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  • Bob Marley hits coming to Rock Band?

  • keyboardmonkey 14/09/2010

    How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

    He doesn't he's dead :O
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  • Defence Secretary demands MOH ban

  • keyboardmonkey 23/08/2010

    "It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban," Fox said.

    of course it's fine to replicate the acts of the British Army...
    you never see
    "It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Roman Empire,"
    "It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Greek,"
    "It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the American army"

    Amazing how after a couple of years it becomes accpetable
    And there are probably no films or books about the subject and this is a first....
    /just to make it clear i don't have a problem with the British Army doing what is asked of them.
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  • New Deathspank game already?

  • keyboardmonkey 19/08/2010

    Thought it was great, needs co-op play over XB Live though. Reply +3
  • Videogames linked to ADHD

  • keyboardmonkey 08/07/2010

    I'm no scientist but theres seems to be far too many could's and might's for it to be fact. It also doesn't say what negative affect there is on the kids. Even if they have a problem with maintaining attention doesn't make them bad kids, it doesn't say whether it affects IQ. I imagine it just makes them more difficult to teach. Reply +3
  • Modern Warfare 2 hits 20m sales

  • keyboardmonkey 15/06/2010

    "CEO Bobby Kotick has designs on the second-hand market."

    CEO Bobby Kotick can go f*ck himself!

    Just why.. why does he think he should have that money?
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  • River Rush sighted in Natal video

  • keyboardmonkey 07/06/2010

    I have no interest in having a spastic fit in front of my TV thank you very much!

    Plus the epileptic kid down the street will cheat all the time and we won't know it until the games over.

    /one ticket to hell please, don't suppose you do return tickets?
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  • Guerrilla: KZ3 pushing PS3 to max

  • keyboardmonkey 25/05/2010

    Game will run in 720p with a good refresh rate and no tearing then ?

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  • UFC 2010 has EA Sports-style Online Pass

  • keyboardmonkey 20/05/2010

    People who don't see anything wrong with this are a bit blind as to what is actually happening.

    If you buy a car from a dealer with some added extras, and then sell it, does the person buying it from you then not get the extra options that you purchased?
    Does the car manufacturer remove that piece of functionality from the car?

    The car manufacturer has been paid for what it produced, why should it then get more money if i decide to sell the car to some one else?

    It may be that you don't agree with the trade in prices, or the preowned price of a game being sold.. that doesn't justify the game publisher asking for money again for a piece of functionality that was originally supplied.

    Maybe some one else knows the answer to this, but do second hand shops have to pay money to the manufacturers of everything they resell? Records, Books, Dvd's, Mobile Phones etc...?
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  • keyboardmonkey 20/05/2010

    Sorry, but this is just wrong..

    I know it's software and therefore people try to justify this money grab by the publisher in some way... But if i sell my board game of monopoly, hasbro don't spring up and say that the person i sell it to can't play it.

    I'm lost as to why they feel they can justify this.
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  • Goverment intel recruiting via Xbox Live

  • keyboardmonkey 23/11/2009

    "In my experience the majority of people on XBox live are retarded chavs."

    Or retarded yanks, sorry to offend any yank readers but its the truth.
    Not sure which one out of the two are more annoying though?

    I'm all for acceptable losses
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  • BioShock 2 Special Edition unveiled

  • keyboardmonkey 20/11/2009

    Model of Big Sister to go with Big Daddy please! Reply 0
  • IW wanted you "close to atrocity" in MW2

  • keyboardmonkey 20/11/2009

    "Everyone I've heard talk about that level say they fired on the crowd and it boggles my mind. Why would you want to do that? Honestly please answer cause I cannot fatham it."

    Because it was mindless violence and fun.. It's something you would never do in real life so it's fun to do in a game.... Just like in GTA carrying out drive by shootings, trying to run people over, stealing a cop car...
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  • keyboardmonkey 20/11/2009

    Another day another MW2 story...

    I enjoyed the Airport level... does this make me sick?
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  • Space Invaders Extreme 2

  • keyboardmonkey 18/11/2009

    The first one was ace! So good i bought it on the DS and PSP, that is something that is totally unheard of in my household.

    And the game is just a litte too addictive.
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  • EA confirms closure of Pandemic Studios

  • keyboardmonkey 18/11/2009

    Booo Hissss! Full Spectrum Warrior was an ace game on the old xbox.

    When will developers learn. Sell yourself to EA, be made redundant within a couple of years.

    I hope they reform and continue making games.
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  • BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

  • keyboardmonkey 17/11/2009


    No more Die Hard 2 for you...
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  • EA cans 12 games, lays off 1500 staff

  • keyboardmonkey 10/11/2009


    Yes i read that, you also have to remember that EA maybe having a hard time of it at the moment, but in 2008 they were trying to buy Take Two. I understand what you mean about not being able to take continual losses. But it seems like they are rubbing some of their employees faces in it when they also announce that they will be buying another company for 300 million and that companies revenues are 75 million. But that's revenue not profit.

    Like i said it just stinks a little.
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  • keyboardmonkey 10/11/2009

    I hate this news. It just shows everything that is wrong with companies that are at the mercy of stock holders.

    Kick out 1500 save $100 million and then go and spend $300 million acquiring another company.

    The new company of course will already have employees that also need to be paid.

    Instead of buying stuff maybe they should have just kept the existing 1500 staff and carried on developing, 300 million would be enough to keep quite a few people employed for a while.

    Good luck to those who have been laid off, shame it's so near to Christmas when people are generally not hiring.
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  • 5500 join MP's pro-game movement

  • keyboardmonkey 10/11/2009

    The world is doomed, politicians starting to actually make sense.

    God knows what will happen next, maybe they will start protecting the voter more than big companies. I live in hope.
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  • Jovovich twitters on about new RE film

  • keyboardmonkey 06/11/2009

    Even though they aren't great films, she is very watch-able.

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  • IW pulls viral with gay slur acronym

  • keyboardmonkey 02/11/2009

    They should get the members of the Film Actors Guild to voice their opinion on this matter. Reply +10
  • Price Pressures

  • keyboardmonkey 19/10/2009

    Game price has become quite an issue for me recently, I moved away from blighty and moved to a country where there is little if any competition between retailers. Games here normal retail at the MRRP so if i want to buy Batman currently the cheapest i can find it is 42 GBP, in the UK it's for sale at 35 GBP... and this is an example where the difference is not too bad. Anyone willing to pay 39 GBP for Halo ODST.

    I buy pretty much all of my games online and have them delivered here. Indie game shops have been complaining about the large retailers for year, now the large games retailers are complaining about the supermarkets. Well you guys are going to have to adapt. You're not going to be able to rip people off on the big releases anymore, and maybe just maybe you will need to have a wide selection of games with staff who are knowledgable about them. Almost like indie record shops ;-)

    It does feel like some parts of the industry believe they should be able to charge whatever they want. Can they not see what has already happened with the music industry? CD's that were priced at Ł15-20. Keep the prices reasonable and people will buy the games, try shafting people and you will sell less games but do a great favour to the second hand market you despise so much.
    As for development getting more and more expensive does that mean some games which are cheaper to make are retailed cheaper? because at the moment given the rrp's of games it would appear they all have the same development costs. It is just greed within the industry, how come it's possible to sell the same game at a greatly reduced price months later in some cases only weeks after its release?

    /Finally Orange box and Burnout Paradise have both been great examples of value for money products.
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  • LEGO Rock Band track-list revealed

  • keyboardmonkey 13/10/2009

    Maybe i'm no longer down with the kids etc... but doesn't the track listing seem like it's been put together for people who are from an older generation. I'll be surprised if most kids under 14 know more than 50% of these artists. Still be alright for the old folks like me. Reply +4
  • Modern Warfare 2 DLC in spring

  • keyboardmonkey 01/10/2009

    I like DLC, but it seems to have changed over the last year from being a way to extend an existing game to being away to ship less in the finished product and then fleece fans for even more money.
    I really hate the 'extra map pack' dlc type of stuff i really feels like you are paying a lot for very little. New campaigns, story modes, etc... i don't mind paying for. Maps always feel like i'm being milked for more and more money.

    /Burnout Paradise has really shown how DLC should be done...
    /Is still an idiot who buys the maps pack though , doh!
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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

  • keyboardmonkey 28/09/2009

    I'm a bit dissapointed as the first one, while not being the greatest game ever, was still a nice little button bashing effort and easy enough to pick up and have a good couple of hours gaming out of.

    I'm hoping this hits the bargain bins hard at some point, and i will get a copy then.

    I think Batman needs to be purchased first though.
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  • Activision: Love "signed" Cobain deal

  • keyboardmonkey 11/09/2009

    I'd hate to think this is a fluff story, that was just used to get GH5 more news coverage, especially on the week that The Beatles: Rock Band game was released ;-) Reply +1
  • Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

  • keyboardmonkey 08/09/2009

    Adrian Mole is not going to be happy. Reply +3
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

  • keyboardmonkey 04/09/2009

    Ooh I enjoyed the first one, i just hope they haven't done the same DLC rubbish. Please just put all the characters in from the beginning if you want to sell me DLC let it be new levels/ challenges etc... not characters. Reply 0
  • SW Republic Heroes demo on Live

  • keyboardmonkey 03/09/2009

    I think my money might be better spent getting a Star Wars fix with The force unleashed (especially if this new edition comes out with all the DLC included).
    Having said that after a slight drought during the first half of the year it seems like the 360 is about to have a tsunami of good games so even the purchase of the force unleashed might have to wait until after Xmas.
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  • UK PS3 Slim will not sell early

  • keyboardmonkey 26/08/2009

    I'm in the US at the moment :-) There was a pile of PS3 slims by the door in BestBuy (I was in there for an hour and i didn't see any go out the door) i just wasn't tempted enough. I will stick with my Chuncky version as I don't really use it that often. And it's hidden away behind frosted glass so only i would know the difference. Reply 0
  • PS3 Slim in Europe on 1st September

  • keyboardmonkey 19/08/2009

    Bugger and i only bought a PS3 chunky as it shall now be known, a few months ago... And i have the Bravia TV, don't tell me that it will do the BD remote control options as well... :'-( should have held out that bit longer doh! Reply +3
  • Xbox 360 has sold over 30 million

  • keyboardmonkey 29/05/2009

    Could the 360 be the PS2 of this generation?

    If they could sort out the reliability problems. Shrink the size of the internals like Sony did with the PSOne and PSTwo.
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  • ME2 will "really beat up the hero"

  • keyboardmonkey 20/05/2009


    forget that, please speed up the lifts on the ship (how to easily make a 15 hour game into an 80 hour game)
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 15/05/09

  • keyboardmonkey 15/05/2009

    I still haven't got through last years glut of good games (plus some rather awful ones that i bought anyway). Fable 2 is still in its wrapper :O criminal i know. Having said that i still have Oblivion waiting to be played.... ooops Reply 0
  • Indiana Jones Staff of Kings game dated

  • keyboardmonkey 14/05/2009

    Gimmicks! Why did it have to be gimmicks?

    I see what you did there....
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  • Xbox 360 to get motion-sensing camera

  • keyboardmonkey 13/05/2009


    A waste of cash apart from getting your face in R6v and for pics in Burnout Paradise
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  • Partial Beatles: RB tracklist for E3

  • keyboardmonkey 11/05/2009

    Sonic_D has obviously sold a couple of million albums, penned a few popular hits and played to more than one sold out gig so knows what he is talking about... what's that mmm mmm you haven't oh...

    However i will agree with you on the price being a little steep
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  • No homosexuality in Star Wars - BioWare

  • keyboardmonkey 28/04/2009

    Just mentioning the words "homosexual", "lesbian" and "gay" on a forum means all the forum members are more susceptible to catching the Aids

    Doh! what have i done... we are all doomed..
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  • Home gets Godfather space, user t-shirts

  • keyboardmonkey 09/04/2009

    Home is donkey wank. Kill it.

    You should put that on a t-shirt
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  • Sony 2009 line-up is "relentless, AAA"

  • keyboardmonkey 18/03/2009

    Just like 2008's line up was also AAA's

    MLB 09: The Show, which some are calling the best sports title ever made.
    These people they wouldn't be the developers by any chance?

    Then in summer there's inFamous
    Ok you got me interested, you've now mentioned 2 titles to look forward to for the rest of the year.

    and you'll get to see even more excellent titles at E3,
    Will they be coming out in 2009 though?
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  • Rare staff facing possible lay-offs

  • keyboardmonkey 17/02/2009

    Going forward

    Instant fail!

    You could have said in the future OR just had Rare will now focus.... but no, you had to come out with some management bullshit bingo words!
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 30/01/09

  • keyboardmonkey 29/01/2009

    And so the post-christmas slow-down continues...

    And long may it continue, huge backlog of games to go through, I have obviously been slacking and not putting the hours in that my gaming addiction demands.

    /Confesses to still having not completed GTA 4, Fable 2 hasn't even been in the disc drive... damn you CoD and your multiplayer goodness.
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  • Sony and MS are both right, says analyst

  • keyboardmonkey 22/01/2009



    Beat me to it, I remember reading that, plus another one from as recent as last year with the same guy spouting off about how the PS3 was going to be the leader by the end of the year etc......

    What's worrying is that he is the Leading industry analyst, and seems to be getting things wrong (not saying i could do any better), is there really no one better?
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  • Xbox 360 outsells PS3 by 2 to 1 in US

  • keyboardmonkey 16/01/2009


    Sorry i heard it so many times last year from Sony, i just thought i would keep it going!

    "The PS3 year on year are up slightly" and at this rate will have caught up with the 360 in 2011/2/3/4/5/6?

    Either way doesn't matter. I am happy to see Nintendo rewarded for trying something different and it paying off after they had a rough time under Sega and Sony, and didn't help themselves with products like Virtual Boy, Mario Paint etc...
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  • keyboardmonkey 16/01/2009

    PS3 sales were down year-on-year, however - 726,000 consoles were sold, compared to 798,000 in 2007.

    2009 will be the year of the PS3 ;P
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  • Haddaway, Nutini, Tunstall for Lips

  • keyboardmonkey 19/12/2008

    If MS could keep this type of release frequency of DLC for Lips then i could see myself getting interested. At the moment it's still a little limited. (yes i know you can import your own music, just not the same without the words etc...)

    / I have a feeling Singstar Abba is going to be in the tray a lot over Christmas
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  • EA told off for using 360 footage in advert

  • keyboardmonkey 17/12/2008

    + billion "Would not be of broadcast quality? The X-Factor gets away with it on a weekly basis."

    Can we also include Idols and Big Brother in this please.
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  • PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 later

  • keyboardmonkey 16/12/2008

    Move the freakin Power switch please mr Sony! Damn my chubby hands Reply 0
  • Call of Duty still dominant in UK

  • keyboardmonkey 16/12/2008

    That could be the only time LBP is first ;-)
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  • Xbox Live adds Holiday Snow Globe

  • keyboardmonkey 16/12/2008

    Sony must be pissed, wasn't this one of the things that you could buy in Home to put in your apartment.
    /sarcastic mode off.

    Why, why would i want such a thing, ok it's free, can i get a santa outfit for my avatar as well please.

    I actually like the new look, i think MS has made some improvements, but i will go along with the too much advertising criticism.
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