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  • LEGO Universe

  • rogueleader360 08/10/2010

    MP stands for Mana/Magic Points, aka power/action points :)

    I hope this game is a success... there is just something 'cool' about lego no matter what age we are. Personally I loved the Robin Hood/Medievil sets the most so, if i l get the chance to play this, will most likely run around with a bow and a little brown feathered cap :D
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  • Online Wii and DSi shops refreshed

  • rogueleader360 02/07/2010

    Extreme Hangman.... I cant decide whether to /facepalm or /giggle

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  • City of Heroes' Going Rogue dated

  • rogueleader360 23/06/2010

    Holy moral choices, Batman! Reply +1
  • Harmonix doing Natal dance game?

  • rogueleader360 04/06/2010

    nice subtitle :) Reply +3
  • Star Wars kit for Avatar Marketplace

  • rogueleader360 19/05/2010

    where's my gold bikini?

    damn you lucas! ;-)

    edit: yeah i know these are for the 30th anniversary of ESB ;-)
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  • Retrospective: Max Payne

  • rogueleader360 09/05/2010

    "For reasons unknown, Payne could enter a slow-motion world like a hand enters an oven glove. It doesn't stay forever, but it can handle a lot more heat when it's there."

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  • Kotick comments on Infinity Ward firings

  • rogueleader360 06/05/2010

    cant help but think of the 'friend' scene from the inbetweeners ;-)
    *be warned - contains colourful language*
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  • AoC: Rise of the Godslayer

  • rogueleader360 06/05/2010

    looks quite tasty :) Reply 0
  • Birth of a Spartan in Halo: Reach

  • rogueleader360 28/04/2010

    nice :D Reply 0
  • Bomb Jack

  • rogueleader360 29/10/2007

    When i was but a young un this was the only arcade cabinet in my small town... oh the joy it gave me and my best mate whilst we had to wait for our sisters to finish ballet class on saturday mornings :-)

    Was an awesome game then and I dont think its one which would suffer from the xbox live arcade kiss of death
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  • Tabula Rasa gets delayed

  • rogueleader360 03/10/2007

    I hoped TR would be my sci-fi alternative to LOTRO and give me thance to log in and shoot some aliens when wargs arent doing it for me... but, after playing the early access pack it just hasn't captured my imagination at all.

    It all seems very generic- the world, the character creation, the ui just dont have any personality and the controls dont seem quite right.

    I do love the little innovative ways u can access your various menu's though.

    I also agree with the above posters in how this would work well on a '360 or PS3. I think i'll still give it a month or 2 after full launch hoping that my initial feelings are wrong.
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  • New Halo 3 disc errors?

  • rogueleader360 28/09/2007

    I was originally disappointed with how Halo 3 was going to look after i played the Beta. Then I found out what I kinda presumed - that it is build upon the Halo 2 engine. I really feared that the game I've looked forward to so much since THAT E3 announcement trailer was going to be a huge disappointment... that it wasnt going to live up to "this is our Return of the King"

    Then I played the game... fearing that it would not live up to what i was hoping, or the hype that surrounded it... fearing that all the people posting on these forum would be correct...

    After about 15 seconds of running through the jungle I forgot all about the CRAP that has surrounded the game and my fears.... I enjoyed the game from that second all the way through to the fading of the end cinematic... 8 hours later. I dont think that even happened with any of my favourite games.

    Yes, clearly its no GoW or Bioshock in terms of gfx.. but so what? Its Halo! It looks like Halo, feels like Halo.... it feels right- which is what it should do.

    We all game for 'fun' and entertainment. I think some people forget that and get too involved.
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  • Halo 3 disc problem reports

  • rogueleader360 26/09/2007

    I recieved 2 copies of the LE pack this morning (one for me and the other for my flat mate).

    All disks were loose and rattling around the cases when they arrived. I've opened both boxes to inspect - all have scratches but they dont seem that bad and hopefully will still run the game.

    It such a shame that the launch of this game, which will be the biggest selling 'media release' ever, has been ruined by this poblem.

    I guess shit happens though and hopefully this incident will allow all software distributors to learn that these cases arent the way forward.

    time to finish the fight me thinks! :-)
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