but i still havent played this game.

    Mainly because i hate online gaming. I know, i'm probably missing out. But 60 quid is a lot to drop on a game i dunno if im going to enjoy (and probably wont)
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  • Nintendo patents sleep monitor with ceiling projector

  • smelly 24/07/2015

    Nintendo are a 150 year old company. They haven't always made video games... And they very probably won't always do either. This has nothing to do with their gaming division, it's just a new invention and product.

    They're a business.. This Is what they do.
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • smelly 22/07/2015

    Surely we can all agree, that so far this "generation" has been dire as hell.

    Even the "big" games on the bone/ps4 are cross-released with ps3/360 versions! Talk about "needing the power" of the new generation.. Kinda renders the argument for needing a new generation obsolete when the latest games run fine on last gen machines.

    The only ones making half decent exclusives consistently have been nintendo - but then they've gone and crawled into a cave and stopped releasing stuff as they seem to be saving all their new stuff for the NX.

    So all 3 have been equally shite imho...
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  • smelly 22/07/2015

    @amiga_dude : Personally, i can see why someone would get passionate about one brand over the other - based on how great the exclusives are.

    For example. I totally understand why someone would be a fan of the playstation, some of the exclusives sony get/make - such as ico, shadow, etc are immensely brilliant.

    Ditto to the wii-u. Totally get it, lots of great games.

    So I understand when it's about the software. When it's about the hardware, i scratch my head and wonder why.

    Xbone owners have that titan game and that skateboarding game afterall.. Oooh, and a few timed exclusives.
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  • smelly 22/07/2015

    @mdeneuve : " MS still seems intent bringing their fans what they want,"

    What's that then?

    Endless fps games that run better on other machines? Or am I missing something?
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  • smelly 22/07/2015

    Its barely outsold the wii-u, has next to fuck all decent exclusives, and is consistently put to shame in the power department by the ps4.

    Not sure that it's doing so well to be honest.

    Not sure why people buy it at all, if you want power - get the ps4, if you want decent exclusives get the wii-u. What is the xbones USP?

    Totally expect to be negged into oblvion and called a troll or a fanboy.. (I owned a 360 last gen.. well.. truth be told, 11 of them because they kept fucking dying on me)
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  • Godzilla review

  • smelly 19/07/2015

    Should've done an xbone port. Reply -2
  • Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter funding record

  • smelly 17/07/2015

    @landlock : Me! But only if it reviews well.

    I think people who pre order games are fucking stupid.. So paying money on a game I've seen nothing of, is fucking daft,.. Especially when it's being bank rolled by Sony anyhow.
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  • Fans launch Kickstarter for unlicensed Zelda animated series

  • smelly 17/07/2015

    What a load of crock.. Kick starter pulled it and he is trying to save face. Reply +2
  • smelly 14/07/2015

    Im gonna launch a kickstarter to make a TMNT game without permission.

    I cant see anyone having an issue with this.

    Who's gonna give me money?
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  • Prototype's HD Biohazard Bundle is a big disappointment

  • smelly 17/07/2015

    They should've ported to wiiu.. It can handle 1080p 60fps... Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • smelly 16/07/2015

    Once again.. Never pre-order stuff.. Especially DLC.

    Wait for the steam sale and get the GOTY edition (pc version might be fixed by then)
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  • There's a new Shenmue 3 trailer starring Ryo and Shenhua

  • smelly 16/07/2015

    Rim Lighting!
    Ass Zoom!

    I see what you did there...
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  • Jade Raymond joins EA to head new studio and work on Star Wars

  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @WorldScaper : that's her job! Reply 0
  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @FLAWLESSVICTORY : "literally the only video game producer of whom I've heard of anything."

    There's loads of them, and they always talk to the media. They just dont tend to look as pretty, so dont get so much coverage, or recognition.
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @arcam : All I was doing was correcting people who seem to think she's some sort of creative. That's no her role.

    Im sure she's great at her job. But to suggest that a producer or studio head is a creative - is nonsense.
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @arcam : thanks.. I did wonder, that's why I asked.

    In that case, ALL she will be doing is being the figure head.. And shouting at the producers for not managing schedules properly.. No pizza ordering required.

    But being figurehead and talking to press is important. You don't want ugly creatives with no social skills doing that.
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @kangarootoo :"who can say what a producer creates on the big franchises?"

    I can..

    They create schedules, they create orders for pizza, and they create publicity for themselves and the team by talking to the press (because you don't want one of your fat ugly balding programmers or designers who have eaten too much pizza and have greasy skin - talking to the press).
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @jamyskis1981 : "creativity"? Eh? She's a producer isn't she? Her main roles would therefor be:

    1. Looking after schedule
    2. Ordering pizza for people working late
    3. Talking to the press, and being the figurehead of the game.

    Before I get lambasted, this is nothing to do with what genitalia this person has between their legs.. Just that gamers seem to think producers have any control of the creative process.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @Bickle2 : " They're the same games they were making fifteen years ago with a new coat of paint."


    I'm not even honoring that one with a response. You've just proven how completely clueless you are..

    Now bugger off and go try convincing yourself that the machine you own is great and has totally original games or something.

    I knew there would be at least one twat who came to this thread. Sad really.

    Gonna take other peoples advice and stick you on ignore - so im not tempted to reply to your stupid teenage shit any more.. 20 years? LMAO!
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @Bickle2 : the reason people are taking offence, is because your fanboy arguments are wrong. They have taken risks, and tried to move the industry, while focusing on fun. While the rest of the industry is obsessed with power, somehow making things more fun.

    .. And this isn't the place for such arguments, arguing crap like they should do a sega and stop trying to innovate and improve the industry is nonsense, and the wrong place.

    The fact that you are saying you've not played their games, shows how little you understand on the topic anyhow.

    But rampant fanboy back and forth of the "my machine is better than yours" fanboy pissing contest by teenage boys pretending to be mature.. Is absolutely no place here, and people don't want to argue back at you, and take the conversation away from the respect he deserves for trying to innovate.

    Now go play halo or call of duty.. There's a good child.
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    I had the pleasure of meeting him and Miyamoto once. At the time he pissed me off, because after visiting our studio, they pulled the plug on our game we were making for them.

    Looking back now, they were totally correct and really knew what they were doing. To this day i've never met another game "boss" who actually genuinely liked games. Most companies are all about the money as opposed to the games.

    Since leaving the industry, and going back to enjoying games again - that memory stuck with me. And is one of the reasons i'm STILL a massive supporter of nitnendo. They're one of the few companies left that actually get that games SHOULD be fun. If the rest of this "industry" (and i hate using that word) understood it - we wouldnt need "indie" (that word too) developers.

    Maybe i'm an old dinosaur? Well.. That's not a question, judging by responses on here to my posts, and how many negs I get - i KNOW i am. But nintendo are the one major company still left who fit in with what im looking from games.

    I know I shouldnt at this early stage. But I am looking towards who replaces him. And it scares me. Miyamoto has already stated his will to retire. Reggie is unlikely due to be American... I dont know who they'll get to replace him. Maybe Masahiro Sakurai - would be my perfect choice.

    I'd HATE for someone to get employed purely to appease the shareholders.. Who turns them into yet another "me too" company - caring only about hardware specs, and making endlesss boring shooting fucking games. It's doubtful.. But still something which worries me.

    For me nintendo is my last great hope for the gaming industry. It is my pixar (on a good day), standing proud amongst the mainstream holywood dross.. I hope it carries on.. And I hope, one day.. Gamers learn to appreciate their games.. Wishful thinking.

    But for now.. I'll say.. Good bye to you sir.. You taught me a valuable lesson years ago. I bow to you.
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  • smelly 13/07/2015

    @KDR_11k : yes it was diagnosed. It was why he missed e3 last year as it was being operated on.

    If you look back at the EG comments at the time, quite a lot of sickos were saying he was too scared to go and was making it up.

    I hope whoever replaces him has a similar vision, and doesn't just go to following the same old same old
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  • Battletoads' infamous co-op glitch to be fixed in Rare Replay

  • smelly 12/07/2015

    It's a shame, as this is literally the only game on Xbox which interests me, that I can't get on PC.

    Ho hum, guess I'll be missing out then.
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  • smelly 12/07/2015

    Wow! I hope this gets a PC release.. $20 for all that lot is amazing! Don't care about battle toads, but more recent games!? Yes please Reply 0
  • PewDiePie talks money

  • smelly 08/07/2015

    Dont really care how much money someone does/doesnt make.. That just stinks of jealousy to me.

    There are issues with his success.. such as:

    1) The number of copycats now out there trying to replicate his success
    2) That he really is a talentless cockwomble

    But then.. I dont have to watch him, so i really dont care either way. I'm confused by his popularity though.

    The biggest concern to me is that he's getting money from game companies to "review" their products. Seems a slippery slope. But even then, that's really no different to the stuff which has been going on for years in the professional media "we want to spend millions advertising this game on your site - but it's only worth doing so if it gets a 9/10 score", etc.
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  • F-Zero fan cans his own ill-advised Kickstarter

  • smelly 06/07/2015

    @cw- : MMO's.. Well known for their stable 60fps gameplay.

    And not in any way modified im sure.. lol.
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  • smelly 06/07/2015

    @IronSoldier : yeah, try doing that in an off the shelf engine line unity .. Even unreal would require a LOT of modding to tailor it to be optimized to what you want to do.. To do that,

    NOT dissing those engines here, but they're generic engines - and not optimized for this specific purpose.

    Pretty sure outside reach of amateur who tried to make a kick starter with someone else's ip.
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  • Former Valve economist Yanis Varoufakis quits as finance minister of Greece

  • smelly 06/07/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk : people are inherently stupid and ill informed. Your average voter is the type who votes in X factor, and likes Justin beiber. They'll vote for whatever the tabloid newspapers tell them to.

    Look at last British election: this guy might have policies which would benefit you a lot.. But look at him, he looks like a cartoon character, he has a weird smile! How can you vote for him?

    When people vote based on how people look, we are in trouble... So not really ideal to ask people to vote on really complex stuff, like economics,.. That barely 1% of them will even come close to understand.

    Look at how many people think the only decent investment to have is property... For instance.

    Think of the average man.. By definition, he is already quite stupid.. With half the population more smart than he is.. Now realize that by definition half the population is even more stupid than he is...
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  • Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode unveiled, stars Patton Oswalt

  • smelly 05/07/2015

    @CaptainKid : I see a lot of connection to mine craft. Can't say how it plays from that one short trailer though... Obviously you can Reply 0
  • smelly 04/07/2015

    Okay, Im interested.. I'm getting negs for saying i think it looks like it could be good.

    What is so bad about it? Hard to tell from such a short video!

    From what i can see, it's minecraft with a plot.. What's bad about that?
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  • Ultra-rare Sony PlayStation SNES console spotted, pictured

  • smelly 04/07/2015

    @sbkw1983 : they were collaborating for a bit longer than "briefly" Reply 0