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  • Section 8

  • n3utr0n 08/09/2009

    Geminosity: in that case you should trade your flamethrower for a spy knife ;) Reply +1
  • E3: Project Natal - Milo demo

  • n3utr0n 02/06/2009

    This would've been very interesting if Molyneux could just shut the fuck up and let me watch it without the video cutting to his condescending bullshit every 10 seconds. Reply 0
  • BioShock 2 Multiplayer

  • n3utr0n 29/05/2009

    "That's like saying, 'If you approach Braid like a platformer, you're really not getting it at all'."

    Uh if you do approach Braid like a platformer, you really aren't getting it at all.
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • n3utr0n 24/10/2008

    "Oh no...not this 'story' crap again. When will developers learn that people do not play MMO's for the story, they play it for the community. Honestly, can anyone say they played WoW for its story? They need to concentrate on features that will support the player community and accessability to all players."

    Nail on the head. What the hell is the point of creating a massive world with thousands of players together if you're just gonna make them grind their own separate quest lines? Why is it that every single MMO developer completely ignores Eve Online? Personally it was not my cup of tea but it was still light years ahead of everything else in actually "getting" how an MMO should be.
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  • BioShock

  • n3utr0n 17/10/2008

    I thought Rand's Objectivism espoused moral absolutism rather than "brilliance unfettered by morality". Wasn't it one of the problems with her philosophy as the idea of absolute truths, in this case absolute right and wrong, runs contrary to objectivisms embrace of rationalism?

    Haven't read the rest of the comments so sorry if I'm repeating someone else
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  • Alone in the Dark: Inferno

  • n3utr0n 09/10/2008

    Dunno how you guys can talk about horror in games without mentioning System Shock 2 and the first AvP. They were by far the scariest games I've ever played. The horror came from the atmosphere of terror and helplessness they put you in and never relied on cheap scripted sequences like that Condemned example or silly fixed cameras and fumbly controls. Whether the designer knows what you're doing (and fixed cameras or not) is irrelevant as he shouldn't be relying on that to scare you, he's not making a film here you can only get jumped by a boo moment so much before you stop giving a crap (see FEAR). Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Cliff Bleszinski on Gears of War 2

  • n3utr0n 30/09/2008

    Unreal > Qwaek

    That is all. ;)
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  • Jack Thompson kicked out of the law

  • n3utr0n 28/09/2008

    Yay the admins finally banned him for griefing! Reply 0
  • Maddie ref. an "unfortunate coincidence"

  • n3utr0n 28/09/2008

    I couldn't give a shit about the Maddie thing or Bungie and Microsoft but this just reeks of cynical marketing attempting to channel some controversy. What would you expect Bungie to say? "Yes that was a reference to that kidnapped kid, hi Daily Mail"? It doesn't matter what, if anything, it's a reference to. People are talking, sites like this are asking for comments, its job is done. Bungie and MS will just deny everything, everyone forgets about it, attention has been drawn to the game, win!

    That, or the PR people are completely out of touch with things.

    Either way I'm not impressed.
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  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

  • n3utr0n 24/09/2008

    Another one to rent then. Somehow enjoyed The Force Unleashed a lot more knowing I didn't blow 60 quid on it. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: World at War

  • n3utr0n 21/08/2008

    Let's see..

    - More mature = more violent
    - Shitty AI = Crazy fanatical suicidal japanese that NEVER SURRENDERS
    - Stereotyping of japanese as being fanatical and suicidal
    - You get to burn those bloody japs with flame tanks, motolov cocktails and the good ol' flamethrower
    - "unsanitised...no-holds-barred, no mercy attack" on Berlin as the russians, promising "an ugly, violent, grown-up depiction of what it was actually like." So is the "rape the locals" ability mapped to a specific button or is it context sensitive?

    Number of german soldiers that've meekly surrendered in previous Call of Duty games: 0
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  • Fallout 3

  • n3utr0n 25/07/2008

    "Conversation and bartering are two aspects of the game that we regretfully don't get anywhere near experiencing at E3, but given Bethesda's record and Fallout's history, we'd expect them to have some serious depth and reward"

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  • Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

  • n3utr0n 09/06/2008

    Needs more russian front or alternative perspective games, getting sick of playing as the Americans in Europe all the time. Reply 0
  • TGS: Bioshock - Gameplay

  • n3utr0n 23/09/2006

    I dunno where you guys are getting the Deus Ex, Metroid Prime and hell even Doom II (wtf? Ok I mean fair enough the player has a gun and sometimes uses it to kill stuff) resemblances from. Reminds me more of System Shock 2, which is not surprising considering it's a spiritual sequel and all... Can't wait for this. Reply 0