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  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

  • odreamarc 06/07/2007

    Well, at least this review is representative of 10% of something.
    I'm sure you could find 10% of people who find Gears of War graphics ugly. They'd be biased of course, but it seems nothing can get unanimity.
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  • odreamarc 04/07/2007

    It seems EDGE just gave a 9 to RE4 wii in their august issue. Seems like they loved it as much as I do.

    AFAIC, RE4 is to controls what Gears of wars is to graphics: a new benchmark.

    RE4 on wii demonstrates better than any other game how the wiimote can refine the gaming experience. It's flawless, much more precise than a traditional pad and much more immersive than a mouse/keyboard. The game is old, but it doesn't feel so: the pleasure is still there, if not more than the 1st time. One of the best game ever just got even better.

    Hats off Capcom: some will only see there a port to make quick cash, but most people will now understand why the wiimote can benefit games like no other input device on the market.
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