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  • Hollow Knight on Switch has been delayed until early next year

  • rtk79 15/11/2017

    @seasidebaz Because game development is strictly about coding now? Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 review

  • rtk79 22/09/2017

    Would have enjoyed the review a lot more (and probably the game as well, which I've yet to start) had it not been so bloody lousy with spoilers.
    Seriously, have a care, Eurogamer.
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  • Sierra's greatest hits are super cheap in the latest Humble Bundle

  • rtk79 30/08/2016

    @Hadji_Murad wasn't that a pre-Sierra Dynamix game, by any chance? Reply 0
  • Fallout 4's final add-on Nuka World is out now and here are its opening moments

  • rtk79 30/08/2016

    @andrewsqual They claimed the "unforseen" scale of Far Harbour itself justified the price hike. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 15 delayed by two months

  • rtk79 15/08/2016

    @ubergine They'll dig up the obligatory Game of the Year versions and play those. Reply 0
  • System Shock reboot launches Kickstarter campaign, offers free demo

  • rtk79 29/06/2016

    Chris Avellone's involvement sounds good, but won't he be doing pretty much the same thing, albeit with more money, with Arkane on Prey? Reply +1
  • Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

  • rtk79 04/03/2016

    People who keep going on about Steam and Origin in this context should check out Tim Sweeney's piece on The Guardian rather than trust to Eurogamer's rather unsatisfactory's summary :

    "Microsoft has launched new PC Windows features exclusively in UWP, and is effectively telling developers you can use these Windows features only if you submit to the control of our locked-down UWP ecosystem. They’re curtailing users’ freedom to install full-featured PC software, and subverting the rights of developers and publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers.

    I’m not questioning the idea of a Windows Store. I believe Microsoft has every right to operate a PC app store, and to curate it how they choose. This contrasts with the position the government took in its anti-trust prosecution, that Microsoft’s free bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows was anti-competitive.

    My view is that bundling is a valuable practice that benefits users, and my criticism is limited to Microsoft structuring its operating system to advantage its own store while unfairly disadvantaging competing app stores, as well as developers and publishers who distribute games directly to their customers.

    The specific problem here is that Microsoft’s shiny new “Universal Windows Platform” is locked down, and by default it’s impossible to download UWP apps from the websites of publishers and developers, to install them, update them, and conduct commerce in them outside of the Windows Store.
    The ultimate danger here is that Microsoft continually improves UWP while neglecting and even degrading win32, over time making it harder for developers and publishers to escape from Microsoft’s new UWP commerce monopoly. Ultimately, the open win32 Windows experience could be relegated to Enterprise and Developer editions of Windows."
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  • It looks like Forza is heading to PC

  • rtk79 01/03/2016

    @sprktdrvnrbt I think gamers are a lot less principled than you give them credit for. They'll whine and make grand declarations, but they'll buy into the Windows store if shiny games are there, just like they did with Origin and Uplay. Reply +6
  • Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian Entertainment

  • rtk79 10/06/2015

    While this seems like sad news for Obsidian, I trust the man's judgement and look forward to seeing what he'll do, whatever that might be. Even if it's not in the gaming world. Who knows, perhaps this is the first step in a literary career. I think he's worked in comics before. Reply 0
  • Big Pillars of Eternity expansion already in the works

  • rtk79 17/03/2015

    @bobiroka Because artists and writers should stop working while their colleagues squash bugs? Should they stop eating as well? Go on strike? Reply +6
  • rtk79 17/03/2015

    This isn't news at all.
    Kickstarter backers have been able to purchase this expansion (20 dollars asking price) for a couple of months now.
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  • Ubisoft "to continue supporting" Assassin's Creed games on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • rtk79 17/05/2014

    @acidogio weird, I have a lowly HD 7850 that played AC4 beautifully.
    That said most of the earlier AC games ran like shit (2 included).
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  • Historic real-life Eve monument defaced in days

  • rtk79 06/05/2014

    How exciting this must be for the guy whose name was scratched! "Look, ma, I'm famous!" Reply +3
  • "Gritty, uncompromising" RPG Prisonscape on Kickstarter

  • rtk79 11/04/2014

    The art style fits in that it can convey violence and blood shed without going over the top and becoming mind-numbing. All the good film directors will tell you the most effective way of conveying murder or sex is to imply them without showing the thing out-right.

    As for backing, Avellone's trust is good enough for me.
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  • Two new Assassin's Creed games this year, one set in 18th century Paris

  • rtk79 19/03/2014

    @Lunatic4ever Lets face it: Xbox 360 and PS3 are the new Vita now. Reply 0
  • GOG St Patrick's Day sale revealed

  • rtk79 14/03/2014

    Paying euro-prices in US dollars (with added conversion fees)? No thank you.
    Sorry to see GOG forced to do this by publisher interests, but I for one won't play along.
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  • South Park: It all started with a suspected prank call

  • rtk79 13/03/2014

    Why won't he talk about the changes made to the game during the delay?

    Very weird that this has to stay a secret.
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  • The Witcher 3 delayed to February 2015

  • rtk79 11/03/2014

    @g0ggy A whole year from now sure, but probably not a whole year from the initial release date. "Later this year" can mean anything.

    I'm not bothered about waiting if the devs need or want the time.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • rtk79 25/02/2014

    @arcam Do you really think the European Union is devoid of "free speech laws", as you put it? Reply +2
  • Divinity: Original Sin release moves to spring

  • rtk79 25/02/2014

    @suicidal_penguins No. Summer solstice = astronomical fact. Midsummer day = name of a holiday in some parts of the world.
    Try to look beyond your country and customs, maybe?
    When you do, you'll notice that in mainland Europe (parts of it at least), Spring runs from the end of March to the end of June, as I mentionned.
    In brief, don't expect Original Sin before Spring starts in Belgium, since its devs are Belgian, and not English.
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  • rtk79 24/02/2014

    How strange that people think Spring's begun already.
    Where I'm from, Spring lasts from March 21 (spring equinox) to June 20 (summer solstice).
    I'm sure that's also the case in Larian's home country.
    Meaning: set your watches to Belgian time, folks.
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  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • rtk79 21/02/2014

    I loved Fallout New Vegas' Dead Money DLC.
    Not only was it a great piece of story with incredible characters, it had an original setting as well.
    Sure, some of the gameplay ideas could have been implemented better (the exploding collars), but they were still very interesting in and of themselves.
    What I liked most about it was that, unlike the usual popular pieces of DLC (Minerva's Den, Old World Blues or Lair of the Shadow Broker, for instance), it didn't strive to be a shorter version of the new game, it tried doing something different, and I don't see that enough in DLC.
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  • Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • rtk79 19/02/2014

    Why bother with patches when you can sell a "Director's cut" edition instead? Reply +7
  • Capcom "truly surprised" by Onimusha composer's admission

  • rtk79 13/02/2014

    @Shakey_Jake33 I'm fairly sure lying about being deaf is indeed illegal, since it's very likely to get you disability benefits and the like.

    As for ghost writers, typically they hand in parts of a work, or parts in a series of works, not the whole thing. As seems to be the case here.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin alpha review

  • rtk79 06/02/2014

    @arcam In this case, Early Access lets you support development via feedback and playtesting. Not funding. That's been covered by the Kickstarter campaign.

    Argue all you like, you are not entitled a discount just because you want to play early. Wait for a sale if you're unhappy with the asking price.
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  • rtk79 06/02/2014

    @arcam You're wrong. Early-accessers are NOT directly contributing to development costs: those have been met already, by the Kickstarter campaign. And Kickstarter backers DID get a significant discount (I paid what, 15 euros, and was granted alpha access).

    If you feel 40 euros is too steep for this, then by all means, don't buy the game. If, for whatever reason, you think this is a risky venture (though I don't see how it could: they've proven they know how to make RPGs and have a nice budget), likewise, put your money towards something else. But in no way are you entitled to a discount because you'd like the chance to play a beta.
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  • Thief PC minimum and recommended specs revealed

  • rtk79 20/01/2014

    @null The 7000 cards will support Mantle as well.
    But it seems a little early to expect miracles of it.
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  • Why Divinity: Original Sin might be the RPG you've been waiting for

  • rtk79 10/01/2014

    Very nice article showcasing a great game. But that penultimate paragraph is incorrect as the Alpha's been out for a while, for all backers regardless of money pledged, I might add.
    It's been great fun, but I've stopped playing with it so that the game might remain fresh when it's released.
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  • The Wasteland 2 beta is here

  • rtk79 12/12/2013

    @tarasis They'll probably give Steam Early Access the same price as the corresponding Kickstarter reward, Planetary Annihilation-style. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed 4 DLC: new locations and AC5 hints

  • rtk79 09/12/2013

    New French colony: "It'z mee, Jean-Marie". Reply +1
  • Fallout 4 hoaxer: website designed to troll, force Bethesda's hand

  • rtk79 09/12/2013

    Nice for him to have the resources to pull this off, but how in the world did he expect his stunt to "force Bethesda's hands"?
    What's more, if he's such a fan of theirs, why would he even want to?
    I'd rather they announce the game when they're ready to show something worth seeing, and possibly close to launch, than some content-less teaser.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013 voting

  • rtk79 06/12/2013

    Very bad year as far as I'm concerned. BioShock Infinite sucks, Battlefield 4 is a mess, no RPGs to speak of (Ni No Kuni has to be the lamest game ever), the indie scene hardly did better (rogue-lite being the new cover shooter). Here's hoping The Witcher 3 is as good as it seems and 2014 will be a better year. Reply -44
  • A DOA Xbox One, Microsoft support and a paperclip

  • rtk79 30/11/2013

    @saxxonde my first SNES broke down a year in, back on thé day. We were not given a thing for our troubles! The replacement is still working however Reply 0
  • rtk79 30/11/2013

    A question for this piece's author: did you at anytime mentiuon that you were a writer for Eurogamer?
    Seems that information might be worth sharing to get a real idea of Microsoft's Customer Service general goodwill.
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  • The Steam Autumn Sale is now live

  • rtk79 27/11/2013

    Not a very clever choice to give out US prices while ignoring Euro-costs on Eurogamer, Jeffrey Matulef. Reply +6
  • This is what a Steam Machine prototype looks like

  • rtk79 26/11/2013

    People complaining about this ugly thing's looks should bear in mind that this is but one prototype by one manufacturer. Other models are bound tout look different. Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy 4 sequel now available for iOS/Android

  • rtk79 25/11/2013

    In Square Enix's defense, how else are they going to make a cent? Reply 0
  • Shadowrun Returns getting Berlin-based Dragonfall expansion

  • rtk79 19/11/2013

    @kangarootoo The Call of Duty comparison is, actually, rather appropriate, as Shadowrun Returns is pretty much the RPG equivalent of a corridor shooter. You're in for a narrative ride that allows for little diversion (there are probably three sidequests in the whole game) and allows for no personal input (no choices, no decisions). That they managed to craft a 13 hour long quest is impressive, considering what they're working with.
    I don't mean to sound too negative, as I really enjoyed my time with the game (bugs and save system notwithstanding), and do look forward to the Berlin campaign.
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  • rtk79 19/11/2013

    Shadowrun Returns is a lot of fun when everything goes right, but it's a very buggy game. It's also a fairly shallow game as is, to be honest. Here's hoping this can add a little depth. Especially since $15 is pretty much the price of the base game. Reply +1
  • Destiny beta coming first to PS3 and PS4

  • rtk79 15/11/2013

    @INSOMANiAC Lighten up! No one's forcing you to playtest if you don't feel like putting in the "work". I'm pretty sure you'll find someone to take the beta code off your hands (and be grateful for it). Reply 0
  • Is this the closest we'll get to a next-gen Mega Man game?

  • rtk79 14/11/2013

    Uhm. Hasn't the Megaman creator recently gotten funding for a "spiritual successor" on Kickstarter?

    Edit: And here it is, Mighty No. 9, fully funded (to the tune of $3,845,170!


    Meaning : yes, people still care for Megaman. A lot.
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  • Ken Levine defends BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1's length

  • rtk79 11/11/2013

    The sad thing is, the DLC doesn't seem to offer much in term of gameplay. Reply +7
  • Upgrade Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC for cheap

  • rtk79 15/10/2013

    @Rack You keep mentionning "standard practices" as a way to justify Square's dubious strategies, but it doesn't work, as Valve and others have shown: you don't break the bank by being generous. I mean who seems better off: Valve or Square?

    Again, you mention "redesigned boss encounters" and "improved graphics", whereas the official blog does not. "Some improvements to boss fights" isn't quite as optimistic as you are. They say nothing about other general improvements. I certainly think they would.
    At this point, I think you'd need to show your sources.

    Finally, if you're happy to part with your cash for what they're offering, perhaps considering it a goowill gesture of your own (and why not?), then good for you. Spend away!
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  • rtk79 14/10/2013

    @SonicUk Read the official blog:

    "The Director’s Cut is pretty much the complete package, then. It contains the full Human Revolution game, plus all DLC packs (the Missing Link, the Explosive Mission Pack, and the Tactical Enhancement Pack) – along with some improvements to the boss fights… which you’ll probably find really useful.

    Not only that, but there’s a New Game + feature, so you can replay through the action with all your previously-earned upgrades intact (which, trust me, is a LOT of fun), there are developer commentaries (English-only) plus the original Making-of video."

    No mention of graphical improvements. Note that the upgrade pack cost £6.99 if you do not own The Missing Link already. Not £3.49.

    As for The Missing Link, haven't gotten to it yet, so I'm not sure how it fits into the whole storyline, but I do know you can access the new content from the title screen. It even gets its own listing in your Steam library.
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  • rtk79 14/10/2013

    @Rack To be clear, no one is begrudging the selling of DLC. They want to sell the New Game mode? Fine. Selling a fix to the boss fights that have been the object of constant criticism? That's not likely to breed goodwill. But as I said, if you're fine with the scheme, go for it. Given I already own the Missing Link DLC and the Explosive Missions, £3.49 is more than I'm willing to pay to get the boss fights out of the way. So I won't. And I might not be so quick to trust Square with release-day purchases while I'm at it. But that's more an act of caution than spite. Reply 0
  • rtk79 14/10/2013

    @Rack 5 games? Off the top of my head: Hard Reset, Terraria, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Team Fortress 2 and, yes, The Witcher. If Indie devs from Poland can do it, why can't Square? Reply 0
  • rtk79 14/10/2013

    @SonicUk They've been very clear about what the Director's Cut improvements are: they've tweaked the boss fights. Don't expect engine improvements, enhanced visuals, system modifications or anything of that order.
    You'll be getting a couple of tweaks and patches, commentary tracks and all the previous DLC (pre-order stuff, collector's edition material and story DLC if you don't own it already).
    Apparently some believe that's worth the asking price. Me, I'll just wait for a Steam sale.
    Reply +1
  • rtk79 14/10/2013

    While the New Game Plus thing is interesting, the boss battles tweaks really should have been handled as a patch. The rest is mostly old Pre-order material. Really seems the £3.49 isn't paying for a lot of work on Square's part. Not to mention calling this a "Director's Cut" and leaving "The Missing Link" sounds like a very bad joke. But who can say no to a quick buck?

    Edit : Actually, you do get the Missing Link DLC with this, but in that case, upgrading costs £6.99, not £3.49.
    And that still seems like a lot of money for little to no new content.
    Reply -4
  • Dragon Quest 1-8 all coming to iOS and Android

  • rtk79 08/10/2013

    Given this is Square-Enix we're talking about, they'll be going for 15 euros a pop.
    At this price: no thank you.
    Reply +6
  • CD Projekt RED teases Dark Horse collaboration

  • rtk79 03/10/2013

    Sadly, it won't be a game adaptation of a Dark Horse property, as they don't hold copyright to the things they publish. Hellboy remains the property of Mike Mignola, Sin City of Frank Miller, etc.
    I'd love to see the "Finder" world in a RPG, but there's little hope of that.
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