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  • Steam's summer sale puffs into life

  • mendo 25/06/2010

    And don't forget the Monkey Island offer: preorder the special edition of the second game for 9,99 € and receive the first one for free! That's two awesome games for 10 euros! :) Reply +4
  • Games of 2009: Flight Control

  • mendo 31/12/2009

    I love it but still thinks that Harbor Master is better. In the boat game the maps are very different and also the gameplay: in one there's a monster, in another a pirate ship and in my favorite, boats can have both orange and violet cargo so you must bock them two times. It's great! If you loved Flight Control, you'll love Harbor Master :) Reply 0
  • MS will block NXE preview blaggers

  • mendo 30/10/2008

    I'm in :)
    Really looking forward stopping that noisy turbo DVD player :P
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  • Houser talks up GTA IV episodes

  • mendo 13/03/2008

    I don't know, IMO PS3 won't have any real DLC because that's what MS paid for. Maybe there'll be new cars, weapons or skins but nothing substantial!

    Anyway that's it for me: I'm gonna buy it on X360 and not on PS3. I kinda like the idea of these new adventures:)
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  • Sony details PlayStation Store updates

  • mendo 03/03/2008

    Still no trace of Super Puzzle Fighter II turbo HD. Which is out in the American PSN since... don't know, last June?
    Funny fact too: the game you can buy in the US PSN has English, Italian, German and French menus so it's clearly an European version!

    Too bad for you SCEE: I bought it last Saturday and SCEA got my money. :P
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  • Acti wants RB compensation

  • mendo 20/12/2007

    I agree with Activision: let's face it, almost everyone has now a Guitar Hero guitar but who has (in the USA of course) the Rock Band one?
    Why a publisher should allow its hardware to work on a direct competitor software? It's plain stupid: you're helping another publisher in selling more copies of their game. A game that does exactly what your does. And you're also giving away the huge competitor advantage that you have: millions of compatible guitars already in millions of houses.
    No way I would give away for free such critical advantage (to be honest, I wouldn't give it away at all. They would have to give me a LOT of money, because you'll have to compensate for future income too).
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  • US Uncharted demo locked

  • mendo 09/11/2007

    You know what's funny? The demo actually has the Italian language (a friend of mine with an american PS3 downloaded it). So it's ready for Europe too, but not availble here.
    Good Job Sony!
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  • SEGA Rally PC demo alive

  • mendo 04/10/2007

    Maybe I'm stupid but... where's the link to the demo? I can't find it ^___^; Reply 0
  • Sony quiet on Heavenly date

  • mendo 30/07/2007

    I'm an Italian journalist and I received last week the Fall line-up by Sony Italy. HS is set for September, the 19th with a RSP of 59,99 so I guess it's kind of official :)

    (I can forward you the file if you want :D)
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  • Blue Dragon sequel planned

  • mendo 21/11/2006

    I'm going to buy the x360 when this game will arrive here. Hope we'll have a deluxe pack similar to the one the Japanese will have, with special plate and action figures Reply 0
  • Sony denies further PS3 delay

  • mendo 13/10/2006

    Delay? no way! PS3 will ship in Q1 2006 as we said at E3!

    What? No March 2006 but november 2006? Ok, PS3 will be out worldwide in November! And no, all the gossip about a possible delay are bogus!
    What? Delay just for Europe? March 2007? Ok, PS3 will be out in Europe in March 2007 and all the gossip on a possible delay to May are bogus.

    C'mon, why shouldn't you trust your friendly and honest Sony? :P
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  • Tenchu Senran

  • mendo 21/09/2006

    Cool! I read the review in 2 seconds. Don't agree with the score though...
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  • God of War 2 for PS2

  • mendo 13/03/2006

    "I want a good reason why this is not coming out on PS3 too. They've just lost a PS3 launch sale..."

    In 2007 there'll be what, 2 milions of PS3 out there? and 100 millions of PS2: now, let's try to guess why it's on PS2... :)
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