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  • GAME to open concessions in WHSmith

  • niteninja 12/11/2016

    @GeminiLXIII Opcapita investors cant lose no matter what happens to game. Reply 0
  • niteninja 12/11/2016

    None of you understand whats going on, opcapita is an investment firm that owns game they are shady as fuck.
    Previously they owned mfi and comet both of which they ran into the ground, heres how they work buy a company that is in administration for pennys on the pound take out a massive insurance deal that pays out on bankruptcy by sending administrators in.
    They profit on companys during good sales then when it goes south they let these companys slide into administration all the staff get layed off and the opcapita investors cash in on the insurance and make millions from it then buy another failing company for pennys on the pound and take out another insurance deal.
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  • Valve is developing another Vive controller

  • niteninja 13/10/2016

    psvr has by far and away the best games and thats still to expensive. Reply +3
  • niteninja 13/10/2016

    @glasgo Reply 0
  • niteninja 13/10/2016

    Panic mode setting in already vive and rift sales have flat lined so they got to try new gimmicks, oculus expecting people to pay 200 quid for controllers is delusional and as out of touch as it gets. Wait for the headset market to crash sometime in 2017 and you might be able to buy this stuff for a hundred quid.
    VR biggest problem is that people have already moved on to the next big thing 4k gaming which is more affordable far more exciting and doesnt require a billion cables.
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  • Xbox console sales down as Xbox One S and Scorpio loom

  • niteninja 20/07/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Yeah they did but they also funded last of us,until dawn,bloodborne.detroit become human,horizon and last guardian theres no doubt that sony take way more risks in their first party games. Reply +10
  • niteninja 20/07/2016

    The xbox division is a shell of what it used to be remember the 360 era when they had hardcore gamers in charge like jay allard that was microsoft on fire building xbox live into a major force securing exclusives building ip like gears of war.
    Today the company is a total mess sinking billions into kinect which nobody wanted losing the cod brand to playstation because activation wasn't happy with one sales, Phil Spensor took over a sinking ship and a damaged brand that lost millions of 360 owners to playstation.
    Sony progressed its first party developers to be the best in the world microsoft ran out of ideas and churned endless forza and halo sequels out.
    Honestly don't see how scorpio will change anything when its release is 12 months after neo.
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  • Epic boss is thrilled at the prospect of PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio

  • niteninja 07/07/2016

    I just don't see how scorpio will help microsoft anyway, microsoft are losing in every region and outside of america and the uk the xbox brand is dead in the water everywhere else in the world, the playstation brand has worldwide appeal and insane amounts of momentum and I just don't see scorpio changing anything at all.
    PC gaming isn't as big as people think it theres very few pc exclusives these days that are nose bleed cutting edge like star citizen.
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  • niteninja 07/07/2016

    You got 40 million ps4s sold and 20 million xbox ones, so microsoft and sony have to find a way to get people to upgrade while at the same time reassuring people who can't afford to upgrade that the old consoles are still being supported.
    Console players are not pc gamers who are used to shelling out hundreds of pounds every few years and I can see both neo and scorpio crashing hard.
    Its simply not going to work without major backlash from people who have the old consoles.
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  • niteninja 07/07/2016

    A lot of developers Ive spoken to don't want new consoles, the publishers are like yay more power while a lot of developers are pissed off about it.
    Development costs are going to increase, optimising games to run on base consoles while pushing more polygons on higher spec machines is going to cause many headaches for game makers and its going to fracture the user base of console players between high end and low end its a complete mess.
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  • Microsoft shifts one million of those 129 Xbox One Elite controllers

  • niteninja 29/06/2016

    It is a great controller but you got to love microsofts p.r bullshit, they changed sold to shipped on everything to hide the fact that the xbox one has been a flop elite controllers sales are probably around half that. Reply -17
  • Oculus founder Palmer Luckey: "We don't make money on the Rift"

  • niteninja 08/01/2016

    All this VR stuff reminds me of when HDTVs first hit the market back in 2005 ish, I paid 1300 quid for a 720p pioneer plasma today you can pick up 4k tvs for 800 ish.
    Point is new gear high price gets a lot cheaper over time.
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • niteninja 23/12/2015

    The biggest mistake game ever made was killing gamestation off.
    Gamestation had a massive customer base, sure it was chavvy and they made no secret about it hell even the posters for gamestation were like graffiti art but it worked and the staff were encouraged to be mates with customers.
    Then game came along and started to man in the suit everything and corporate took over they expected the customer base that gamestation had to stick around and they didn't.
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  • niteninja 23/12/2015

    @riceNpea not going to lie did stink of shit, but it didn't stop hundreds of people turning out for game station midnight launches and instore tourneys that they used to have.
    People used to really like shopping at game station.
    They ran those shops really casually and customers loved it.
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  • niteninja 23/12/2015

    Operating a business on the high street is not that hard, you need a forward thinking boss,a youth club atmosphere like game station used to have, instore demos and to treat your customers like your best mates.

    Thats all it takes.
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  • niteninja 23/12/2015

    The truth is simple, pressure selling on customers for warrantys on the high street doesn't work in 2015 yet they still push it hard.
    Plus terrible customer service I mean look at this.

    To top that off they overcharge for everything.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X review

  • niteninja 18/03/2015

    The thing I don't get about pc gaming is this, sure frame rates,resolution and textures are better than consoles, but how many TRUE nose bleed pc games are there out there these days.
    That titan card you spend 1k on has how many games that really show what it can do, maybe Witcher 3 this year and Star citizen next year, considering that half the games released on steam these days look like mega drive games I really don't see the point at all.
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  • Sony's E3 conference

  • niteninja 10/06/2014

    Sony going to have two big warner brother titles at presser batman arkham and mortal kombat then. Reply 0
  • niteninja 10/06/2014

    Somebody just tweeted ed boon asking if we will see mortal kombat tomorrow he replied you will see it a lot sooner than that. Reply 0
  • Microsoft prepping an EA partnership announcement for its next Xbox event - report

  • niteninja 27/02/2013

    People who think this is only dlc are going to be jaws on the floor shocked come e3, sony are working on similar stuff with other publishers.
    Ive also heard from someone who got busted with a durango dev kit that ms have also secured fallout 4 exclusive from bethesda.
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  • niteninja 27/02/2013

    Remember what arthur gies said on polygon, people are going to be shocked by how many exclusive games there are on each console.
    Getting exclusive dlc was this gen, getting exclusive games is next gen.
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  • niteninja 27/02/2013

    This could be utterly massive, respawns new game, new mass effect and dragon age 3 all durango exclusive.
    From what im hearing its a lot more important than just dlc.
    This is a deal for exclusive ea published games including unrevealed crytek games.
    MS has at least 10 first party games in development for durango most of them are new ip.
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  • Next-gen Xbox specs leak

  • niteninja 22/01/2013

    Looking at that VGleaks diagram again, I think they fucked up some f the custom hardware stuff. Specifically, there's a hardware block that they don't describe, pertaining to... well. I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

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  • niteninja 22/01/2013

    I'm just looking at the block diagram and how much silicon Microsoft is dedicating to that and the memory movers (and the audio DSP), all of which is custom to the system and expensive, and wondering why that, instead of more space dedicated to more GPU resources. They're telling developers it brings a number of advantages and frees them up to do "things," which I don't understand in an appreciable way. They spend a lot of time in their documentation talking about them.

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  • niteninja 22/01/2013

    Let me see if this helps. For Durango:

    Rendering into ESRAM: Yes.
    Rendering into DRAM: Yes.
    Texturing from ESRAM: Yes.
    Texturing from DRAM: Yes.
    Resolving into ESRAM: Yes.
    Resolving into DRAM: Yes.

    For the 360, that would be yes, no, no, yes, no, yes.
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  • niteninja 22/01/2013

    I believe these are accurate, though, again, the extra hardware they don't explain will play a major part in what Durango does. I've also heard from reliable sources that the GPU CUs are super-efficient, with an aim for almost 100 percent usage at all times. The 360 hit around 60 percent, I understand. Like I've said previously, context is going to be really important for both systems.

    source 1

    The entire setup reeks of some kind of new tile based/deferred rendering approach along the lines of what makes the PowerVR GPUs so very efficient.

    It would also be very scalable (integrated into a PC GPU card, it would basically push crossfire scaling to 100% and solve any micro stuttering issues). It would be the end of huge monolithic GPU chips as we know them.

    source 2

    Right now were talking...a new approach that throws out traditional pc comparison measurements in pure flops/mm2..etc...really interested in this...

    source 3.
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  • Trends of 2013: The last console generation

  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    @bad09 we will find out at e3. Reply 0
  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    ms first tease of next gen xbox released.!
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  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    might not be official but it fits in with people ive spoken to over the last six months.
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  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    The games will be on some kind of ssdd card, if those things are going to be sold at retail or if its just the one that comes bundled with the console is not known.
    Either way you have to swipe it to unlock and download the game.
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  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    all the info points towards digital according to my source (no names) the new xbox will include kinect 2 built into the console.
    What happens is you will buy your game over live and swipe a digital card on the kinect to verify your purchase, you then have the option to download or stream the game or both at the same time.
    The card is like a key and the kinect is the lock.
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  • niteninja 09/01/2013

    I've been saying it for ages, next gen consoles will be download only machines with streaming and cloud based tech at the forefront.
    you cannot stop the march to digital only, boxed games are from the dinosaur era.
    The 3ds failed because Nintendo misjudged how relevant 3d was going to be, the vita failed because Sony are stupid retards that priced it to high and did not learn from the psp memory card era, the wiiu is an overpriced 360 with a crappy iPad ripoff controller.
    Next gen will be very powerful consoles that download games straight to the consoles that's a fact.
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  • HMV pins hope on FIFA 13 and Skylanders as it battles through winter

  • niteninja 14/12/2012

    Ive seen people walk into hmv listen to an album on the pods,scan the cds barcode into their iphone apps price checker and buy it on the spot from itunes where its 70% cheaper.
    hmv have become a demo shop.
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  • niteninja 14/12/2012

    HMV is a t-rex in the digital age,they overprice everything I used to pay 25 quid for vinyl back in the day.
    You see apple sliced their music business apart with iTunes and amazon outpriced them on games and dvds.
    They stocked millions of cds in the early 2000s just as digital started to take over way way behind the times.
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  • Could The Phantom Pain be the new Metal Gear Solid?

  • niteninja 08/12/2012

    Im calling it now from fox two phantoms were born.

    Firstly kojima has never used roman numerals in his games so for me this isn't metal gear solid 5.
    This is metal gear solid vita!!!!!.
    MGS ground zeros is the next gen game that will be on xbox 720 and ps4.
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  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • niteninja 29/02/2012

    I see a lot of hate for game on here and its 100% justified,I work for gamestation and have watched game fuck us up left right and centre.
    Its an embarrassment to have to tell customers who preordered that this train wreck has happened.
    My apologies go to anyone who we fucked over.
    Our jobs are screwed,head office wont talk to us,our area manager has vanished,customer services wont answer the phone.
    Customer confidence is shot to pieces if theres any investors out there help us.
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  • Mass Effect 3 live action trailer debuts

  • niteninja 27/02/2012

    The rumours are the me movie will go into production in the summer and sam worthington is in talks to play shepard. Reply 0
  • GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

  • niteninja 22/02/2012

    The biggest pile of damage control bullshit ive ever heard.
    Stores are not getting stock of new games,high ups are walking out of the company,publishers are losing confidence in game and gamestation,nobody answers the phone at customer service and IT.
    we cant price match with grainger anymore the company can not spin the fact that it has pissed market share away to its rivals.
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  • Who Killed Rare?

  • niteninja 08/02/2012

    Think what happened was a lot of the talented people who rare had were poached by other studios.
    Bioware,sony,ea,eidos all have former rare employers on their books now.
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  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • niteninja 06/02/2012

    If this turns out to be true then you can count me out of gaming in the future.
    Still it will give the pirates and hackers all the motivation in the world to find a way around this and they will eventually.
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  • Game Group's share price nose dives

  • niteninja 23/11/2011

    The competition has stepped up the price war.
    Grainger games has a strategy to open as many shops next to a gamestation or game as it possibly can.
    Add to the fact that the supermarkets are stocking more games than they ever had before, it becomes clear that game is being left behind by the opposition.
    For example gamestation were doing new 360 250 gig with fifa or cod for 199.99
    grainger were doing the same deal for 169.99 with 30 pound in store vouchers.
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  • The first Syndicate screenshots

  • niteninja 13/09/2011

    Wow disappointing, imagine what this could have been as a cutting edge rts.It would be like turning the brilliant total war games into a crappy hack and slash. Reply 0
  • Dead Island

  • niteninja 05/09/2011

    I promise you this is a boomerang game, you will buy it play it for an hour and take it back to swap it for warhammer. Reply -5
  • niteninja 05/09/2011

    I got to play this today and 6 out of 10 is really kind, its trash imagine a cross between farcry2 and an old pc game called kingpin with zombies.
    Both of those games were miles better than this rubbish get warhammer 40k instead.
    To even compare this to fallout3 and oblivion is an insult.
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  • Limited ed. Modern Warfare 3 360 coming

  • niteninja 03/09/2011

    conspiracys and corporate capitalism are very closely linked. Reply 0
  • niteninja 02/09/2011

    m$ board meeting:shit sonys kicking our arses with exclusive games what the hell do we do?
    boss man:milk the fucking shit out of the brand I want a gears3 xbox a codmw3 xbox a fucking starwars xbox a forza xbox.
    Fuck I want a themed xbox for every fucking game we release.
    Madcatz and turtlebeach in the corner:(throws hands up) we want some of that brand shit to.
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  • Modern Warfare 3

  • niteninja 02/09/2011

    Looks fucking shite,the animations havent changed since cod4 its the same crusty old game repackaged for 40 quid.
    Battlefield3 is going to destroy this piece of recycled garbage.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Pay Up or Shut Up

  • niteninja 13/08/2011

    Best thing to do in this day and age is dont buy games at launch,wait a few weeks and they usually drop to 25 quid.Seen that happen loads of time this year.Also dont trade your games in sell them privately you get a much better return.This whole article is bullshit, games would sell lots more copys at an rrp of 30 pounds.The supermarkets understand this you will see cod mw3 and fifa12 for 25 quid at tescos. Reply +8
  • Xbox creator: games have defeated Apple

  • niteninja 03/08/2011

    The next gen consoles what ever they may be will be far more than just games machines that is what I think apple are waiting for.
    Future consoles will be everything rolled into one.
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  • niteninja 02/08/2011

    It is only a matter of time before apple releases a super console its going to happen.
    Devs would jump at the chance to make big budjet and indie games for apple, they already have the connections in the movie and music industry to create an xbox live killer.
    Apple will at some point in the future make a games console its a fact.
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