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  • Rayman Legends dev "pissed" at Ubisoft for delay after completing Wii U version, blames "men in ties"

  • mclem 08/02/2013

    Surprised - in a good way - in how blunt the tone is from the author of this piece.

    One thing does strike me (perhaps it's something that's already been discussd): a couple of years back, EG ran a report on Microsoft's policy for content approval for multiplatform titles ( ) - one thing saying that Microsoft would not allow late ports on their system. I'm very curious if the delay for Wii U is fundamentally in order to comply with that policy of Microsoft's...
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  • Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure Review

  • mclem 10/04/2012

    @BearFishPie While that might be the case, I'm pretty sure Snowy in Tintin is a bit more of a "Wooah" type of hound. Mind you, that might just be local dialect. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Batman

  • mclem 23/10/2011

    The Caped Crusader was Joker (A Fete Worse Than Death) and *Penguin* (A Bird in the Hand) - no Riddler to be seen.

    And I *would* have pressing things in Arkham City to deal with if my housemate hadn't snaffled the telly for the Rugby World Cup. Soon, though. Very soon...
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  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • mclem 25/03/2011

    Well, I ordered from Amazon back in February, and I've got it sitting right next to me charging at the moment. All's well here.

    For the record, set first class delivery.
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  • Yamauchi wants you to think about death

  • mclem 11/02/2011

    Passage, anyone? Reply +1
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • mclem 19/01/2011

    Allowing for VAT, an EU price (generally cited with VAT included) will always read more expensive than a US one (generally cited without sales tax included) at a cursory glance, they may just want to avoid people making inaccurate comparisons.It's still a pretty bizarre thing to do, though, given everything else was equivalent between the conferences.Ellie: You could casually ask what the wholesale UK price is. Retailers don't set that. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    Well, it took Nintendo, what, seven years to get the right idea, but single friendcode is *huge*. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    @madgerald: If I remember right, Iwata gave one of those guarded "Yeah, that'd be a nice feature, wouldn't it" comments when asked about 3D video. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    It's Shaun. Don't make me send the clay mafia around. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    Ah, that scuppers my plan, I thought the 3DS titles were independent of the DS trilogies.Maybe there's some hope for Phoenix vs. Layton since that *is* independent (er, isn't it?), but that at least comes across as not as far through development as Mask of Miracle. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    "James Noir" just makes me think that he's a distant relative of Vince Noir. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    I believe the DS Layton games after Lost Future are actually prequels (I seem to remember something of them being based around Luke and Layton meeting), in which case, there is actually scope for the 3DS title being released here next. Not that I think it'll happen, but it's not quite an impossibility. Reply 0
  • mclem 19/01/2011

    Region locking does make the decisions very difficult for me. Some sort of reassurance that niche titles will make it to these shores would be encouraging (I'm thinking Atlus in particular). I wonder if there's any scope for - as the PSP has - niche titles to be released on the download store rather than as full retail efforts, with smaller overheads. Reply 0
  • 2K explains BioShock 2 on-disc DLC

  • mclem 16/03/2010

    Can I have a go at the metaphor game?

    I used to have a big problem with this myself, until someone prompted me to think of it like a hotel room with a locked cupboard in it.

    After you've booked your hotel and arrive, you get told that the locked cupboard - not mentioned in any brochure - contains a minibar. You can drink freely from the minibar as much as you like if you wish, but you have to buy a key from reception first. If you do, you can use the minibar as much as you like during your stay or future stays at the hotel.

    Some of you may be affronted by this; it's in your room, and they gave you the shampoo for free, so surely you should have the minibar contents for free? Others may follow that on by being offended, and stating that they shouldn't put the minibar in the room if you're going to charge for it, instead, it's far better to insist that people order room service when they want a drink.
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