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  • Capcom wants your "honest and frank" opinion about the Resident Evil 2 fan remake

  • romelpotter 30/07/2015

    @RYDEEN Tomb Raider Boobies: $500 Reply 0
  • romelpotter 30/07/2015

    CAPCOM, PLEASE!!!! Just stay away from:

    XTRA Zombies = $5
    LESS Zombies = $5
    Leon Ginger Hair = $10
    Shotgun Shells = $2 per pack of 5 shells
    Zombiedog PET = $20
    Ridable Zombie = $50
    Re-usable Stick up one's own arse = FREE with any Micro Transaction
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  • Video: The most Kojima moments in Metal Gear Solid 5

  • romelpotter 26/07/2015

    Money Gear Solid Reply 0
  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • romelpotter 23/07/2015

    I had a 500 (think it was the cartoon pack). My most memorable games were: Cannon Fodder, Sensi World of Soccer, Elite 2, Microprose Golf, so so many games to remember lol.

    I can't remember!
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  • Project Cars gets biggest update yet

  • romelpotter 21/07/2015

    They have already split their community imo. I am part of a cross platform Facebook group that focuses on Time Trials. Already we have decided not to include DLC cars because some have them and some dont; problem is that it limits us all to what shipped with the game and people are dropping out! Me included (although thats due to the piss poor controller setup).

    I really wish I had not paid full price for this game! Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed parts of the game but overall, a waste of 39.99!!!
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  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes Easter egg suggests Kojima predicted his fallout with Konami

  • romelpotter 20/07/2015

    I went on to watch the AJ konami interview regarding MGS5, the thing that stood out to me was that the konami bloke when pushed on the future of the franchise actually named the franchise "Metal Gear"! So maybe Kojima has ownership on "Metal Gear Solid" and is going to Kickstart something???? (Fingers and Toes crossed).

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  • The Flock will only be playable for a limited time, ever

  • romelpotter 17/07/2015

    Um, Flock Off!!! Reply +7
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial City DLC detailed

  • romelpotter 15/07/2015

    @ghostgate2001 EUA's are usually unenforceable so if you signed up and they tried to reclaim their free kidney I strongly suspect you would be quite within your rights to tell them to do one! (or Fuck Off in other words). Reply +1
  • romelpotter 15/07/2015

    @ken8mac You muppet, its opinions like yours that got us into this mess in the first place. Yes it may on be a couple of quid, but your still paying for shit you dont want!! Also, its now a quid here, couple of quid there, it all adds up and its complete bullshit. Reply +5
  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @IronSoldier Its called History!!! Reply +1
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @Fourwisemen Just need to photoshop Stirling for a wet fish. Reply 0
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @hillbilly66 Football ability aside, you don't think that Jordan Henderson epitomises the very meaning of working hard to get results? Is he less of a role model because he is a fairly normal, humble lad and that he had very public and difficult time when he first came to Liverpool, he has worked hard through that and continues to develop. Why is it so hard for people to accept that as a role model? Reply +2
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    This thread is hilarious. So much bullshit its untrue. Classic Eurogamer! It seems as though a lot of peeps have commented on what I had to say. At the end of the day its a shit article..bottom line! So as I got so many negs, heres my comment again:

    Well this is funny! I am a Liverpool supporter first and foremost. The fact that some people are saying Liverpool supporters spammed the vote, um yea because no one else did!!!

    I didnt vote, its an EA game so I don't care however as a Liverpool fan I am very glad that Jordan Henderson won. This article is a fucking joke and should be removed until the writer can be objective and professional in his comments. Its pure flamebait and lacks the respect that Henderson (as a prem and england footballer) deserves.

    What a shocking standard of writing, one that wouldn't even be fit for the back page of VIZ. Utterly bereft of anything but personal opinion and last I checked, you don't speak for the whole of Eurogamer, or its readership, Wes.
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  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @Brev2034 Oh mate, seriously? I would ask you to say that to my face, I am even happy to PM you my address so that you can come round and do so. Then we can really talk. Fun and Games! Reply -6
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @electrolite Chelsea fan? I know I am sounding like a recorder on repeat however, its true isn't it? Reply +1
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @Spuzzell Excuse me mate but are you a Chelsea fan? I only ask because there is nothing funny about your reply! Learn some manners! Reply +1
  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    Well this is funny! I am a Liverpool supporter first and foremost. The fact that some people are saying Liverpool supporters spammed the vote, um yea because no one else did!!!

    I didnt vote, its an EA game so I don't care however as a Liverpool fan I am very glad that Jordan Henderson won. This article is a fucking joke and should be removed until the writer can be objective and professional in his comments. Its pure flamebait and lacks the respect that Henderson (as a prem and england footballer) deserves.

    What a shocking standard of writing, one that wouldn't even be fit for the back page of VIZ. Utterly bereft of anything but personal opinion and last I checked, you don't speak for the whole of Eurogamer, or its readership, Wes.
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  • Lizard Squad attacks PlanetSide 2, H1Z1, more

  • romelpotter 10/07/2015

    @Blackmarsh63 Or egged their windows! :) Reply 0
  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • romelpotter 02/07/2015

    I have had 1 BBC, 1 Amiga, 1 SNES, 1 PS1, 1 PS2, 1 PS3 and 3 Xbox 360's!

    Make of that, what you will!
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  • 15 minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage

  • romelpotter 27/06/2015

    @Machiavellian Given your username, I am going to say Troll.

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  • romelpotter 23/06/2015

    Ugh, all I saw whilst skimming through the vid was cut scene followed by Long Bow management followed by sleeping in a makeshift stick igloo, cut scene YAWN.....My god I was bored just flicking through the vid!! Finally found some game play and it looks very pretty but where is the sense of exploration? Its just generic tunnel based, pre scripted "on rail like" action shooter. Yay!

    Take it Xboners, but do all you can to check out the first 3 games, they are bloody ace.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront's closed alpha launches next week on PC

  • romelpotter 26/06/2015

    I didnt get in, but I did find out I have an Xbone account attached to my origin account, which is fun seeing as I have never owned an Xbone! Reply +2
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • romelpotter 26/06/2015

    I remember playing my first PS 1 game, Tomb Raider 3. Coming as I was from playing on a SNES & Amegia, I was blown away by the 3D design and struggled to grasp the concept of 3D space. I remember even with a pocket sized paperback copy of a complete walk through, following it step by step, I still couldnt make head nor tale of the game, puzzles and WTF is all this Tarzan style monkey swinging!!! (or is that something else entirely? lol).

    My point is that for me, Tomb Raider games must have a sense of discovery, adventure and en-puzzlement (not sure if thats a word, if not, I just invented it; yay!).

    These tunnle vision games miss the Tomb Raider point by such a degree, they should have at least 10 letters after their name......start again!

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  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • romelpotter 24/06/2015

    Red Bull: Gives you Dings! Reply +1
  • Limited edition Forza 6 Xbox One makes car noises when you turn it on

  • romelpotter 24/06/2015

    I would be turning the sounds off as the first thing I did but I like the look of the machine, nice! This with BC is maybe swinging things for me towards M$. Reply +5
  • Watch 40 minutes of MGS5: The Phantom Pain

  • romelpotter 19/06/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft Did you read my post? lol.

    All MT, Season Passes and what ever are cash grabs and need to stop.
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  • romelpotter 19/06/2015

    The idea of Micro transactions is ok. I like the idea od more game content to download after the main event. I also do not believe or expect the content for nothing and am happy to pay.

    The issue is that devs, publishers, money men are out to make as much cash as they can get and are ready and able to abuse these principles. It is why they work! It is also why the will not stop, and only get worse.

    First we had 2.50 horse armour and people kicked off, then we got more substantial bits of content but for a higher price, then we got more of them, then we got a season pass, then we got games for free but we pay for small amounts of content we want, then we got full price games with small amounts of content that we can choose to take if we want, then we got games with two season passes!!!!

    Digital transactions are Revenue Streams and big publishers will look to add more and more of them in order to substantiate market traders & the share value of associated corporations.

    This is what we are experiencing over time. It needs to stop. Full Stop
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  • romelpotter 18/06/2015

    But MT aside, I am not convinced with this direction that Metal Gear has taken, the mission based open world approach feels thin and a bit lightweight to me. I will look for reviews in ernest as I have done with everything MGS since, well MGS BUT I really can't see me supporting Konami on this one. Reply +1
  • romelpotter 18/06/2015

    Microtransactions for us, MACRO profit for Konami. Thats after we pay for the game!!

    There is nothing anyone can say to me that would make me feel like this is ever acceptable. How long before we get the first single player, full priced, subscription based, Microtransaction ridden cash cow of a game? And then how long before other devs jump on the band wagon, sigh.

    This shit must stop now!
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  • Fan attempts to pre-order Fallout 4 with bottle caps

  • romelpotter 17/06/2015

    They need to reply thus:

    Thank you for your interest in our new game "Fallout 4", unfortunately we are not able to send you a free copy of "Fallout 4" but given the amount of caps you sent into us, we urge you in the most strongest sense, to get the fuck out of your house and do some exercise...fatty!
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  • Hands-on with Microsoft's ridiculous $149 Elite Xbox controller

  • romelpotter 17/06/2015

    lol, if this was aimed soley at the hardcore market, they would not have announced it during their E3 razzmatazz.

    Think about it, they put it out there to get maximum exposure AND without a price tag during the reveal.

    Edit: Looking at the Scuf site, they apparently have a number of patents and patents pending, this could get interesting!!
    Edit 2: Clearly I am no pro gamer but looking further into the SCUF website.....LOL You can see why the "industry" tried to keep the kidology that Pro gamers are aged 16 to 21 coz no one else would fall for and buy this shit!
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  • Surprise! Fallout Shelter iOS game out now

  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    Really slow on my iphone 4. It looks nice, but I am going to delete! Reply +1
  • Square Enix E3 2015 conference live report

  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    Waiting for the "Nipples" DLC. Reply 0
  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    Brian "Whore"ton....We whore shit for top dollar! Reply 0
  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    Edgy stuff! Reply 0
  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    lol, not this guy but the speaker before him. Reply 0
  • romelpotter 16/06/2015

    yawn, this bloke says everything about Square Enix!
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  • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae revisited

  • romelpotter 13/06/2015

    Everything needs to come to an end, the time is now Squaresoft. The time is now!

    /Cries tears of fondness.
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  • Halo 5: There's good news and bad news

  • romelpotter 11/06/2015

    Self Edited comment. Reply 0
  • romelpotter 11/06/2015

    Next up, were remaking Goldeneye and yup, no split screen mp any more, you have to pay mother fuckers!!!!!!

    Some people may neg my comment, and thats fine however know this: Me and a lot of my friends skipped a lot of school/ college/ work to play Goldeneye 4 player split screen; my mate got drunk and reacted so badly to loosing a match he jumped backwards and snapped the neck of his prized 1500 bass guitar! Oh we laughed, a lot!!

    Its doubtful that we'll ever see the likes of those days again if companies Monetise key parts of gameplay like this!

    Dont stand for it folks, its a shitty thing!
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  • Fallout: New Vegas speedrun sets new world record

  • romelpotter 06/06/2015

    Look: watch me "speedrun" the 100meters!!!!


    #jumps in Bugatti Veyron..
    Vroooom Vroom................5.6 seconds later..

    HA In your face Linford! IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

    Um, sir.......
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  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • romelpotter 26/05/2015

    I have been gaming since the 80's and I have had many moments of sheer joy & amazed disbelief at how the quality of the graphics in games has come on over the decades.

    For me, I feel disappointment that the 2013 Witcher 3 demo is what I would expect from a "next"/ current gen game; the game that was released looks to me like it could run on PS3/ xbox360 consoles.

    For what ever the reason may be, it is this fact that really disappoints me.

    Edit: Why so many negs?? Just trying to be honest here.

    Also consider this: If I went to my boss and showed him the face from the Mona Lisa and said in 3 years, this painting will be finished; but 3 years later I showed him a scribbled crayon drawing of a stick man walking a stick dog with a stick sun and a horizon line (ahem, my GCSE art piece lol), then my boss would rightly suggest I fuck off and bring him back the real picture. If I said that it was just a prototype then I would be sacked!

    Expectations are everything in this story!
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  • H1Z1 dev unbanning cheaters who publicly apologise on YouTube

  • romelpotter 20/05/2015

    Cynic mode on...

    /Oh Boy, must they need players!

    Cynic mode off...
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  • Microsoft offers free 12-month EA Access subscriptions

  • romelpotter 20/05/2015

    Doesn't say much for EA access, Sony said no, and MS are literally throwing them at people.....I have never experienced EA access so it might be ok, its just that I have no desire to try it. Reply -3
  • Oculus Rift won't block virtual reality porn

  • romelpotter 19/05/2015

    When asked whether Oculus planned to block x-rated content, Luckey scratched his nuts; burped, farted and finally replied: "Hell no, why the fuck do you think I invented this thing in the first place!!!". Reply +6
  • Makers of infamous World of Warcraft bot Honorbuddy admit defeat

  • romelpotter 15/05/2015

    Why has it taken until now for this to happen? Its great and all, but why now and not 4 or 5 years ago when it would have had a MASSIVE impact! Reply +1
  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of world-building

  • romelpotter 13/05/2015

    @IronGiant Why but the Internet; where else??? Why don't you look for yourself instead of posting mindless critique of other peoples posts.

    Edit: oh of course, then there is the Eurogamer article itself. Posting stills taken from 2013 and a vid from current builds of the game. It is itself adding to the confusion and lends itself (Eurogamer) open to bait and switch accusations; seeing as the article is released so close to the game's release date!
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  • romelpotter 13/05/2015

    @Farzlepot You mis understand me mate, perhaps I could have been clearer. I wasnt trying to make this a PC vs Console thing. My post was regarding how MS and (probably) Sony are concerned enough about the lack of their own consoles performance to spend money making devs and publishers make games shitter. When the specs of the console were released, they used poor quality graphics cards in their designs. Reply -1
  • romelpotter 13/05/2015

    I think the real issue here is not the graphical downgrade, its the fact that (from what I can gather) both M$ and $ony pay the devs to make sure the PC version of the game is not massively different to the Console versions.

    When they introduced the specs of the GPU's in the current consoles, they were mid to low range cards and I for one was shocked at the lack of ambition shown by the manufactures. Now we see the result of their cheapness, PC versions are head and shoulders above what the consoles can even hope to achieve.

    So to stop consumers thinking, "hang on, this looks shit on console, the PC version is so much better; I think I am getting a new PC rather than a (insert console of choice).

    And that FUCKING sucks!

    Dark Souls 2
    and now The Witcher 3

    All gimped through shady, back-door business practices. Its all bullshit!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • romelpotter 04/05/2015

    @electrolite I see your point however the price & service Sony is delivering is in no way representative to what they could be aiming for which is to Stream PS 6 games. By charging now they are almost shooting themselves in their foot! Reply 0