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  • Geohot: "PSN hack nothing to do with me"

  • ruckus 28/04/2011

    @69 - They did and are currently fighting extradition... Reply +3
  • Making Tracks in Gran Turismo 5

  • ruckus 25/11/2010

    V-Rally 2 had something similar as well. Reply 0
  • F1 2010: The Final Lap

  • ruckus 22/09/2010

    Well despite some of the issues that are being reported (pit stop bug, AI issues, wet race replays, multiple punctures) I'm still getting it. Just seen on the forums that they are looking at the pit stop bug so hopefully they might patch some of the above. Regardless, it's worth a punt as it is. Reply +1
  • RDR dev wants "emotional response"

  • ruckus 24/05/2010

    ctankep: "and lack of interactivity with most things"

    +1000 Let me use the fecking chair.
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  • Retrospective: Max Payne

  • ruckus 10/05/2010

    Man I thought this game came out well before 2001 but it appears it was announced in 1998 for a pc release in spring 1999 (via game pr). Seems strange I was playing this in 2001, and not late 90's. Reply 0
  • UK gov backs British Inspiration Awards

  • ruckus 16/03/2010

    @18 He doesn't have to - crap like this is right inline with his mindset... Reply +1
  • BioShock 2's DLC on disc already?

  • ruckus 12/03/2010

    @28 It's a shit practice and obvious to all but who gain from it. I assumed I paid for the content on disk - not to find out later I didn't (unless I was aware via a contract before hand). Anyways - we're talking games for fecks sake. Not multi-tiered professional software (where the practice is shit anyway). Reply +6
  • Sony developing iPad competitor - report

  • ruckus 05/03/2010

    ...just include USB, SDHC as standard would be a start :P Reply +8
  • Scottish dev ditches Guantanamo game

  • ruckus 05/06/2009

    "And they aren't Scottish! They're Indian...just because you're born in a stable, doesn't make you a horse!"

    If you think it's all whisky and kilts, haggis and Burns, bloodline, then your a fuckwit. It's where you were born and nothing more.
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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • ruckus 01/06/2009

    no - don't stay, just fuck off... Reply 0
  • PSP piracy levels are "sickening" - Sony

  • ruckus 22/04/2009

    I used to be a fisherman with a poor family that depended only on fishing.

    The first day joining the pirates came into my mind was in 2006.

    A group of our villagers, mainly fishermen I knew, were arming themselves.

    One of them told me that they wanted to hijack ships, which he said were looting our sea resources.

    He told me it was a national service with a lot of money in the end. Then I took my gun and joined them.

    Years ago we used to fish a lot, enough for us to eat and sell in the markets.
    Then illegal fishing and dumping of toxic wastes by foreign fishing vessels affected our livelihood, depleting the fish stocks.

    I had no other choice but to join my colleagues.

    The first hijack I attended was in February 2007 when we seized a World Food Programme-chartered ship with 12 crew.

    I think it had the name of MV Rozen and we released it after two months, with a ransom.

    I am not going to tell you how much it was, or three other hijackings I have been involved in since.

    My ambition is to get a lot of money so that I can lead a better life.

    Now I have two lorries, a luxury car and have started my own business in my town.

    I only want one more chance in piracy to increase my cash assets, then I will get married and give up.

    Piracy is not just easy money - it has many risks and difficulties.

    Sometimes you spend months in the sea to hunt a ship and miss.

    Sometimes when we are going to hijack a ship we face rough winds, and some of us get sick and some die.

    Sometimes you fail in capturing and sometimes you come under threat by foreign navies, but all we do is venture.

    Let me give you a good example.

    Thousands of young desperate Somali [migrants] continue to risk their lives in the sea in search of a better life abroad.

    So it is no surprise to see us in the same water, pirating in search of money - there is no difference.

    We have local support; most of the people here depend on pirates directly or indirectly.

    Because if there is a lot of money in the town they can get some through friendship, relatives or business.

    Also our work is seen by many in the coastal villages as legal and we are viewed as heroes.

    The only way the piracy can stop is if [Somalia] gets an effective government that can defend our fish.

    And then we will disarm, give our boats to that government and will be ready to work.

    Foreign navies can do nothing to stop piracy.
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  • Greenpeace has a pop at Nintendo

  • ruckus 28/11/2008

    If it's a case of Greenpeace wanting data and the company not providing it = said company comes bottom then it is stupid. All they should have done was provide company name* = * Did not complete survey. But they didn't and thus it's obvious this is nothing more than press release sensationalist bollox not worthy of the bandwidth and paper resource that it's going to waste. Like this comment... Reply 0
  • ArmA 2

  • ruckus 20/11/2008

    I just hope it has the same (though improved would be nicer) editor - I hardly spent any time playing the campaigns that came with opf/arma - to busy playing in the sandbox :) Reply 0
  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • ruckus 31/10/2008

    Clockworkzombie: As regards to downloadable content developers can make money selling this content to EACH user that purchases a second hand game as DLC does not leave the system it was purchased on.

    Exactly... yet some people suggest the solution is to make this impossible! Way to cut off your nose to spite your face...
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  • Riccitiello: "I personally don't like DRM"

  • ruckus 16/10/2008

    Do what you want John but I'm not buying, downloading or playing it. Reply 0
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

  • ruckus 15/10/2008

    @Feanor - Cheers :) Reply 0
  • ruckus 15/10/2008

    Can you still save replays in PES? Reply 0
  • XBLA vs. PSN vs. WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • ruckus 07/10/2008

    We know the answer now, of course, but it's interesting to note just how quickly this once-fanciful notion has become the accepted norm

    Oh no it hasn't...
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  • Nintendo employees make USD 1.6m each

  • ruckus 17/09/2008

    wtf? Reply 0
  • Red Alert 3 to use "more lenient" DRM

  • ruckus 10/09/2008

    It's bollox - fine if it's just one title but once you've got quite a few games, applications that you want after each hardware/os update it'll soon get out of hand. Thus if there is no crack or policy of removing the digital restrictions management then I'll vote with my wallet. Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain - Announcement trailer

  • ruckus 21/08/2008

    "The main issue I have with this is that when I press a button in a game, I want to have at least SOME idea of what that button press is going to do.

    If someone tells me I can steer a story or course of events with my decisions, then surely actually MAKING decisions is an important part of that.

    From what I saw in the movie, there was plenty of button pressing going on, but no clue as to what each button press was going to result in. "

    QFT - So true and should be part of some 'Game Design Bible' or something. I hate QTE's so much now that I avoid anything I know has 'em. Soggy corn flakes etc. to whoever invented them.
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  • Mirror's Edge - Gameplay

  • ruckus 21/08/2008

    Not to sure about the size of hands etc. when they show up in view. Seem a bit small like she's SD or something with a 28" tv for a head. Reply 0
  • Biting the Apple

  • ruckus 28/07/2008

    @zerolight Re: Apple TV - It works with PC as well. Reply 0
  • Wakfu

  • ruckus 12/07/2008

    Mac, Windows and Linux systems

    Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux systems
    /fixed - ultra pedant version
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  • Damnation

  • ruckus 08/07/2008

    DevoidOfEmotion more like. Reply 0
  • The Wii is a novelty console, says MS man

  • ruckus 07/07/2008

    "As other have said, if the machine isnt shifting games, its not a gaming machine. "

    er, no - if you play games on it, it is. It really is just that simple.
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  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

  • ruckus 01/07/2008

    Well I agree with the comments that slate the way QTE's were implemented in the game - if you like 'em fair enough but the minute I failed one - redid it and it was a different button each time... my interest was gone which has to be a pretty stupid game design decision on the part of whoever implemented it. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

  • ruckus 05/06/2008

    It would be cool if you could sit down around the camp fires... maybe play the guitar, harmonica etc.
    Get your sleeping bag out and go for a sleep. Basically hang around some of the camps and wild areas with NPC's coming and going.
    Regardless - I'll buy it anyway but when I played the original I was disappointed I couldn't do the above.
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  • Sony scraps Eight Days and The Getaway

  • ruckus 04/06/2008

    "I'm so glad the many Eurogamer Msoft fluffers in this thread know what's best regarding Sony's game investment decisions."

    I think your being a touch optimistic - I doubt Sony will read this comments thread...
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  • Nintendo announces E3 conference timing

  • ruckus 23/05/2008

    What about Nintendo/Camelot being unlikely for Mario Tennis?
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  • Nintendo Wii wins April in the US

  • ruckus 16/05/2008

    "hardcore gamers" as a term doesn't work unless you state in which way it is being used.
    stubbornly resistant to change or improvement
    intensely loyal
    extremely explicit

    So if you spend lots of time dedicated to gaming and enjoy all it has to offer your not hardcore though you might also enjoy hardcore games.
    So to take it to extremes, who the feck cares for Über hardcore gamers: they despise originality, are the worst fanboys and only enjoy one genre of games. I'd rather be a regular gamer myself :)
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • ruckus 30/04/2008

    I just wish I could use the seats, park benches etc. and sit down for once in a while and observe the world around me. I also agree that a cockpit view would be nice but miss not being able to chill on a park bench (when I'm not pushing over joggers) more. Reply 0
  • Crytek drops PC exclusives

  • ruckus 30/04/2008

    "Furthermore, the action is illegal. What you call it makes no actual practical difference."

    I think it changes the offence from being civil to criminal and thus the amount of damages due if found guilty.
    It's also why RIAA and their like lobby for the change since it would mean the state would prosecute instead of the matter being handled in civil court.

    keyword: I think ;)
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  • Rockstar gives GTA PS3 advice

  • ruckus 29/04/2008

    For me the PS3 version sounds best for me but since I don't own one I'll make do with my 360 version.
    That's just based on the PS3 version supposedly having less pop-up and I've yet to play it anyways so don't know how bad the issue is. It's disappointing that it exists at all though.
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  • Sony unaware of alleged PS3 error

  • ruckus 10/04/2008

    /que a bunch of Xbots complaining that they've been having the 80010514 for some time, and its getting worse.

    wtf? This is a problem with the PS3. RTFA FFS!

    ...though I wonder if a bunch of Xbox 360 owners will post, pretending their non-existent PS3's have this problem.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • ruckus 04/04/2008

    "Early indications are that it will be decent."

    ...later confirmed to be average.
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  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • ruckus 02/04/2008

    "You can't stop humans being humans – take away video gaming and the urge for competition will come out elsewhere"

    Video Gaming isn't always about competition, if that's all it offered I would have given up on it a long time ago.
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  • FIFA 08

  • ruckus 02/04/2008

    Man this pissed me off - no more saving replays to my hd, upload them to EA's shit server... yeah, like I want it there. >_<
    Half assed game as usual - no weather, shit ai refusing to pass the fucking ball around sometimes - so it can turn into a benny hill farce. Stupid ai still running the ball straight out of play (though not as much as 06). Oh - but I can play co-op in management mode, thanking you kindly master sir - the one thing that's improved for me over 06.
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  • Bourne Conspiracy in late June

  • ruckus 02/04/2008

    Saw this as well on Gamer TV where it killed my enthusiasm for it. Looks like it was designed to look cool in screenshots - crap in motion and QTE press this button NOW crap. Of course I could be wrong and await the eventual reviews (hopefully demo) but I'm not as interested as I was before. Reply 0
  • Guess the plot for Banjo-Kazooie 3

  • ruckus 02/04/2008

    I'll always shed a tear when I think of Rare... and how cool Donkey Kong Racing looked ;_; Reply 0
  • Call of Jihadi

  • ruckus 26/03/2008

    Good article. I always prefer games which allow you to go either side and should be the norm for war games in general. Reply 0
  • My Coach Roundup

  • ruckus 12/03/2008

    They should do one for learning languages - German would come in handy for me.
    In fact what about one of those translator thingys where I speak in English and the DS says it in German, that would be awesome ^_^
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  • Mirror's Edge

  • ruckus 29/02/2008

    "Oi, EG. When are you going to cover this?"

    What's to cover? Some devs rant, where he only ends up looking stupid... I wouldn't bother.
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  • We'll make Turning Point better - Spark

  • ruckus 31/01/2008

    I downloaded it last night - but didn't have any high expectations anyway (though thought it would entertain for more than 10 minutes or so). Just wish DMC4 demo would become available for non-gold access. Reply 0
  • NFL Tour

  • ruckus 31/01/2008

    GO BIG BLUE!!!! Reply 0
  • GT5 Prologue in April

  • ruckus 29/01/2008

    Will GT5 even make 2008? Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 attach rate is a record, says MS

  • ruckus 28/01/2008

    Seven games... a bit low me thinks yet this is an industry record. Price a contributory factor? Reply 0
  • PM worried about videogames

  • ruckus 14/01/2008

    A total waste of time and effort and basicly what Kangarootoo said - it's been addressed. Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur IV - Star Wars reveal

  • ruckus 10/01/2008

    Seriously... wtf? Reply 0
  • PS2: 12 Games of Christmas

  • ruckus 05/12/2007

    Reply 0