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  • The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

  • oneshotgame 26/11/2008

    i do like 200.000 nice and mature people way more than a million of egomaniacs only able to write ROFLORZ every 5 seconds. i was given a more than warm welcome - about half of my gear i got by higher level players for free! Reply 0
  • oneshotgame 26/11/2008

    i started lotro about one and a half week ago and i can tell you that much. i took a day off yesterday - not to play but to recover from a night of orc slaughtering. :)

    being busy with a 12 hours/day job i can recommend lotro too. the people there are more than willing to help anyone finding his/her way into the game. even with level 50+. it's just plain fun to BE in middle earth as it feels like world. other than wow. that feels like a huge creepzone. it just is something for the more casual gamer too. but i am sure the hardcore raiders are happy there too.

    sorry for being not to familiar with mmorpg tongue. :)
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  • FES edition of Persona 3 in October

  • oneshotgame 21/07/2008

    woohooo!!!! Reply 0
  • Tabula Rasa

  • oneshotgame 16/05/2008

    this is dumb. i am looking for a good MMORPG and I can't find one that suits me. TR sounded cool... Reply 0
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

  • oneshotgame 26/02/2008

    well, that sounds great. but, does it tell a story, too?! Reply 0
  • A History of Abuse

  • oneshotgame 13/12/2007

    dirigiblebill, I don't want to be the smartass - My first post was smart-aleck enough. So please don't push me to do. Futhermore, I am specialised in german postwar-history. I can tell you that much: It was neither the land of the free all alone nor was it DDay alone that broke the "reich"'s neck. as some pointed out there was the eastern front, too. overstretched fronts, lack of manpower in relation to the whole continent, a.s.o

    I just despise monocausal arguments like "oh it was our great nation that saved europe's ass - twice!" and, as a student, i would never claim to be right at all cost.

    no offense intended. main message was: read scientific books, not wikipedia. otherwise: stop arguing. in germany we have an expression for such spat: "stammtischgespräch" - which means (verbally translated): regular's table gossip. :)
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  • oneshotgame 13/12/2007

    I happen to be a historian. a german one to be exact. and I seldom read so much misinformed pseudohistoric poo as in this thread. the only guy who seems to have a bit of scholarly knowledge is katsumoto.

    I will not comment any of these postings nor the side blows on germany. I just BEG you to read a book before you go on posting. most preferably two.

    EDIT 1: sorry for arrogance and bad english, but some postings here justify their own "a histroy of abuse" article.
    EDIT 2: wikipedia is NOT a book.
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  • Speedball 2 - Tournament

  • oneshotgame 11/12/2007

    what about this GOLD area? do I have to pay to have a decent multiplayer experience? I won't subscribe to anything, so this can be a deal-breaker for me. Reply 0
  • Shadow Hearts: From The New World

  • oneshotgame 07/05/2007

    if we assume:

    1) the story and the battle ring is the meat of the SH series

    2) FTNW does not offer the mature storyline, the creepy "horror" and the unique combination of seriousness and ridiculousness (as it focuses on ridiculous) that other episodes did.

    then we deduce:

    3) FTNW is storywise not a good SH game at all.

    even if you take koudelka into account. it may share some things - as the weird cast (only seen in covenant), the battle system (what is a characteristic but not the only definiens - as showed 1) - and the alternate history. but it lacks other things that made SH so unique.

    so, 4) how can anybody recommend THIS to the TRUE fans of the series?

    i won't buy this. i really really loved part 1 and 2. i really cared for yuri's quest and i enjoyed the kinda fresh battle system. but the - even compared to covenant - weirder cast and the shallow story make me safe money.

    am i wrong?
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

  • oneshotgame 06/11/2006

    woot, enjoying it majorly. this game brought me back to RTS. a field of gaming i left when TFT made Warcraft 3 a huge pile of luck and WORK. Reply 0
  • Defcon

  • oneshotgame 04/10/2006

    well well, after the tutorial missions and a couple of online matches i am not certain whether i got the point of the game. seems to me as if you don't have that many strategic options, seems pretty flat and kind of boring. when it comes down to strategy, hearts of iron 2 is my cup of tea, when it comes down to multiplayer online strategy, then warcraft 3, but what the heck is this? it doesnt have the amount of action as WC3 (in fact it has no action at all) and it lacks the depth of a real strategy game as HOI (in fact, it has no tactical depth at all), so can anybody answer me this little question:

    what's the point? why are you all so excited?

    let me have a guess: it's the nukes.
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  • Challenging everything

  • oneshotgame 17/07/2006


    'thinking strategically'

    lecture by jeff brown
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  • Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

  • oneshotgame 13/07/2006

    ilmaestro wrote: /high-fives his in-the-manual buddies.

    me too!
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  • It Really Is All Over

  • oneshotgame 04/07/2006

    and so i stopped dancing a few minutes ago.... Reply 0
  • oneshotgame 04/07/2006

    "Of the 14 that qualified, only four European teams remain: Germany, Portugal, Italy and France. And they're probably not reading this; they're too busy dancing in the streets"

    there i am, always got a minute for you EG!

    i will start dancing at 21:00 local time :D
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  • The King Of Fighters Neowave

  • oneshotgame 29/05/2006

    hey, as i have a cute real life girlfriend who already is rendered in high density 3d (including some overwhelming anti-alaising), 2d is my playground. Reply 0
  • oneshotgame 29/05/2006

    @aretak: it was EG itself that prompted me to write a first senseless comment. and you spoiled my moment of victory...

    thing is, for me, street fighter always had the more charming and more likable characters. but KoF has more hotties ;D
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  • oneshotgame 29/05/2006

    first one!

    gogogogo 2d fighting games! i want this for ps2...
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  • Final Fantasy XII

  • oneshotgame 20/04/2006

    i know it's an old argument BUT while it might be a great game, it still has the most horrible character design ever! sorry, but i can't stand these semi-gay main sissie and the metrosexual harrison ford pirate. whenever i see these artworks i am not able to *beep* my girlfriend for two days... so, buying this would spoil my relationship and my bathroom - due to puking... Reply 0