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  • The Secret Developers: Wii U - the inside story

  • madeinbeats 11/01/2014

    @chibber23 How did you read it? Obviously, Nintendo developers have no experience developing games to work with Live or PSN..... DUHHH. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 11/01/2014

    @Faramis People know they can get much better hardware if they buy a PC. Think about that and understand how you post falls flat on its face. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 11/01/2014

    This article completely conflicts with everything DF spouted - about the reason why Wii U had rough ports - 12 months ago. DF have less of a clue than the people this expose' is aimed at.

    DF - give it up, you're useless as a respectable authoritative voice on bespoke hardware.
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  • Nintendo announces three new Wii U hardware bundles

  • madeinbeats 11/10/2013

    Everyone saying this is still too much basically must be on the dole and spending all their benefits on cigs and dog food for their Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Peasants. Reply 0
  • Wii U price cut announced

  • madeinbeats 31/08/2013

    HAHA, you two do this in any thread I level you both in. Hold each other in your arms and comfort one another using the exact same posts almost word for word. It's so sad and yet so funny. Dance some more for my entertainment.

    Get a room you high school drop-outs

    Such a thrilling discussion. Reminds me of when I visit my Nan in the old people's home. 'I own a Wii U therefore I am'. Yeah. That's not how real life works children. What a pair of fuck wits.
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  • madeinbeats 30/08/2013

    @ATARI Cats tails? Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 30/08/2013

    @ATARI bottle nose dolphins. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @ATARI Peanuts. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @BonzoBanana For the fifth time, can you and your lover provide me with a single link or quote which proves anything you say, ever?

    Just one direct quote where I've disparaged one user's 'opinion'... not wrong fact, but opinion. Before you off on one of your psycho rants again, do that one thing.

    I've already asked you to do this several times and you always cower away. You conveniently turn a blind eye to any such request and carry on making up fairy-tales as per the voices in your head and your man-love for Digital Floundry face-offs. You're a sociopath. Utter twisted bunny boiler of the highest order.

    I frequent forums? I think you've got that the wrong way round. You and laughing boy are in every Wii U thread going; and only ever - despite what the subject matter is- obsess over GPUs, CPUs, gwaffix, and sales figures. Look at that Zelda deal on UK Deals; your post was straight away about sales numbers. LOL. psychoooooooooooooo.

    You are both, straight up, crazy, obsessive, dense, uneducated, wannabe armchair tech and marketing analyst experts, in complete denial of your barren existances.

    Add me to your ignore lists if you hate being exposed to the facts which you find so devastating - if you pair of fucking bone heads can't even work that out with the IQ between you, then it sort of proves quite a lot.
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  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    Nut jobs have multiple accounts. Nut jobs make up stories and When confronted clam up like a coward. You're too simple to work this out, but if you put me on your ignore list you won't end up getting ass hurt every fucking time you sad, sad, sad little freak. Reply -2
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @ATARI you been showing your webbed gypsy feet off to everyone again. Ohhhhhh, Atari, I've told you before, that isn't bemused, it's bewildered. Reply -2
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @ATARI hahaha, this is amazing entertainment. Reply -2
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @ATARI Opinions and facts. There's a difference. Now direct quote me where I 'bitched' at someone, just once, for having a different opinion that wasn't being presented as a made-up fact, or 'for not enjoying the same things as me' (WTF?) Please go ahead... ... use anyone one of your 5 user accounts. Stop telling tall tales, silly boy. Reply -2
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @grassyknoll Thanks mate. How is your mum these days BTW? Reply -4
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @grassyknoll. Come again? Calling someone a dick when they are said dick is 'total psycho' material? Calm down. It's only video games... in your own words. Maybe you should concentrate your efforts on the habitual post stalkers and fantasists who fantasise about punching you in the head and drawing blood... you might stand a better chance of saving the world that way! Jesus Christ. Reply -4
  • madeinbeats 29/08/2013

    @ATARI Sounds to me you want to tally up the number of posts you make and the number of WiiU threads you haunt like a jilted ex lover, posting made up psychotic fantasy material and obsessive doom mongering.... and we will quickly find out which weirdos they are talking about in that video. The very, very same special gimp who has a handful of acounts so he can vote up his own posts and vote down others multiple times.

    The same weirdos who suggest meeting in real life I guess. Tell me which gypsy caravan site you live on then so you can punch me in the ear. It will be worth it just to see the place where you were home schooled and managed to turn into such a thick bastard! You are one weird little gremlin.
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  • madeinbeats 28/08/2013

    @JohnnyWashnGo "Wouldn't you like multi touch on the wiiu? Lots of people would. Even some devs would. The only reason the wiiu doesn't have it is because Nintendo are cheap."

    Wrong. Multi-touch being a solution to the lack of physical buttons on mobile devices, and Wii U GamePad having 13 physical inputs on hand in which to register interaction... probably has MUCH more to do with it. Resistive being much more accurate for stylus tasks - like drawing - being another major reason.
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  • madeinbeats 28/08/2013

    @BonzoBanana I can pull quotes, and have done, from certified wii u developers and Chipworks who X-Rayed the Wii U GPU/CPU which condemns everthing you said in your post as complete bollox.

    Post me links to official sources which back up the voices in your head, or STFU.
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  • madeinbeats 28/08/2013


    "There really is very little to the wii u."


    "It's an uber cheap design that only really competes with the existing 360 and PS3 models in performance terms"


    "and doesn't have their huge libraries of games."


    Fully BC with Wii library. PS4 and Xone to launch with 600+ games and fully BC with PS3 and 360 library (not).

    People actually pressed +1 on this wanker's post? W... T... F...?
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  • Face-Off: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

  • madeinbeats 30/08/2013

    @ATARI Please go to that thread and quote me where I said it would use PC geometry lol. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 30/08/2013

    AC III is built on AnvilNext engine and IV is built on the same. So you shouldn't bank on seeing much if any improvement for AC IV Wii U if Ubisoft are about to drop this engine in favour of their new Disrupt engine.

    Although, AC III was one of the best Wii U launch ports and it may again build on the improvements seen in Blacklist with AnvilNext being a better engine (on recent performance) than SC's UE2.5 and much more modern (UE2.5 = 2002 - AN = 2007)

    Watch_Dogs is built on the new gen Disrupt engine. PC>PS4>Xone>WiiU are all in one development group. PS3 and X360 are for this game in a completely seperate development group for the first time.

    Facts > logic > cause > effect.
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  • madeinbeats 28/08/2013

    @metroid455 on an engine built for those machines, development focused on those machines, 8 years experience developing for those machines, and Wii U pulls off the only console version with no zero screen tearing and the only true HD version on 5 months development time. If you seriously think this is a measure of the Wii U hardware ... even more so when you can freely view videos of W101, Beyonetta 2, X and MK8... then you truely are a nutter. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 28/08/2013

    @mikedenune @theizzzee - intelligent levelheaded comments are so foreign to my eyes in WiiU threads on this website that the quick succession of both your posts actually blinded me! Thank you to the strange man at the bus stop who is writing this for me and will be escorting me to the hospital. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 27/08/2013

    @BonzoBanana There was no need for yet another wall of agonising guff - of which I didn't read one word of this time - all you had to type was something like:

    'oh yes, that's some good info, thanks for bringing this to my attention, this changes my perviously dire and absolutely wrong belief of said situation. Yes, I am a thick-headed buffoon; I am that gimmpy tosser in school who would argue black was white and construct various obnoxious fantasy scenarios where I am always right, no matter what! I do this just to get me some attention and add meaning to my being. Thank you very much for taking the time to soothe my personality flaws, most people usually walk away from me after about 20 seconds.'

    Something along those lines.
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  • madeinbeats 27/08/2013

    @BonzoBanana "As for Watchdogs on wii u, I think anyone who is believing it will somehow show the wii u to be more powerful than current gen has lost the plot."

    Based on ... ... ? ... ... the voices in your head by any chance?

    "The team is developing it on high end pc's and next gen, after that other teams are looking how they can make it fit for the older generation. So the first approach is to see how they can take full advantage of the next gen consoles."
    ~ Ubisoft

    "Watch Dogs is already up and running on the Wii U thanks to the work done by Ubisoft Bucharest and it is even experimenting with the GamePad’s features."
    = not part of 360 / PS3, only recently stared, sub development.

    Get out of that one, Perry. (ohhh, and he'll try alright like any good rat with its tail caught in a sewer grate.)

    BTW, typing walls of guff and then topping it off with your usual 'this justifies everything I just said' because "I own a Wii U", doesn't.

    I told you a few weeks ago Blacklist might bare the fruits of extra dev experience and more mature dev tool... you disagreed. OHHHH looksy, Bozo... looksy... and this is 360 port on UE2.5 from 2002!!!!... ported in 5 months... !!!!

    Yeah, anyone who thinks Watch_Dogs will probably build on this based on the info above must be completely off their rocker.

    But there's one thing I can say which will absolutely guarantee what I just said will happen. You ready? *clears throat*... .. I OWN A WII U. Must be true simply because of this factor alone. Forget the HARD FACTS.
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  • madeinbeats 27/08/2013

    @riseer You have an ignorantly uneducated, over simplified 'opinion' of how hardware and game development works. It might be best if you just stick to playing the games. Reply +1
  • madeinbeats 27/08/2013

    I'm pretty sure UE2.5 no where near makes the most out of the Wii U's hardware and a probable lead development 360 off-port. That considered this is quite impressive indeed. Watch Dogs is looking to be the first Wii U multi-plat that will be developed more true to GPGPU next-gen standards and the ps360 getting their own separately developed versions. Reply +2
  • The Wonderful 101 review

  • madeinbeats 19/08/2013

    Wow, this review seems to have brought out all the single figure IQ Nintendoomed psychopathic bunny boilers. Haha, I just read one comment say that, as a grown man, he would be embarrassed to let anyone see him play this. Society is fucked, bring on the cleansing. :confused: Reply +10
  • Shigeru Miyamoto can't save all his own Pikmin

  • madeinbeats 30/07/2013

    @addyb Exactly, Nintendo reuses mascots and mostly sticks to one iteration of a game IP per generation, if that, with exceptions here and there either way.

    How much has Halo, Uncharted, GOW, been rinsed out in a single generation?

    Give me a break.
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  • madeinbeats 30/07/2013

    @Silky-Johnson "Just like rehashing old games and endless sequels, seems like Nintendo also get a pass for DLC from the usual apologists. What a surprise!"

    Fortunately, the grapes in Pikmin 3 aren't so sour. This poor sap (pun most definitely intended) hasn't got a Wii U... everyone along with me, awwwwwwwww!
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  • In Theory: Can Xbox One multi-platform games compete with PlayStation 4?

  • madeinbeats 29/07/2013

    @Timorous They carried out the same bogus, click-bait nonsense with the Wii U.

    DF are a bunch of cowboys who understand the basics of PC hardware and can count lines of resolution.

    It's so sad that so many people here and around the net act like DF is a religion and everything they say is gospel. So very sad.

    DF shouldn't be offering any kind of opinion on any custom enclosed harware - they are well out of their depth.

    It's funny how GPU compute and SPU was never referenced in the Wii U articles, even though there's a GPGPU in there. Also, I remember in the Killzone write up when they were talking about it being 30FPS, they said developers need to get use to the hardware and tools to get better. Absolutely no where did they afford the Wii U the same benefit when analysing the rough launch ports, they went straight for weak CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.

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  • UK chart: Minecraft blocks Pikmin 3 from top spot

  • madeinbeats 29/07/2013

    Do these figures include digital downloads? Reply +7
  • Pikmin 3 review

  • madeinbeats 23/07/2013

    @TarickStonefire it has a collection of high scoring exclusives. Nintendo makes great games. The majority of gamers don't like great games? Strange world. The Wii U won't sell out right away at this point, but we'll just have to wait and see the effects of sales momentum from this moment on. You'd have to be very hard pushed to argue there isn't quality and value there for gamers with £149 console. One exclusive lined up every month from now on with Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Watch_Dogs, CoD Ghosts, Batman Origins etc etc thrown into the mix. Reply +1
  • madeinbeats 23/07/2013

    @TarickStonefire can't argue if there's nothing there for your personal choice. But for me as a gamer there is lots of quality games for gamers there now. 3 of the them Eurogamer has given 9/10 to. For a majority of gamers, it's a no-brainer. Reply +1
  • madeinbeats 23/07/2013

    With this,, Lego City, Monster Hunter, NSMBU, NSLU, Nintendo Land, Earthbound and others now and the near future, what are people waiting for? You can get a Wii U for £149 @ ASDA or AMAZON right now. Reply +2
  • Bayonetta 2 preview: She's got the touch?

  • madeinbeats 04/07/2013

    I see a lot of sour grapes here.

    "Nintendo is for kids, they need hardcore games."

    ~ Nintendo funds hardcore games.

    "*cry* *cry* this game should be on other systems, I'm not buying a Wii U"

    ~ Nintendo assums 'hardcore gamers' are all trousers and no action; stops funding 'hardcore' games.

    "Nintendo is for kids, needs hardcore games before I buy WiiU2"

    etc, etc, etc...

    There's a lot of idiots into gaming though... Nintendo should make games for them; CoD, Fifa, all that sort of crap.
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  • madeinbeats 04/07/2013

    it supports the standard controller so it's going to be fairly easy to port when they want, y'know, sales.
    @Garulon Dat gamer knowledge.
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  • Miyamoto blames Wii U launch software delays on Nintendo's leap to next-gen

  • madeinbeats 14/06/2013

    @BonzoBanana Don't write walls of text to me, I've told you before, I don't give that kind of time to random internet psychopaths. Try a few paragraphs and you might get a read and response. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 13/06/2013

    @BonzoBanana Come again? Just the other day you were comparing Zombie U, a low budget launch game to TLOU and other poor launch day ports. Now you've moved the goal posts again and said we need to take a median look at this and consider all games not ... just... the best ones. Just wow.

    There's something wrong with your eyesight if you think X, Beyo2, W101MK8 "could be done on the ps360, EASILY " Something very wrong with you. Leave the games debate arena, now.

    Look at MK8. No way in hell could you get those models with that detail, that background geometry detail, with that draw distance and that lighting, at 60 FPS on the ps360...

    You have officially lost the plot.
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  • madeinbeats 12/06/2013

    @IvorB @Devox Well, I could press you for an explanation. You're latching on to buzz phrases you've read on EG and don't understand the meaning or how it has nothing to do with this conversation.

    The CPU shares 'compatibility' with Wii and GCN's CPU in the PPC architecture. And the GPU has built-in BC blocks or functions for V-Wii mode Wii games. But that's like saying the CPUs in the PS4/Bone are Pentium IIIs because they are x86 based.

    The Wii U is next-gen, in that, architecturally, it's the same GPGPU with shaders (4.0+), DX10.1/11 equivalent feature set, tessellation and small, low clocked CPU based machine - very basic explanation, without going into greater depth. Obviously there's large disparity when it comes to numbers.

    You need to learn about your onions much, much more boys. A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    Well done for getting a civil informative response out of me though - normally I'd just say shut up, you're talkin' shit, now fuck off.

    I'll be back to normal tomorrow ;)
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  • madeinbeats 12/06/2013

    @Devox You read the first paragraph, and then clicked reply. Didn't you. If only you read the next one. Reply -3
  • madeinbeats 12/06/2013

    I can't believe the comments I'm reading here.

    Making SD games on TEV pipelines for the last 15 years to shader based GPGPU hardware, is another world sized jump. Nintendo has 100s of staff who all needed training. It's a massive operation.

    Arguing if Nintendo should have gotten up to speed sooner for the Wii U launch is a valid argument, but for another thread.

    Look at the games shown; look at the particle effects and, well, everything else in Bayo 2; look at the lighting and draw-distance in Mario Kart; look at the open world in X2.

    Most of the games shown yesterday are 60fps and some, like Smash Bros. and Wind Waker are confirmed 1080p.

    All the big titles shown show clear steps above the PS360 in effects, IQ and frame rates.

    And yet, we have 90% of the comments in here distorting the content of this story into a PS4 X1 power war.

    Absolutely shameful lack of games knowledge and basic literacy skills on display.
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  • Asda drops Wii U price to just £149/£199

  • madeinbeats 08/05/2013

    @m0thr4 nope, info from ASDA sales reps. If youor anyone else cannot be arsed looking for that info, then those people will indeed find out the reality of it soon, as opposed to just making crap up like the freaks plotting nintendos' doom on here on a bunny boiler like daily basis. Reply 0
  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013

    Atari and dogshituk, united. This could only get more comical if the Chuckle Brothers themselves chimed in.

    So it's gone from 'I know it all' to 'well, you prove to me'.

    It's not hard to find out if you knew where to look... Even just attempting to look rather than making shit up is a start.

    But I guess you at least will have to wait for this deal to run its week course and then see what ASDA and Amazon do.
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  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013

    @dogmanstaruk I take back talking bollox... I guess you'd need a pair to begin with. You know, you had the chance to come out of this with at least some dignity intact, instead you chose the sniffling rat option.

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  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013

    @ATARI "When you are bitching a games developer telling him he is wrong in his assessment of WiiU's hardware and insulting him that's the mark of an arrogant overzealous fanboy not in touch with reality right there lol."

    You get negged because you're a gullible silly boy. The poster who made that comment ISN'T A GAME DEVELOPER. What a donkey.

    Wii U threads are like honey traps for morons.
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  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Why reply? Just keep your head down son. Every time a Wii U deal comes up, there you are with the same comment 'getting rid of stock' .. you get found out and instead of having the balls to 'say, yeah, I obviously haven't got a clue' you continue with the same tripe about on-line deals and loss leader... like you're going to throw in your basket a family sized pizza and Michael Bolton CD before you click the check out button.

    If you're 'dumping' stock, you don't get more stock in, and companies don't loss lead on website deals, berk.

    Gobshite got found out, now hush, puppy.
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  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013

    @dogmanstaruk "dogmanstaruk
    1 day ago
    Talk about a loss leader. Asda must be sitting on inventory they no longer want. "

    Yeah, must be why they are informing people they are getting more stock in... Yeah, please stop talking bollox, you sound like a broken record.
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  • madeinbeats 03/05/2013


    "The Wii U is out-of-date hardware,"

    This has to be a joke account. Pleases Mr senior software developer of Basement Storage Cupboard Office Software explain to the room how the Wii U hardware is 'out-of-date' lol.

    Really loving all the cheesy stock photography and logo soup on your website ... looks real professional.

    Christ, EG must give certified accounts out to any random bastard with a website and job title. Amazing.
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  • Nintendo delays new Brain Training game days before release

  • madeinbeats 08/04/2013

    @vert1go and Toki Tori 2... Wii U has no ga .. .. oh shit, wait!!! ;-) Reply +1