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  • Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs £100

  • romelpotter 10/04/2014

    Wow, so much hate for what basically is a continuation of the Elite Kickstarter campaign.

    During THAT time, £100 got you a lot of stuff. Yes on its own it is a lot of money for what is basically a pledge goal from Kickstarter and I suspect that Frontier just put it on their web page for anyone to upgrade their pledge level or join in at a later date.

    Lest we not forget that Star Citizen have had people buying $1000 ships!! So lets curtail the anger and perhaps look at all of the info.

    EG should maybe have put something less like Flame bait in their article me thinks.
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  • Rumoured Dark Souls 2 PC graphics options revealed

  • romelpotter 08/04/2014

    To my eyes, clearly there is a difference between the PS3 and PC versions. It looks to me however, like its a Resolution upgrade to 1080p and from the bits I have seen, I can't see any other differences.

    It looks exactly like DS1 did (on the PC) after the dsfix mod v2 came out.
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  • romelpotter 08/04/2014

    @Mr_Git Well from the blog, it seemed as though the menu loading times are a lot better on the PC version of the game :)

    The word is though, that anyone expecting to see the game hinted at in the original screenies, will be disappointed.

    The PC version has the downgraded graphics although it does have some extra bells and whistles like Dynamic lighting etc.

    I have Demon's Souls on PS3, Dark Souls on PS3 and PC and I pre ordered DS2, I am however going to cancel my pre order on the basis that I wont support the clusterfuck situation that was the Graphics downgrade. I will pick it up in the steam sales instead.

    I know that shit happens but it is how you deal with it that is important and I feel that it is tantamount to mis selling. You pre order a Ferrari, but get a VW, no offence to vw but the pictures looked like a Ferrari and so that is what I expect.

    That is my opinion only.

    Edit: I now realise what bugs me the most when I watch the comparison video. It is when the footage shows the player looking down into the firy pit from the bridge. The footage of the release game to me, I just can not get past the image in my head that is "Bowsers Castle" from the original Mario Kart on the super nes. It is just wrong!
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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

  • romelpotter 08/04/2014

    Its a great stepping stone, I like the competitive element to these offerings between AMD and Nvidia. Keep on trucking and soon enough we will have a high end card (not enthusiast level) that offers 60fps at 4k. Thats when the 4k revaluation will really kick off in my book, and that day will be an awesome one. Reply +3
  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • romelpotter 01/04/2014

    I have no idea of the intricacies of EvE however in my opinion, Bulling is Bulling and on that basis, Yes they were right to ban the scammer. Reply +9
  • Dark Souls 2 PC release date confirmed

  • romelpotter 06/03/2014

    Minimum Specs = DirectX 9

    Recommended Specs = DirectX 9

    Am I missing something here? No dx 11?
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  • Kojima: The Phantom Pain "over 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes"

  • romelpotter 05/03/2014

    If its 200 times bigger than GZ, surly GZ should reflect that in its price? Anything else is an admission that it is taking the piss.

    £39.99 / 200 = 19p (ish)

    19 into £22.99 (cheapest price I know of) = 12000% price increase.

    Warning, I am no Mathematician!
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  • Blizzard explains $60 cost of World of Warcraft level 90 character boost

  • romelpotter 25/02/2014

    Ok..Roll up Roll Up:

    Hear me good people of the realm, why don't you. Yes thats right I said why don't you....

    I didn't finish my sentence because YOU already know that YOU want to.

    Ok here is the deal:

    You give me your TEN Goats and Four Chickens for this here game; its called "World of Mudcrabs". TTTTTTThen YOU give me another Three Goats and One Chicken and I will tell you how it ends. You get all the benefits of buying the game, and NONE of the drawbacks of having to play the damn thing. Its a win win situation here folks so who's first in line.....



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  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • romelpotter 23/02/2014

    For me, there has yet to be a piece of DLC that provides the gamer with the kind of addition that Lair and Domain were to James Herbert's "The Rats". I recognise the comparison of two substantial follow on books , compared to what should be bite sized chunks of a glossy magazine however; the point is this:

    If DLC are to add real value, interest and accessibility to the main story, they are surly "The Main Story" and therefore should not be DLC at all?

    The best DLC in my opinion are there to challenge the conventional game play and add interest to replays. If they are to effect the main storyline then surly an expansion would be more suitable over DLC?

    I firmly believe that actually the best DLC wasn't DLC at all, what it was; was a piece of Development Genius. On successive playthroughs of Metal Gear Solid, you can pick up the Stealth Suit and this changes the way that you CAN (but not have to) play the game. Along with the Bandanna (unlimited ammo when equipped) it is these items that give you choices as to how to play the game, in turn adding interest to the potential re playability.

    If Metal Gear Solid was a game released in 2014, I believe that it is possible that the Stealth Suit and Bandanna could be DLC; so this is my answer, it is also my sorrow.
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  • Forza 5 fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history

  • romelpotter 18/02/2014

    What is 1/3 of 3? Reply 0
  • MGS: Ground Zeroes can be completed in under two hours

  • romelpotter 06/02/2014

    Dark Souls can be cleared in something like 2 hrs can it not? Reply -1
  • Razer Blade 14 review

  • romelpotter 01/02/2014

    $1800 is just over £1000 at the moment, that said however I wasn't aware that Razor sold either the 14 or the Razor Blade Pro in the EU yet? Anyone??

    The point is that you would need to add shipping and import costs onto that.
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  • PS1/PS2 games heading to PlayStation 4

  • romelpotter 28/01/2014

    This is great news, I may actually upgrade my Origional 60gb PS3 once I know for sure that I can play all of my ps1 and 2 and 3 games!

    Small Steps Sony, Right Direction!
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  • The case of the disappearing video games

  • romelpotter 26/01/2014

    My first thought, if we go only digital then this really will lead to a demise of choice and a million COD clones!

    Noooo Thanks!
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  • Candy Crush dev King has trademarked the word Candy

  • romelpotter 21/01/2014

    Recon me thinks these guys might have something to say about the trademark.

    How the fuck does something like this happen, a two bit mobile app making, piece of shit company that makes one thing and thinks they can rule the world.

    Fuck Off!

    I can't see Liverpool FC having Candy...Crush on their tops. FFS!

    Edit: lol I just emailed the CEO over at Candy Hoover Group. Ahh my work here is done!
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  • Zavvi selling Xbox One for £20 less than RRP

  • romelpotter 20/01/2014

    Twenty Quid!!!!!!!.......Shit the bed! Reply 0
  • Fan-made Morrowind remake is shaping up nicely

  • romelpotter 06/01/2014

    /Press Record..

    "I used to be a better voice actor until I took a Mud Crab to the larynx!"
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  • Games of 2013: Diablo 3 console

  • romelpotter 26/12/2013

    The difference between the PC and the Console game is huge. \the \end. Reply +4
  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls release date announced

  • romelpotter 19/12/2013

    Wow, £33 for (as far as I know) a One Act extension! I don't care how many hours it may offer to some, that Blizz has gone in for a similar price bracket to a new Elder Scrolls game (also offers hours of enjoyment) is a joke.

    I have the original game on PC, and I have the console version (a much better version imo), I think I will pass on the expansion whilst it remains that expensive.
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  • Star Wars goes F2P with space combat game Attack Squadrons

  • romelpotter 18/12/2013

    [Disney Nasty on Make A Gif
    make" title="Disney Nasty!!!] Reply 0
  • romelpotter 17/12/2013

    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.....

    Unless you pay £9.99 for unlimited* Rouge skills.

    *30 seconds.
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  • Elite: Dangerous combat now playable if you're a £200 alpha backer

  • romelpotter 12/12/2013

    I really have no money or I would, right now, be upgrading my beta access for E.D. my god it looks good.

    Arrrrrrghhhhhhhhh must resist!
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  • NSA, GCHQ can listen to Xbox Live chat communications

  • romelpotter 10/12/2013

    Games "are an opportunity!", one analyst wrote, and offer an alternative "target-rich communications network" to the more traditionally-monitored forms of communication. Games were somewhere that targets could still "hide in plain sight".

    Oh dear, this doesn't bode well for the Kinect always on camera. What bigger opportunity do they need to get right into a living room.

    NSA) Ok ok, you caught us. Tell ya what, we won't listen to xbox voice chat ever again.

    NSA/ rubs hands and chuckles.
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  • GTA Online's deathmatch & race creator enters beta tomorrow

  • romelpotter 09/12/2013

    Southern San Andreas!!!!! Hmmm Given that San Andreas in the GTA world is a state:

    and that on the GTA website, Rockstar make reference to "Southern Los Santos, and if you check on the map, South Los Santos is actually a district of Los Santos:

    If R* had intended the expansion to be in the City of Los Santos, they would have said, I don't think it is that. Southern San Andreas to me suggests an entirely new island!!!! That would be a serious expansion!!!


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  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition confirmed for PS4, Xbox One

  • romelpotter 08/12/2013

    "On PS4 your controller will light up when using the torch."

    That is Next-Gen......, right there!!!
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  • Letter from America: I love Gran Turismo 6

  • romelpotter 07/12/2013

    Micro transactions:

    Oh, its to support those that are too busy to play the game...

    Wrong, its to scrape every last penny from us that you can and I think its disgusting. Yea maybe this game implements them well but by my yardstick, the more people think they are acceptable, the worse it will bet for the gamer overall. And it is for this reason that I will not support or tolerate Micro Transactions in any form, at all.
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  • Grand Theft Auto Online's content creator shown in new video

  • romelpotter 02/12/2013

    Manhunt or Interceptor style challenge mode and I will piss my pants.
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  • Yes, Gran Turismo 6 has micro-transactions

  • romelpotter 19/11/2013

    Wait, wait, wait. Soo Micro Tran$actions are to help people avoid the grind.......

    Why not just make the game fun in the first place!

    oh wait!

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  • ShopTo apologises to PS4 pre-order customers after taking money without warning

  • romelpotter 18/11/2013

    I received an email from Shopto 7 hrs ago confirming that payments for ps4 pre orders were commencing FROM SAT 16th NOV.......

    My CC details were out of date so they couldn't taker the dollar however I have now cancelled the pre order, no monies anyway!
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  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • romelpotter 01/11/2013

    Fanboi-ism aside; with PC gaining ground on 4k the res, is it really acceptable to us as gamers to agree to support any way shape or form?

    Is this the future???
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  • Watch Microsoft's expensive-looking Xbox One ad, starring Steven Gerrard and Spock

  • romelpotter 25/10/2013

    Ohhh, I was right there....right until I heard the guy say "Xbox". Reply -9
  • Diablo 3 console review

  • romelpotter 12/09/2013

    Finally picked this up after much deliberation. And yes I am pissed off.

    Upon hearing the PR stuff about D3 on Consoles, I re downloaded D3 for PC and cracked on with another HC char. Annoyingly I died at level 20 after a Disconnect.

    I was fuming because I would have thought that these issues would SHOULD have been rectified by now, more than a year after release. But nope, I DC, logged back on to a dead avatar.

    I raised a ticket with Blizz and was told that D3 is not a single player game blah blah blah. They failed to read that actually I wasn't asking for my HC char to be reinstated, I was actually passing a comment that the game is not fit for purpose and is handicapped by the online only requirement, a fact not overlooked by Blizz because they have removed it from the Console versions.

    Anyway long story short (ish) I have decided to pick up D3 for PS3. I want to get as far as I can in HC without the threat of death from silly technical reasons; but from my own piss poor play.

    I am peeved that I have to effectively buy the game twice to get the game I want to play, hence I have requested a refund.

    Now with no online requirement, no AH, I can go about learning to enjoy the game again.

    /melodramatic sigh
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  • Star Citizen raises an astronomical $15 million

  • romelpotter 03/08/2013

    @jdowner There is a lot of talk about Feature Creep, which is a recognised risk however my gut feeling is that some of the goals (ships and what not) were always planned to be in game anyway, it's only the little things that have been added like a digital book about the engineering of ship modifications that are relatively easy to come up with (when compared to the work that goes into coming up with a new ship like the Bengal Carrier). Reply 0
  • romelpotter 03/08/2013

    @krayzkrok very true, and so far that is the case on the forums. CIG have said though that they don't listen to single voices, but they do consider things when there is a lot of discussion or interest. First and foremost, they are making the game they want to play. Which suits me lol :) Reply 0
  • romelpotter 03/08/2013

    @jdowner The goalposts moved after the initial campaign. The original idea was to show interest to "investors" by raising (I think it was $500,000) with the funding coming mainly from the suits. Then as the money began to gather, stretch goals were added, and reached all the way up to $6 or 7 mil. I think then Chris Roberts thought, hey great, it could be a 50/50 deal with crowd funding and investors. Now as the money continued to come in, with only a couple of real promotions (24 hr live stream) and a 7 day ship sale afterwards, they are now pushing for the 21 mil to become completley crowd funded. This means Chris will be free to make the game HE wants to. No suit types saying that he needs to widen the scope for a greater audience. No one saying this has to be dumbed down.

    that is an amazing thing, it has a real community vibe going on and whilst I agree with you and what your saying, it actually came about because of the level of interest and funding. They have adapted and we will all get a much better game for it.

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  • romelpotter 02/08/2013

    Since I was 8 yrs old, I have wanted to play a game with Star Citizen levels of immersion. Its not about PC or Console...really! Its about using the most powerful platform to give the best Space Sim game possible.

    Squadron 42 has your Single Player, Mission based, Military combat romp covered. Star Citizen has your Persistent Universe with player instancing (maybe 50 to 100) in any one instance. Obviously it is still very early in the game development, we have a ways to go before pre alpha testing for the main game (PU). And sure it is a risk to put in money at this stage but having looked at it from as many angles I can see, my opinion is that there is a very, very good chance this game will not only succeed, but become 100% player funded.

    That is the goal, that is the key milestone everyone is looking for. 21mil.

    The development of star citizen will not be hindered by middle management suits who's focus is the stick up their arse, and not how good the game could be.

    As backers we are really being informed all the way with Wingmans Hanger every Friday, answering questions from backers via the Forums, general lore and loads of other stuff. There are subscriptions which you can pay annually or monthly and gain access to loads of production art work or early screen shots of ships etc.

    Finally the strongest reason I believe this game will succeed is that the development is modular. So the focus is on one thing, which will reach a level, then move onto other systems whilst we, the backers begin testing it. For Example, Today the deves locked down the code for the hangar module, now what happens is they test everything, the only code changes are bug fixes. The Hangar Module is release at the end of August as Gamescon and backers will be able to download the Hangar App. We will then be able to go in to our own Hangar and see our ships that we have pledged for. We will be able to go inside them, see some of the animations and visit other backers Hangars too.

    From then until December, more ships and more Hangar versions will be made available and then in December, we will get access to the dog fighting module. Then we will be able to fly our ships and fight each other.

    After that, the planet module so on and so on.

    All the while, we are testing and they are developing. Thats over 200,000 Testers as it stands at the moment.

    From CIG and Chris Roberts side of things, there really is nowhere to hide, there will be bugs and they will be picked up.

    If my post sounds appealing to you, and you feel that you have available cash to become a backer, check out the RSI website (google it). If you don't want to expose yourself to the risk (and it is still a risk despite my own opinion and assumptions) then the best thing you can do is say to your self that it is worth checking out once the game is released. It is going to be a fantastic game, my investment into Star Citizen reflects my enthusiasm that hopefully, I have put over in this post. Sooo if you think my view is blinkered, well you may be right but that still doesn't mean that you shouldn't check it out!!!
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  • Microsoft will allow self-publishing after all

  • romelpotter 25/07/2013

    There is listening to feedback, and then there is full on Capitulation.

    There is a difference.
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  • 2014 Tomb Raider comic will "lead directly" into game sequel

  • romelpotter 23/07/2013

    TR: 2013 Fell way short of what I was looking for in a TR game. I just don't give a damn for pew pew pew and the like.

    If I want pewpewpewpew, there is gears of war for that, Tomb raider was all about discovery, huge spaces in underground tombs, monkeys and whatnot. Adventure, exploration, puzzles and a feeling of satisfaction when you were able to progress.

    TR 2013 was a step backwards for me in many ways. It was a TR skin piggybacked onto a Uncharted clone. It was a game made easy for the masses. It was made to sell, that is all.

    You really don't need X fucking P in every single game out there. Christ, where has all the innovation gone?

    /Tripped over a rock..."Ding!!"... 200XP


    Now with all that pushed to one side, yes I can see how people enjoyed TR 2013 for what it was however for me, it was a let down and worse, a testament to how stale this industry and my hobby has become.
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  • F1 2013 announced, available in standard and premium 'Classic' editions

  • romelpotter 16/07/2013

    I wont support this type of business model. No multi tiered premium version make you feel like your missing out on something, oh well I will just pay the extra tenner coz after all, it is only a tenner......Fucking Bull Shit games. Reply +5
  • romelpotter 15/07/2013

    @A_FAN lol my point is that if they are going to do this, they should have done what ever it takes to get the appropriate permissions so that senna appears in the game. They clearly tried (because you know, who wouldn't; no?) and if he doesn't make an appearance in the game, then the devs for what ever reason are missing a huge chunk of what 1980's racing actually is. How can you have 80's racing without Senna? You can't...unless you have a PR team of Spin doctors.

    In My Opinion!
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  • romelpotter 15/07/2013

    Nice idea but if your going to do it, do it properly.

    How can you have classic racing without Senna? Surly anyone who wants to engage in this content would naturally be inquisitive about him?

    And why would you even bother with a lower premium dlc pack?? FFS sell the game as one game and not build in a pseudo privilege system where our coin speaks louder than the game itself!!

    Edit: What about Telemetry, is that in yet?
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  • This is brutal platfomer Ethan: Meteor Hunter in action

  • romelpotter 08/07/2013

    Looks like a fun game, I just checked it out on Steam's Greenlight page. Gotta support stuff that is good but that isn't all "Pew Pew Pew" imho. Reply +4
  • Désilets: the future is digital, Microsoft just fluffed Xbox One message

  • romelpotter 01/07/2013

    The future is uncertain.

    Digital may be the devs focus however the world internet coverage will preclude some people from buying Games until the Global Internet is sufficient enough to support it. Devs must realise that if they go Digital only too soon then they will loose out on Sales.

    Personally I hope it doesn't go Digital only. I firmly believe that the prices will go (albeit slowly) through the roof because there is no other consumer choice (look at the prices of some PS store downloads (and others no doubt)).
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  • Final Fantasy born again

  • romelpotter 27/06/2013

    I used to be a real man's MMO, until I took a Mud Crab up the Hoop!! Reply -5
  • Star Citizen passes $10m raised mark

  • romelpotter 25/06/2013

    I think that the devs are focusing on a PC only release in order to devote maximum resources to the game. Who knows what may lie further down the line but for sure, until release and then some it will be PC all the way.

    Not that I am a PC Elitiest or anything, what I like about the way they are developing the game is that it is for ONE system only. This takes away the requirement for huge outgoings for each team that develops the game for each system, comparison issues and what not, its just a PC game and that's that.

    I also backed Elite Kickstarter and I think (but don't quote me on that) its the same, a PC only game.

    I think there should be more System exclusives, let the devs focus on making the best game possible. Should I miss out if I don't have that system, maybe but some things in life are just like that.
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  • romelpotter 25/06/2013

    Great Game

    /strokes gold card
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  • After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

  • romelpotter 20/06/2013

    @KnickKnack No, I do not. I am sorry but I don't get your comment? My point is that everyone in business manages their bottom line, why should software devs be any different? You buy a house, you sell that house and pay off your mortgage so that you buy another mortgage to buy a new house (but always new build). Thats the way it works, its called industry. Now can you imagine if the devlopers suddenly demanded a cut of the cake when you sell your house? There is a high percentage chance that you would not be able to pay off your mortgage, not be able to buy a new house and you would be homeless. The entire industry would fall down.

    Its a bit random I know but you see how the second hand market supports the sale of new stuff. Its the same for many, many industries.
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  • romelpotter 20/06/2013

    Whats with Cliffy B?? What a TIT!!

    Look inwards Good Sir, you will see the problem.

    As a consumer, I buy the right to own your product, I therefore own the right to sell onwards if I so choose.

    Can you imagine the housing market if property developers wanted a little piece of the pie for every sale for ever more?

    No, cos it wouldn't happen. What you need to understand Cliffy Baby, is that you need to build your business model around the price you get for one sale. Thats your bottom line and you manage your outgoings on that basis. Thats what everyone else does, why the fuck are Software Devs any different?

    The online model, well I can see why thats different because of the ongoing admin costs, and that should be rolled into the package that goes to Market...Oh look, the subscription model!!! Its fucked right? RIGHT?....

    Stop telling us what you want us to hear and get on with the business of streamlining your business so that you can manage your own budgets without fucking crying and moaning and interfering with other peoples day.

    Fuck Off!
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • romelpotter 20/06/2013

    @Syrette M$ reflects my own opinion on Microsoft and nothing else. It does not affect my credibility because I was posting my opinion and not anything factual. Therein lies the difference my friend.

    However you have posted a statement of assumed fact and failed to link any factual reports or evidence to collaborate what you have stated. Now you maybe right, or wrong but without any real evidence, then your expectation that I will simply accept your information as fact is misguided but it is these things that affect one's credibility, not any so much a simple, well used "tong in cheek" rephrasing of a brand. Oh and if your going to quote, then its best to quote accurately and not add in your own take on what I actually wrote in my post.

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  • romelpotter 19/06/2013

    Well done M$, your chasing the doller again rather than sticking to your values and ideals.

    Ha, not that I really give a fuck, but consider this.

    Release is in November 2013, IF its to be shipped on schedule, that's 5 months from now.

    Given the reaction to their Second Hand Game policy, the subsequent attempts to clarify their status on Disk lending and what not, and their transmogrificational (yes new word but hey, you know what I mean) U turn and now this! How on earth are they, or even can they (?) say that given their release and launch of the 360, that they will be able to ship a fully operational and functional machine????

    Thanks but no thanks but hey, welcome to the party.
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