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  • 2.44GB Destiny update goes live

  • shadowlp 17/11/2014

    @Bennyjj81 As far as I'm aware some of the new play spaces will be in patrol mode for all.
    Just the nature of the game because its always online.
    You don't want to segment your player base.
    You don't want it to be a case where a friend of yours has the DLC and you don't, so you guys can no longer play with each other because he has loot not present on your install.
    It sucks but its the only way of doing it so you can all play together.
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  • Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion

  • shadowlp 29/10/2014

    I would argue this content should be split up, in a game where you get some who like to play the single player (yes they do exist) those who like multiplayer, making them go all in is a bit of a push for many. What I read else where was it was 3 single player missions, which seems small but we still have no idea of the length of them, also new patrol areas I think is a given with new story areas? and how much value do they put on the raid in pricing? Its a big bit of content that not everyone who gets it will see potentially.

    Boils down to the quality, hopefully they want to redeem themselves, ultimately we wont know till launch/previews. H
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  • Destiny player finds another under construction DLC area

  • shadowlp 10/10/2014

    @INSOMANiAC It annoys me a great deal like many. Thing is, due to the nature of destiny, I think when the dlc 'launches' we will all have to download a patch that contains this any way and the dlc will be a few mbs to activate it. Id be interested to see if the environments change at all by launch. These findings have put me off playing the game as much, but looking at it from a developer standpoint I can understand, but as a consumer it is unacceptable, and at the end of the day it's the opinion that matters. Reply +6
  • Console Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0 "just around the corner"

  • shadowlp 07/10/2014

    @iainmarchant1 They announced before launch only xbox one and ps4 would be getting patches, last gen are left with as it came out of the box, maybe some bug fixes but nothing like the size and scale of this patch. Reply +2
  • Sony's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • shadowlp 12/08/2014 is working, not started yet Reply 0
  • Three new Xbox One bundles inbound this year

  • shadowlp 12/08/2014

    Surprised there was no Halo MC collection bundle announced. Perhaps saving it for 5 but still would have been a good jump in point for Halo fans. When you can still grab the Titan fall bundle with Kinect for £390 from Sainsburys last I checked, it doesn't seem like massively great value at £430, USB3 external drive for about 60 quid and you are looking at a 20 quid value difference and you'd get a Kinect. Reply +3
  • Diablo 3 download/install sizes are much higher on PS4

  • shadowlp 11/08/2014

    Pretty sure Sly 4 on PSN gave you the option of which version you wanted to download and install but purchasing it gave you access to all European versions. Better system for us in Europe than having everything all in one massive file. Laziness by Blizzard? Reply +14
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection includes Halo 1-4

  • shadowlp 09/06/2014

    They quote 100 maps but really that's spread over 4 different game's essentially, as they say using their original engines, so Halo 1 MP with old Halo 1 Engine, Halo 2 MP using its engine etc, not so thrilling, I would have liked it if it had one unified multiplayer taking maps from all of the old installments into one engine, more like Halo 2 than Halo 4's multiplayer. Maybe test out what they are doing with Halo 5. Still excited don't get me wrong! Reply -11
  • Microsoft aims to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android - rumour

  • shadowlp 04/03/2014

    Perhaps they aim to have games on iOS, android and Windows phones that interact with Xbox One/360 games, say for example (a shitty one) you play the gears of war infinite runner enough that you can unlock a new skin for your gun in the new xbox one title. Multiple 'small' mobile experiences all feeding into one massive main AAA title. Reply 0
  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • shadowlp 23/08/2013

    Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer had micro transactions, I think the reason we got so much multiplayer content for free in that game was because of the micro transactions, because they probably made a killing from the packs sales they were able to put money back into the game's multiplayer in the form of free expansions to it. There is a positive to micro transactions, granted this is PvP rather than PvE. Reply +3
  • Microsoft delays Xbox One launch title Kinect Sports Rivals

  • shadowlp 26/07/2013

    Isn't there DLC tied to the day one console? Whats happening with that? Reply 0
  • GAME opening Xbox-only store in London

  • shadowlp 18/06/2013

    Can kinda see why they did it, Microsoft have a place in Shoreditch which helps Developers with getting apps running on their Tech etc
    Still a weird move none the less, I'm guessing MS probably own the site and Game are just setting up shop in it, only logical explanation.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • shadowlp 07/06/2013

    I'm sorry but when we have a massive rise in piracy in the gaming industry, of course you are going to scare the big names and even the publishers which is going to result in this happening, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony are doing similar, just being quite about it for now, make you love them and hate MS then drop this bombshell.
    This about it from a business perspective, how much money do you reckon MS, Sony and all the publishers miss out on because of piracy? I'd imagine its a very very large chunk and they are probably thinking to them selves, how do we get that big chunk of money? This is the only logical solution to the problem! Means more money to put into RnD which will in turn push technology forward further, also more money to improve current services, more money to put into developing new IPs too.
    Actions have consequences, just sadly its the actions of a minority affecting the majority.
    Sorry for the rant I'm just sick of a lot of people not thinking about why this has happened.
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  • Saints Row 4 release date announced, debut trailer revealed

  • shadowlp 15/03/2013

    @Thunderbolt I remember reading Dominatrix was planned as a DLC to Saints row 3, the idea got put into SR4 instead. Reply +9
  • PlayStation Vita-exclusive Killzone: Mercenary gets release date, new trailer

  • shadowlp 31/01/2013

    One game can't save a platform... Show me some other good stuff for the Vita at E3, I dare you Sony! Reply -26
  • Reggie: third-party games “look dramatically better” on Wii U

  • shadowlp 26/11/2012

    This is the first round of ports though, engines will be better optimised for Wii U and it may possibly get the edge over the 360 and PS3, not holding my breath though, and if MS and Sony Launch their next gen consoles next year, I can see problems where games wont come to Wii U because they cant get a decent downgraded port running... Wii U will still do well, I think exclusive games will look pretty good as they dont have to think about porting to 360 or ps3 etc Reply +1
  • Quantum Redshift: the forgotten Xbox exclusive Microsoft paid $1m for to take on WipEout

  • shadowlp 16/11/2012

    What ever happened to Extreme-G? Who has the rights to it now? I'd love to see a new entry in it, the game was awesome to me. Reply +15
  • Pre-order Borderlands 2 at an indie shop, get Top Trumps cards

  • shadowlp 23/08/2012

    So these will be on Ebay going for loads within a month of launch I reckon, props to Gearbox for doing this though, any word on the calender for the UK? I know the US get it with the Strategy guide from Gamestop, would be nice to know if its making its way here! Reply 0
  • Halo 4 Achievements list released

  • shadowlp 23/08/2012

    @geeza2020 I think you miss the point about the rich universe Halo is set in, we finished THAT fight. There is so much more to explore. Reply +3
  • Sony to release Killzone 3 multiplayer as a free download

  • shadowlp 24/02/2012

    Celver idea, think its a model FPS's could be using in the future, cod being a glaringly obvious one for me, so many people dont touch single player or spec ops so sell multiplayer seperately. Reply +4
  • Halo 4 Master Chief action figure flaunts new suit design

  • shadowlp 13/02/2012

    Arms look like they could be broken by a grunt... also that gap in the armour on the upper arm annoys the crap out of me, the art looks better than the figure, hope its changed.
    As for the new look, 343 decided to tweak it, they call it an evolution of the art style, I just look at it like I would a comic done by a different artist, they want to put their own mark on the look, its a new era of Halo they want you to be able to tell its a 343 Halo game.
    Gameplay is what it'll be down to personally, playing Halo Anniversary has reminded me what I loved about Halo and what its been missing since.
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  • BioWare suggests keeping Mass Effect 3 saves

  • shadowlp 03/02/2012

    I recon they'll be releasing another game based in the mass effect universe set after 3, but you dont play as Shepard, I think they confirmed that they are done with Shepard after 3. It would be cool if the Mass effect universe was truely your own, your decisions made over several titles effected the universe for you permanently if you wanted it to. Reply +2
  • Mario Kart 7 3DS UK price roundup

  • shadowlp 02/12/2011

    Chances are Tesco will price match the online price we have till like sunday or something, then bump the price up, weve done that with alot of releases lately, though in my store weve got the label but no games in stock till after the price goes up to instore price :/ bit cheeky if you ask me, never had any skyrim copies in till it went up to 40 quid too. Reply +1
  • Modern Warfare 3 weapon upgrades explained

  • shadowlp 28/10/2011

    Suggestion to you guys at Eurogamer, Youtube channel with your vids too would be great, cant watching your videos now, ad runs then finishes and nothing, hit play, back to ads again, on firefox 8 beta if that helps at all. Reply +1
  • Online co-op for MGS Peace Walker HD

  • shadowlp 05/09/2011

    Also think MGS1 is a PS3 exclusive, its just a code for the the PSN PS1 game not a remake at all (rumour is they are talking about a proper remake of that at somepoint all shiney and new), you also included MGS2 twice. Reply 0
  • Ono considering more 3DS Street Fighter

  • shadowlp 01/08/2011

    @DisgustedOfEngland SSF43D was not built to support DLC in the way in which Nintendo have announced so there is no way we are seeing a DLC update. I'm hoping they skip AE and go for SF X T instead, allow for more development time on the online aspect of the game for the 3DS, Nintendo exclusive character too? Cpt Falcon would probably be best suited based on his SSB moves Reply 0
  • Nikkei leaks Project Café details

  • shadowlp 03/06/2011

    So the controller works as a stand alone gaming device? Interesting indeed, maybe it will have simular fuctionality to a tablet when used without the main console, with simularly priced apps, Nintendo's way of combating the cheap smart phone/tablet app market. Running off a tweaked android OS? Shall have to wait till tuesday i guess. Reply +4
  • NGP's backwards compatibility unveiled

  • shadowlp 02/06/2011

    If the ps1 games work too and the introduce ps2 games also them ill be getting me a NGP with out even thinking about it, my ps3 is a waste of space now. Reply 0
  • Daily Mail links MW3 to 7/7 bombings

  • shadowlp 25/05/2011

    Then surely all WW games should be banned as there are people accross the world that were affected by it... hell any war game should be banned, people are affected by gun shootings all the time. I know 7/7 was tragic but still I think they are pushing it, and while I sympathies with those effected, surely they can just avoid the game? I mean its a game, yes it may be super realistic and what ever but its still a game and many people are capable of seperating gaming from reality, Im sure there are books that tell simular tales and you visualise them with your imagination instead, where does it start adn where does it end? Lets ban everything war related... end rant! Reply +3
  • The Xbox Live regions not getting PayPal

  • shadowlp 19/05/2011

    The damage was done by an earlier update, Check Major Nelson's Blog guys Eurogamer should amend the article, would be good to get the info out to as many as possible. Reply +1
  • Gatling Gears dated for PSN, XBLA

  • shadowlp 26/04/2011

    If psn is up and running ;) Reply +4
  • BBFC outs SSFIV Arcade Edition for UK

  • shadowlp 28/03/2011

    Logically they will cease production of SSF4 and replace it with the Arcade ed, they will patch SSF4 and add a DLC to upgrade existing copies to Arcade Ed, well from a business stand point it seems the most logical thing to do! Peoples dont want to buy a third version of the game... Reply +1
  • Tesco selling Nintendo 3DS for £158

  • shadowlp 15/02/2011

    Could be a mistake on the listing guys, they have a 20% off all gaming stuff at the moment which is what theyve put that 3ds through as, but not the other, so im 99% sure its a mistake. If they honour the price, jump on that shizzle now! Reply +5
  • ShopTo puts Kinect at £129.99

  • shadowlp 30/06/2010

    If they are pricing it at $149.99 in America and 129.99 here, well Im just feeling a tad ripped off unless its a bundle of at least 2 or 3 games then a day one purchase has just turned into a 'when they put it on sale' purchase, tis a shame. Reply 0