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  • Age of Empires Online beta open to all

  • skullstorm 05/05/2011

    Asking for a key here as well. Eurgh! Reply 0
  • Turbine takes control of LOTRO Europe

  • skullstorm 26/04/2011

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiinally. Reply +1
  • Slapped Down

  • skullstorm 26/03/2011

    Let's just play Equality Simulators.

    We'll have a blast!
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  • DC Universe activation prevents trade-in

  • skullstorm 14/02/2011

    I don't know why people are having a go at Sony for this are you really that out of touch that you don't know how mmo's work? Just like all mmo's you can't really trade them in or set up a sub with a second hand copy because you'll be missing the CD key which entitles you to an account (and no buying or trading accounts doesnt count). Just because it's on a console shouldn't make it any different. If it was then it would be a kick in the teeth to PC players.

    Besides you CAN trade it in, they just don't want you to which is entirely fair.

    And yes, I know some people have said the same thing.
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  • LOTRO: Confront Saruman next year

  • skullstorm 16/11/2010

    "Now Sauron and the Lich King - there's your pay-per-view"

    Wouldn't be worth the money. LK would be dead (again) in an instant.
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  • Make own Star Trek Online missions

  • skullstorm 28/10/2010

    This is cryptics answer for everything. Reply -3
  • Grab a WOW: Cataclysm beta key!

  • skullstorm 13/10/2010

    Got one after saying that! Reply 0
  • skullstorm 13/10/2010

    At least rename the button for tomorrow.

    TRY and claim your freebie.
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  • skullstorm 13/10/2010

    bollocks. again. Reply 0
  • skullstorm 12/10/2010

    bollocks. Reply +1
  • skullstorm 12/10/2010

    borked Reply 0
  • Kinect sold out at GAME

  • skullstorm 12/10/2010

    "It's less gay looking than a group of people all waving a dildo shaped controller around in a room. "

    Instead the group of people just look like dildos.
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  • Cryptic has "several other projects"

  • skullstorm 06/09/2010

    Must be pretty easy when they can just reskin the same fuggin game. Reply +3
  • Will Carmine live or die? You decide

  • skullstorm 21/07/2010

    save ferris Reply +6
  • Sony: 3D gives you "competitive edge"

  • skullstorm 17/07/2010

    So what if they are raving about supposed "benefits" to 3D gaming and trying to heavily market it. In the end it's just an option for current 3D TV owners, I doubt it'll make or break anything. It's just optional.

    If your a rich bastard that spends insane disposable income on owning a 3D TV, the option to use the 3D element would be pretty nice eh? If you don't have a 3D TV then it doesn't really make a difference to you, so why pretend that it does.
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  • Green Day: Rock Band

  • skullstorm 08/06/2010

    "Remember when Green Day were a genuinely enjoyable pop punk band? That was nice."

    No, I don't remember things that never were.
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  • MTV: Green Day should outsell Beatles

  • skullstorm 17/05/2010

    To quote a vastly superior band "I don't want to grow up".

    bonus points for knowing who.
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  • skullstorm 17/05/2010

    Must be fun playing the exact same song over and over. Reply +3
  • Age of Conan expansion dated

  • skullstorm 24/04/2010

    It's pretty silly to say never. They have attracted new people and they have also attracted returnees. Just because you aren't interested doesn't mean others won't be. Some will like the game, some will hate it. At least trying the game as it is now would justify whatever opinion they might have.

    Yes the launch was catastrophic and chipped many shoulders, thats undeniable. But it has been 2 years now (thats also 2 years of doomsaying and still no doom) and the myriad improvements and the effort from the devs in getting the game back on track genuinely warrants giving it a second look even if you still end up loathing it.

    Minus the positive comments all you like, the game will still be up and running for quite some time to come regardless.
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  • skullstorm 23/04/2010

    Doomed? Interesting.

    After 2 years of being 'doomed', there doesnt really seem to be an end in sight for the game. Given the (boxed) expansion pack, almost constant bug fixes, content updates, steady subscriptions and generally increased positivity for the game and its new producer I don't really think it's as doomed as some chipped shoulders make out.
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  • Aragorn's Quest gets PS3 mocon support

  • skullstorm 11/03/2010

    Thats so obscure. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Move

  • skullstorm 11/03/2010

    RE: all the Wii ripoff comments etc

    So what if it uses a very similar concept? So many things in life do. One of the best things about this is that it is not a Wii.

    You can have your novelty motion sensitive game fix and the go back to playing proper games. Without the need for an oversized paperweight.

    (cue comments that a ps3 is an oversized paperweight).
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  • Games blasted for "satanic" themes

  • skullstorm 01/03/2010

    Even if stonehenge went up after the pyramids that does not take away how advanced that culture was. Afterall, it's not like they took a cue from the egyptians. They did it without that influence and that is whats important.

    Ancient european cultures WERE advanced. Maybe not as advanced as some other far away cultures but they would have kept making advancements with or without outside influence.

    Stonehenge is more culturally significant to europe than the pyramids. The same goes for pagan/pre-christian religion.
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  • skullstorm 01/03/2010

    Because the middle east has always been a wonderful place. Reply 0
  • skullstorm 01/03/2010

    yeah, but it still 'happened' Reply +1
  • skullstorm 01/03/2010

    "The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world,"

    errr.... sodom and gomorrah? the flood?
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  • Greenberg: "we'll outsell the PS3" in 2010

  • skullstorm 24/02/2010

    How does he keep coming up with these totally original, intense pearls of wisdom time after time? You'd think others in his position would be like a stuck record.

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  • Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks

  • skullstorm 23/02/2010

    "trying to do all the right things to make the franchise a success now and in the future"

    What future?
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  • Fallen Earth

  • skullstorm 22/02/2010

    Opinions opinions opinions.

    Reviews are opinions too.

    Stop throwing a fucking hissy fit.
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  • skullstorm 22/02/2010

    Yeah, it would definitely be up there amidst the plethora of truly great console mmo's... Reply +24
  • BioWare explains two Sith in SWTOR

  • skullstorm 08/02/2010

    The faction divide seems too solid, personally I think it needs more flexibility from the very start of the game. If actions and choices define your character and story through the game then why shouldn't you be able to start in the middle at least? I understand they couldn't be arsed writing extra stories for each class but in the end I think the strong emphasis on story and faction will make things way too linear.

    Bounty Hunters SHOULD be neutral. If they work for one side more than the other they are a mercenary.
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  • Star Trek Online

  • skullstorm 05/02/2010

    Fair score I think, personal 5 here I think so far (and I even quite like it). Not enough content for me to stay longer than a month and the fact that Cryptic have admitted staggering content post release (ie admitting theres no content?) has really put me off in the long run. Reply +5
  • EA to release "major MMO" in spring 2011

  • skullstorm 12/01/2010

    @Dark TOR is most likely just going to be just KOTOR but online. I'm doubting its going to be a fully fledged mmorpg as I don't think that system could work well with the idea to have it extremely story based. From the very little information they have showed us it looks like its gonna be online (possibly massively) but heavily instanced single player-like gameplay with 'co-op' options. But I guess everyones gonna see it differently (see: people wanting swg 2).

    @krem I agree that mmo's have been screwed since the boom. Theres no passion for the genre anymore and its leading to rushed, half thought out ideas stretched thin across the current wow template. Developers need to take a big step back with their state of mind and market intentions to pre-wow days and realise that mmo's are still quite a niche. They could see some really healthy numbers if they nail it, maybe around 500k-ish (which is great for an mmo) instead of aiming for millions and being left with hundreds.

    WoW is a fluke and an incredible one at that, they (probably) aimed for the mmorpg market in development and somehow ended up with everyone. It's a fluke that cannot be replicated so devs should stop trying and start making real games.
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  • Aion glitch gives players trillions of gold

  • skullstorm 06/01/2010

    Looks like they dropped the carrot. Reply 0
  • Play Age of Conan free forever

  • skullstorm 15/12/2009

    As others have said the first 20 levels are good and worth playing through in my opinion. I haven't played in a while but they have made loads of changes/fixes and added loads more content to the later game. The expansion looks quite promising too, adding to the current game and not developing beyond it.

    Yes it was a tragedy when it began and yes for most its probably 'too little, too late' but they really seem to be trying hard to fix it. I don't think they are trying to compete or take over the market, I think they have admitted their mistakes and are now happy with the state of the game and are doing their best to shape it up into the game they originally wanted for it's players. Plus they got rid of that gobshite Gaute Godager.
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  • The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood

  • skullstorm 11/12/2009

    kill it! kill it! Reply 0
  • skullstorm 10/12/2009

    "Can someone please explain to me why it would be necessary for a MMO company to charge such fees, when other areas of online gaming, such as FPSs, are free? Is it necessary, or is it simply greed?"

    Because a monthly fee covers server costs, maintenence, constant development including new content and bug fixes, in game/out of game support and more. Expansions normally take more development time and effort and charge you extra for this.

    An online fps has servers (dedicated on pc I guess, which would be rented. consoles are hosted and dont forget xbox has a subscription fee to) and sporadic patching. Oh and you usually end up paying for maps on a console anyway.

    You arent really an mmo gamer are you? Maybe stick to single player games then.
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  • Player clocks WOW achievements

  • skullstorm 02/12/2009

    They'll end up adding achievements to making crappy plastic toys and knockoff goods now. Reply 0
  • Warrior Epic to GOA bye bye

  • skullstorm 02/12/2009

    Now can someone pull the plug on GOA?

    Edit: HA I've noticed they have got shut of the server status thing on the DAoC site. They finally decided after 3 years that letting people know only 20 people played on the uk servers during prime time (while at the very same time in the US there was around 2000) was a bad idea.

    Some truly cracking minds they must have in the marketing dept.
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  • Final two SWTOR classes revealed

  • skullstorm 24/11/2009

    You only really need two jedi classes imo. Just have the two but with different possible specs to fill the roles the current 4 jedi classes cover. After all, all 4 are jedi and recieve the same kind of jedi training they just specialise in different areas.

    I just think expecting an actual mmorpg out of this is gonna leave people disappointed. Not saying the game wont be good, it probably will be a great game. Just not a true mmo.
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  • skullstorm 24/11/2009

    My issue isn't with more jedi classes, it's with the fewer 'normal' classes.

    Sure theres gonna be fuckloads of jedi, but theres also gonna be fuckloads of smugglers (etc) too because theres less diversity.
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  • Next Champions Online update revealed

  • skullstorm 19/11/2009


    Yeah I agree. Perceptions have changed too. I guess that since the publicity for mmo's has gone up due to wow, the average 'wow player' has become more aware of the genre itself. However, when these players grow bored of wow and look into other mmo's they expect the same standards and sub numbers which just aren't possible for the vast majority of the genre.

    This problem also effects publishers and developers too, believing that it is somehow possible to achieve similar success they forsake the smaller, actual 'mmorpg fan' market and arguably make a loss at both. I don't neccessarily see them as complete failures despite not having achieved their goals.

    Hopefully developers will develop for the market that has been there for them all along, the mmorpg player rather than the wow player.
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  • skullstorm 19/11/2009

    Here we go again.

    Failed to do what exactly? It hasn't 'failed' in the slightest. The game is still running and has a decent number of subscribers. The average any mmo should normally expect and is certainly sufficient enough for the game to keep up and running.

    Of course mmos will 'fail' to meet WoWs number of subs, they always have and always will. They don't need those numbers. You need to realise mmos have always had a smaller, niche player base and have always functioned that way, very few have ever collapsed.

    WoW is in a league of its own and should be considered outside of other mmos, as it's the ONLY one that has ever seen that kind of popularity.

    mmorpg's are still a niche market. WoW isn't.
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  • BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

  • skullstorm 18/11/2009

    Sorry, parents being irresponisble is a rash generalisation. What exactly makes it irresponsible? Is it because the other parent is doing something different from you so it must be wrong? Bollocks. If a parent understands their child and has raised it well enough to know what is right and wrong and what is real and what isnt and functions 'normally' on an emotional and psychological level then there is no harm in letting them play something above their age. It is for the parent to decide what is best for their children. It isn't neccesarily irresponsible if they know no harm can come of it.

    As it has been said a million times already and I think most of us should be able to agree to some extent (hopefully, at least) that games do not make criminals and murderers. Neglect, abuse, lack of morals etc and negative experiences they are exposed to in REAL LIFE can, however.

    A person with homicidal tendencies does not need a game to push them over the edge. They already have those tendencies. It's a matter of time.
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  • skullstorm 17/11/2009

    I think I'll go with the very best evidence I have for the matter. Me. I've played violent games and watched violent films as long as I can remember and as far as I'm aware I'm not a murderer yet nor has it damaged my life in any way at all. I'd have no problems letting my kids do the same if they wanted, granted they arent diagnosed with severe mental health issues and can understand right from wrong and reality from tv.

    Oops, I almost forgot my /flamesuit. Cue bad parenting warnings and such.
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  • U2 keen to appear in own Rock Band game

  • skullstorm 08/10/2009

    It should be called:

    "U2 can be a stuck up, pseudo altruistic front twat or the man with the silly hat and the amazing 2 chordz"
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  • WAR revamping early levels

  • skullstorm 08/10/2009

    It's a shame they have had to resort to such changes and I'm sure other changes, especially more to boost open rvr, could have been made instead.

    I did like the game but I think it has been a curse for Mythic ruining the reputation they built with DAoC. Thats why I want them to bounce back, because they HAVE done something right in the past.

    But not new frontiers.

    Of course it hasn't shut down, very few mmo's have. Despite the low pop and the doomsayers it is still very much enough to keep running. I've said this countless times before. You don't need a fraction of the subs WoW has to keep an mmo up and running, it used to be more of a niche anyway.
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  • NCsoft addresses Aion server issues

  • skullstorm 06/10/2009

    It wouldnt be AS bad if they just banned all the bot accounts that get reported and not just the bot's character. I realise this is ncsoft and an asian game were talking about so bots are bound to be plentiful, they really need to get rid of them to lighten the load and keep their REAL players happy. Reply +1
  • LOTRO: Mirkwood in December

  • skullstorm 30/09/2009

    I'm looking forward to this and I hope future updates and 'mini expansions' carry on expanding middle earth like this. These are the areas I'm looking forward to seeing and exploring most and I personally think rohan etc should be quite far off.

    Been thinking about returning to lotro as it seems to be the only mmo that can ever keep me coming back but I may end up ditching codemasters and playing with the yanks, at least then I'll get a proper service (and a better bloody website to boot!).
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  • NCsoft not worried about Aion crowds

  • skullstorm 23/09/2009

    At least one or two more servers can't hurt. They knew what numbers they were looking at, it's not fair to leave it to a first come first serve system just to maintain high population servers. Alot of players wont be able to queue for 1hr45 let alone more and this is gonna leave a bad taste in their mouth. It's not just an initial rush either (lol), these are all subscribers wanting to play a game they are paying for and are still gonna be here in a few weeks time. That is unless this puts them off completely, they stop trying and then the servers finally let up. Not good imo.

    Dunno why I'm complaining though, I haven't had to queue. Thats because the game didn't install properly and I have to redownload and patch up for the umpteenth time whilst their customer support don't get back to me after days, missing out on both preselection and head start..
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