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  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • kungfubob 01/10/2009

    Played the multiplayer for a few hours yesterday and i have to say i really enjoyed it. Good fun all round i say and its on my list. Reply +2
  • Colin McRae: DiRT 2

  • kungfubob 06/09/2009

    In the full game is there any tribute to Colin McCrea? Reply 0
  • THQ parades UFC licence round ring

  • kungfubob 11/08/2009

    Apparently Fedor has signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce and his first fight will be this autumn. I would have like to see him fight the likes of Lesnar, Gonzaga and in the UFC though, would have made for some great fights. Reply 0
  • kungfubob 11/08/2009

    Tai chi fighter sounds awesome! Reply 0
  • kungfubob 11/08/2009

    I would like to see a game like that that too. Maybe you could have the option of picking a single martial art like karate,taekwondo or judo and work your way up the ladder from white belt novice training in the local dojo, up to amature training camps then blackbelt championships in your chosen art or have the choice to fight underground prize fighting. Maybe put in a story line of sorts in single player to add some emotional attachment to the game like a Van Damme movie with a karma level system, dirty fighting you become the bad guy,fight fair you become the good guy. Just a thought. Reply +1
  • kungfubob 11/08/2009

    I agree with both comments. I dont really care about organisations and all the trash talk,all i want to see as a fan of mma is quality matchups. Reply 0
  • Christians decry fake Dante protest

  • kungfubob 15/06/2009


    Some people have mentioned reading Dantes Comedy on other threads. I have read them all concerning this subject.
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  • kungfubob 15/06/2009

    Yes i have read the other posts and it seems very few have read it. If anyone hasnt i suggest you do as it really is an absolute masterpiece.

    Here is a link if you want to read the poem and learn whats its all about http://etcweb.princeton.edu/dante/index....
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  • kungfubob 15/06/2009

    Has anybody here read the Dante's Divine Comedy? Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo up

  • kungfubob 25/05/2009

    The Tiger woods series needs a total over haul imo. Its the same old same old over and over again and because of this i have lost all interest in any "new" additions to the series. Reply 0
  • Sony boasts of big support for Home

  • kungfubob 09/02/2009

    I really dont care about HOME and i would rather see Sony invest all that money into games,after all thats why i bought my PS3 in the first place. Reply 0
  • Coronation Street game coming to DS

  • kungfubob 06/02/2009

    good god NOOOOOOOOOO!

    I actually feel physically ill at the prospect of this, it is just wrong,wrong wrong wrong. Actually i fell like gougin my eyes out and ramming sharp pencils in my ears at the thought that someone from my family will buy this and subject me to its horrors as if the TV show was bad enough.
    A travesty of gaming justice me thinks
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  • Killzone 2 demo due at 5pm today

  • kungfubob 05/02/2009

    i wonder how many MB killzone will be? Reply 0
  • PS3 Resident Evil 5 demo available now

  • kungfubob 03/02/2009

    i havent really played much of the resi evil games. i played the first and second games but left out the others.

    I actually like the demo but i would like to see better AI for the zombies and a revised control system. Its like Chris Redfield has a pole up his butt and it can be more of a hinderance than help but i guess thats the way the game was meant to be played.
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  • Skate 2 unlock option on PSN and Live

  • kungfubob 23/01/2009

    Whats is the point of buying a game and then using cheats to ruin it for you if you dont play the game through first??? Reply 0
  • kungfubob 23/01/2009

    BOOOOO! down with this sort of thing,careful now! Reply 0
  • Eidos unveils new Mini Ninjas game

  • kungfubob 19/01/2009

    Sounds interesting but where is HITMAN??? Anyone seen Agent 47 around,answers on a postcard to..... Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica confirmed for May

  • kungfubob 14/01/2009

    i would rather spend my hard earned money on a real guitar,tbh Reply 0
  • Home downloaded by 3.4 million

  • kungfubob 09/01/2009


    "But you cant do video chat in Home can you? Did you just make that up? lol
    ignore poster"

    No i didnt make it up,we chatted on MSN
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  • kungfubob 09/01/2009

    @Jaxon58 "I girl did a crotch thrusting dance in my face on Home."

    I was on home and i played bowling and pool with some girl who then followed me around for ages and invited me to her apartment. we chatted by text for a while and then she asked if i want to video chat. It was then i found out that it was really an old man who asked me some really pervy questions. i reported him to sony but after a while i was approached again by a similar weirdo. i was mature enough to know these sickos are clever and manipulating and potentially a danger so reported them but some younger kids may be influenced by these people and thats some scary shit.
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  • kungfubob 09/01/2009

    No offense Sony,im just being honest here but home really doesnt do it for me at all. I have owned all the playstations for one reason and thats to play games not to stand in virtual queues and waste money on clothing etc.that doesnt actually exist and the santa suit for example really is a piss take! If i want to see a movie or games trailer i will go to a website not stand in a fake cinema for 45 minutes to watch 5 minutes of video.If i want to go bowling i will go to my local bowlng alley with my friends and meet real girls not sick minded 45 year old peados acting as teenagers.
    I paid Ł425 for my PS3 to play awesome games and watch blu-ray movies not this shit. I already have a life and i dont need a virtual one.
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  • Skate 2 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow

  • kungfubob 07/01/2009

    I owned all the tony hawks games and thought they were awesome until the mighty skake came along. i still play it regularly and my only gripe i had about it was the inability to pick up the board and climb to hard to reach spots.Now i think thats fixed with the sequeal and im buying this on release! WOOOOOOOO!!!! Reply 0
  • WipEout, Metal Gear Online demos soon

  • kungfubob 27/12/2008

    A while back i got a lend of MGS 4 from a friend for a few nights. i never played any of the MGS series before and i enjoyed it alot but i didnt play it online as i was concentrating on the story mode. Yesterday i downloaded the online MGS demo but when i went to play it a message appeared saying that i was already registered and it wouldnt play for some reason.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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  • Sony promises better LBP moderation

  • kungfubob 03/12/2008

    i made and posted a level (which took me ages to create) and it was removed overnight. i wasnt given any explanation why it was removed which left me puzzled as there was no adult content or anything that would be called offensive in it. i tried contacting MM but that was a waste of time.
    I loved LBP but i sold it because what is the point of spending days creating your own level to have it removed forever even though no adult content was included? LBP is a success,a great idea but with moderation so severe i think anymore time spent making family oriented levels to have them removed is a waste of my time.
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  • Qur'an references force worldwide LittleBigPlanet recall

  • kungfubob 17/10/2008

    mohammed was a peadophile, nuuf said Reply -2
  • kungfubob 17/10/2008

    if sony backs down from this its they who are the fools. When this game does come out the amount of levels taking the piss out of muslims will be 1000 fold and i will be one of them if sony give in to this bullshit Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet delayed in Europe

  • kungfubob 17/10/2008

    This is one of the most dumbest things ive heard over recent times. If muslims are offended by this then what the fu*k are they gonna say when user-made levels are made taking the piss out of the fictional charater mohammed etc?

    Anyway the quran and the bible are both totally fiction t begin with and were created to spread mass hatred on a global scale and the proof is everywhere for people to see.

    When i get LBP im gonna make a level of the pope and mohammed bumming each other
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  • Rare working on Killer Instinct 3?

  • kungfubob 16/10/2008

    I loved this game and i really hope it does come back again soon but wether it will or not is another story. Reply 0