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  • In praise of the Wii U, my son's first console

  • ltbobby 05/03/2017

    Agreed on the Wii U being great but do we really need the nauseating photos and comments about how wonderful your kids are? I have enough of that on Facebook I don't expect to see it here too!!!! Reply +1
  • Virtua Tennis 4

  • ltbobby 30/04/2011

    I have both this game and Topspin 4 and i have to say that Topspin 4 beats this game in every area apart from the famous mini- games. When i played the demo if this game i thought it was terrible , it realky doesnt do the full game justice . Buy the full game its so much better. So i agree with the 8 score. However Top spin 4 was also given an 8 score by Eurogamer, and i think shouldve been a 9 or 10 judging by this! Reply 0
  • EU PlayStation Store update 13th April

  • ltbobby 13/04/2011

    What happened to the virtua tennis 4 demo? Reply 0
  • Mafia II

  • ltbobby 26/08/2010

    ive had mafia 2 for xbox 360 since this morning and been playing it since then and i have to say there is no way its a 4/10!the story , music atmosphere and graphics to some degree are great. the story is the best ive seen in a game for ages. it makes you want to play on . the missions are varied and gun mechanics/ fighting are fine. the only annoyance so far is in buildings when there is slight screen tearing but other than that this is the most ive been into a game since uncharted 2. easily a 9 for me! who cares about the lack of open world . the story is way bettet than gta and it plays like a film. EG's review is shockingly inaccurate. Reply 0
  • Virtua Tennis 2009

  • ltbobby 22/06/2009

    i bought this and Grand Slam tennis. GST is way better. VT 09 is pretty dull in comparison, and i felt that the control you have over the ball was really limited compared to GST Reply 0
  • ltbobby 19/06/2009

    Grand slam tennis is no way a 5. its more like a 9. Give it time you wont regret it. its amazing online. Ive owned Top spin, Virtua tennis, all tennis games over the last 5 years, and Grand Slam tennis on the Wii is best and most realistic by far. Take time to learn controls and you will love it Reply 0
  • Smash Court Tennis 3

  • ltbobby 31/08/2008

    shame on you for this poor review!. I bought the game and I kind of agreed with some of your points at first. but an hour into the game and its absolutely brilliant especially online. I have Tops pin 3 and Virtua tennis 3 and I think this is better Reply 0