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  • Heavy Rain

  • silke 11/02/2010


    Well, I would have to say that it’s even more ”retrograde” to condemn something entirely based upon your own presumption of what Heavy Rain is and what a game should have to entail to even be allowed to be called a "game". To me, this seems like a sincere opportunity to be somthing else than the regular super human out to defend the galaxy by putting holes in aliens.

    And at the same time, it's reminding us that the most fantastic aspect of videogames, is the possibility to actually just be someone else. By putting us in the shoes of an adult man with a wife and children, Heavy Rain also shows us that what actually is retrograde, is the prevalent continuation of the theme about saving the world and killing shit in the process.

    But then again, what the fuck do I know, I’m one of those four people who love arthouse movies. But that love doesn’t need to stem from them being ”enjoyable”, as in entertainment, it’s usually based on something much deeper. A widening of perception, human emotions not categorized in simple Hollywood dramatics.

    And it’s certainly time for video games to eclipse the point of just being entertainment as well, and if you don’t want to take part in that, fine by me. But you certainly sound like you could need it.
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  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • silke 27/04/2009

    Fuck. I knew I wished for too much. Well, at least now I know what to blame when the singleplayer campaign proves to be four hours in length and not even near the first game in quality. I for one certainly didn't want any multiplayer. Let some games remain singleplayer affairs, please.

    But of course, if they do prove me wrong, I'll be more than happy to admit it.
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  • Noby Noby Boy

  • silke 19/02/2009

    "Using the Sun as an intermediary, you can report the total number of metres you've stretched BOY to GIRL, who will grow by the same amount. It won't get her far - but everyone else playing the game is doing so too, and it's the cumulative amount of stretching done in Noby Noby Boy by PS3 users across the world that drives GIRL's voyage into the stars.

    Eventually - Takahashi reckons it will take players a couple of weeks - she'll link Earth to the Moon, and then Mars. (Who knows if more planets in the solar system could be added at a later date?) Once she's got that far, these celestial bodies can be visited, bringing new sets of maps with even crazier toys and even stranger inhabitants. GIRL also serves as a global high-score table, ranking every player by the amount they've contributed to her solar-system-spanning stretch. Every ranked player gets their own procedurally-generated, yet unmistakably Takahashi-designed, avatar perched on GIRL's back, and there's a plethora of stats and records to browse. You can take video footage and upload it directly to YouTube, too."

    Brilliant, brilliant.
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  • Noby Noby Boy's Keita Takahashi

  • silke 18/02/2009

    Keita Takahashi is 2009's definition of "Cool". I have to have this. Reply 0
  • Ratchet PSN download is 3.2GB

  • silke 19/08/2008

    the mechanical answer to banjo kazoie

    Surely that ought to be Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts?
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  • Braid

  • silke 06/08/2008

    Great review, Mr. Whitehead. This seems like the game I've waited years to get to experience. Reply 0
  • BioShock rescued shooters, says Levine

  • silke 04/08/2008

    My god, when will this fellow shut his trap? He's been going on and on about how very different Bioshock were and how it never could have been a success for over a year. And now this. Well, I still see a game with guns and moody atmosphere Mr. Levine. Now, please tell me, when didn't the public appreciate those parameters? Oh, you're refering to System Shock and Deus Ex? Well, neither System Shock nor Deus Ex had the PR that your game had. Which actually only proves one true thing: that with good PR, you can sell anything. And if that game DOES include weapons, a first person perspective, and some quality; your chance for success just went up.

    Come back when you've made something a bit different, like Bangai-O Spirits, sell through the fucking roof.
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  • PlanetSide

  • silke 02/08/2008

    Yes, I agree, Planetside was definitely something. Sure, it had a quite prevailing tendecy of repetition, but it was also one of those few games which really could inspire awe. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's Don Mattrick

  • silke 24/07/2008

    What a fellow.....never open your mouth again, pretty-please?

    "You kidding?"

    "You kidding?"

    "Yeah! [Shouting] Yeah! How good is that? No come on, let me put you on the spot: who won? Who won? Who did the best show?"

    Americans. They're not like you or me.
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  • Noel Gallagher links games to knife crime

  • silke 07/07/2008


    Haha, a big hello to you too Liam!
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  • silke 07/07/2008

    Haha, the great mind himself has spoken!

    I need to be myself
    I can't be no one else
    I'm feeling supersonic
    Give me gin and tonic
    You can have it all but how much do you want it?
    You make me laugh
    Give me your autograph

    Enough said.
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  • Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

  • silke 24/05/2008

    It's the DS version that will reign. It also exclues those awful graphics. Viva! Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet

  • silke 24/05/2008

    King of the year. Reply 0
  • Dragon Quest: Zenithia Trilogy

  • silke 23/05/2008

    Now, this is true love made into a picture(s). Reply 0
  • Crap XBLA games to be delisted

  • silke 23/05/2008

    65% is absurdly high in this respect. Reply 0
  • Haze

  • silke 22/05/2008

    Oh dear. Reply 0
  • Dragon Quest trilogy coming to DS

  • silke 22/05/2008

    Happiness. Reply 0
  • Bangai-O Spirits heading to Europe

  • silke 21/05/2008

    Indeed, this is wonderful news. I also found out that Dragon Quest IV-VI will find its way over here, starting in september. So yes, I think I'm allowed to feel a bit happy. Right? Reply 0
  • Gears Of War 2 - Gameplay

  • silke 12/05/2008

    Hah, now look who's drawing inspiration from his own games and characters. But Cliffy, I still don't really like you. So sorry. Reply 0
  • Kojima not dissatisfied with PS3 at all

  • silke 12/05/2008

    The result is that Kojima may not do any more interviews with the English press, at least until his anger subsides.

    Oh Edge, what have you done?

    Kojima: "I am the amazing Metal Gear guy!".
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  • echochrome

  • silke 08/05/2008

    Well, it seems quite apparent that we have different opinions on this. I haven't found it particulary hard though, even it is by no means perfect. It has more to do with a fundamental discovery and then understanding of exactly how you need to rotate it in a particulary situation to succeed. But when you do achieve that understanding of the game's more, well, difficult elements, it suddenly becomes quite clear. Reply 0
  • silke 08/05/2008

    Well, to eaches own. I find echochrome to be a definite 8, and the "problems" pointed out here to be nothing more than logical hurdles to overcome. Which you will, if you commit. Reply 0
  • Microsoft claims GTA IV victory

  • silke 07/05/2008

    "Well, it certainly tries to enhance my unfortunate resistance to irritating fanboy levels."

    You clever devil. Now, what I really meant with the comment was more in response to all the PR bullshit that every gaming corporation throws in your face, rather than take a side for the PS3 and Sony. I do have a 360, and I do like it.
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  • silke 07/05/2008

    "Grand Theft Auto has a new home on Xbox 360, and consumers are discovering how our platform can enhance the experience like no other."

    Well, it certainly tries to enhance my unfortunate resistance to irritating fan levels.
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  • PlayStation Day Conference

  • silke 06/05/2008

    Oh I see, well, thank you for telling me. Reply 0
  • silke 06/05/2008

    So, when will the PSN update occur? Reply 0
  • Bangai-O Spirits

  • silke 05/05/2008

    Mon dieu, I will have to get this. I always wanted to try the original. Reply 0
  • Two PSN updates next week

  • silke 03/05/2008

    On a side note, Echochrome is bloody brilliant. Best 10 dollars I've spent in quite a while. Reply 0
  • Analysts: PS3 will win GTA battle

  • silke 26/04/2008

    "Online is such a strong part of the game and Microsoft has done such a great job of developing the online community, so for people who own multiple consoles, they will buy it for the 360"

    Oh no, I for one definitely won't. The PS3 version is supposed to be slightly better, the machine is much more quiet, and then again I don't even have HDMI on my 360. I couldn't really care less about downloadable content thar appears in what, six, seven months?
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  • Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan

  • silke 11/04/2008

    "Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan.
    He's a huge gamer, apparently."

    Well, that certainly explains why his films always lack genuine depth and any form of interesting complexity regarding characterisation.
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  • Blu-ray will be history, says Microsoft

  • silke 14/03/2008

    I love my vinyl. So, you're a fool Chris. Reply 0
  • Sam & Max 204: Chariots of the Dogs

  • silke 13/03/2008

    Frankly, why don't you just buy the game and try it out for yourself (cheap as it is)? In the end, as you well know, that's the only opinion that truly matters. Maybe you'll end up somewhere in between, where it's warm and cozy. Reply 0
  • Rez HD

  • silke 30/01/2008

    Oh, you all poor people who don't "get it". I laugh tenderly behind your back. Reply +1
  • No LittleBigPlanet demo in 07

  • silke 12/12/2007

    Well, I had no idea one was even supposed to arrive this year, so I can't say that my world suddenly fell apart. Just release it when it's a great gaming experience, and I'll be perfectly happy. Reply 0
  • Uncharted likely to continue

  • silke 09/12/2007

    Wonderful game, I love it to bits. Reply 0
  • Texas sues Future US

  • silke 07/12/2007

    Not that I particulary care about this current situation, but gamesradar in itself might possibly be the worst thing ever conceived. I hate its digital guts. There's only one thing they're interested in, and that narrow subject certainly isn't an ambition to help games get acknowledge as a serious cultural medium. Reply 0
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

  • silke 06/12/2007

    I have to say that the eight/nine or so hours I spent with Uncharted were among the best of any kind this year. Wonderful game. Truly relentless entertainment; it never introduces a single dull moment to the player. Reply 0
  • silke 14/11/2007

    Wonderful news, I've really been looking forward to this and now my interest has just risen to yet another level of excitement. Reply 0
  • Vid Marketplace on 11th Dec

  • silke 04/12/2007

    Well, I'm glad to see that Eyes Wide Shut makes an appearance, other than that, this is just the same old Hollywoodian crap as always. Reply 0
  • PAIN hitting US PSN this week

  • silke 28/11/2007

    "or buy it with a US credit card"

    Or, I'll just but it with my swedish Visa wich works just fine on the US store as well.
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  • PlayStation Store Roundup

  • silke 25/11/2007

    The only things I really want is what I don't receive (Everyday Shooter, Puzzle Fighter). Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed

  • silke 13/11/2007

    "I found it quite amusing how some people so quickly dismiss the game based on a review."

    Well, it's no longer just a review in singular, more like quite a bunch of them. Even sites like IGN and Gamespy dosen't have much to think of Assassin's Creed as a whole.

    And when even they start to criticize, in a homogenous way that goes hand in hand with a "reliable" site like Eurogamer, then you definitely start to get the picture that there is just something not quite right with the game in question....
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  • Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

  • silke 09/11/2007

    Really looking forward to this. I never played any of the previous installments and the demo instantly "clicked" for me. Great fun. Reply 0
  • DualShock 3

  • silke 07/11/2007

    Frankly, what surprises me now that I own both a PS3 and a 360 is how much I don't miss the lack of a vibration effect in the PS3 pad. Actually, it's quite the opposite, I really love this new feeling of tender weight in my hands (I always found the 360 controller a heavy, but comfortable and sweet, beast) and it results in a more relaxing gaming experience (which is something I appreciate). For me, that is.

    I don't know, maybe this is just a testament to my love for the old school days of flat and light controlpads. Or the fact that, in my heart, I'm a PC player who never had any rumble effect under my fingers whatsoever. Well, I'm not sure, but I'm sure of the fact that I won't be picking pick up a Dual Shock 3 in quite some time, if ever.
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  • Game Republic unveils Dark Mist

  • silke 05/11/2007

    Seems very nice. I ain't one to say no to more original PSN games. So keep them coming. Reply 0
  • PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

  • silke 03/11/2007

    "That's the aspect of the Playstation i've always liked, in that artistic titles (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Loco Roco, Odins Sphere, Little Big Planet, Everyday Shooter, etc) do come out for the system.

    Yes the 360 has some excellent titles, but most are all FPS's, driving and third perspective titles like Gears of War and if you don't like whose types of games..then you're totally screwed.

    Where are the artistic titles like the ones mentioned above on 360?"

    That's exactly why I just bought one myself. Sony's systems has always had a penchant for and a higher occurrence of games with a more pure artistic flavour and focus, especially regarding their in-house productions.
    A fact that I've always appreciated, greatly.

    So, I'm very satisfied with my PS3, and it looks nice beside the concave whiteness of the 360. Now, there's only one apparent problem; to try to cope with the extreme noise level of the 360 in comparison to my almost whispery quiet 40 gig PS3.

    Ahh, the problems we face in western world....
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  • BioWare doing LucasArts game

  • silke 30/10/2007

    "Anything Bioware: pure gold."

    *Looks at Jade Empire. Barely resists the urge to throw it out the window. Again.*

    However, what I really would like to see is a reunion with the Forgotten Realms.

    Baldur's Gate I and II, that's where you have your supposedly pure gold.
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  • No PS3 price drop for Australia

  • silke 09/10/2007

    The same thing is actually happening here, in sweden. We have yet to see any kind of sign that Sony will drop the prices of the 60gb models. But, it gets worse. The 399 euro price tag for the 40gb model has been bumped up here to 450 euro as well. So everything leads up to this:

    I'm still not getting a PS3.
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