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  • Starship Command retrospective

  • kevinwilliams 11/08/2013

    Interesting blast from the past (good read).

    I was a freelance reviewer of BBC games for CVG and PCnews at the time and received the rare review copy of SC from Acornsoft. Miss those days when JiffyBags would drop through my letterbox with the latest BBC B games for review. Sadly my review style, and the interest to cover BBC games saw few of the reviews covered. I remember when we got Elite and Revs through, and the CVG guys had to eat humble pie and rush to catch up and print the review written.

    The importance of the games made on the BBC are vital to understanding the migration of the computer to console game scene. Though there is some resentment to cover the early days as some of the current writers have no knowledge of these times. The importance of Revs, Aviator and obvious Elite can not be under sung. A authoritarian retrospective of these times is needed, though there will be some executives that will not be too keen to see some old skeletons resurface!
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  • Space Harrier retrospective

  • kevinwilliams 07/07/2013

    Though arcades still struggle on, this was always a doomed artform.
    Would be nice with we could get the sudden interest in retrospectives from the games media could also do a little research on the future of the business.

    Why make the usual tired statement "oh the arcade is dead" and not look at what is actually happening with video amusement - look at the brand new immersive entertainment system - or pop over to the digital out-of-home entertainment network association (DNA) and see the new simulator attractions that are being installed in entertainment facilities?

    This would be of interest to your readers - though it would make you look a little silly for previously peddling the same comments about the arcade sector?
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  • Step inside the arcade of the future

  • kevinwilliams 02/04/2013

    @Bander I totally agree with your points - you seem to have written the primer for the book I am working on regarding this emerging market. To quote Nolan Bushnell who spoke to us for the book, "...90% of the people I see on the New York Subway are playing games on their mobiles, we need to get in touch with this market again..." I think the new DNA Association is a foundation to achieve this. Reply 0
  • kevinwilliams 02/04/2013

    @Saurian "...massively expensive machines which require staffing and engineers constantly on hand..."

    Oh you mean a Roller Coaster! and theme parks seem to be doing VERY well at the moment!
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  • kevinwilliams 02/04/2013

    @briankern I think you may have missed the point Brian - the traditional 'Arcade' (a single site that just includes video games) is DEAD! Amusement however is growing in placement in family entertainment centers, leisure facilities and amusement park venues. It is a sad fact of the traditional arcade trade find it hard to think outside of the box when it comes to where the machines are installed - partly due to some of the less savory venues / agreements where machines used to be placed [you may be interested in a extensive feature I did for Arcade Heroes on the remaining London arcades]. Reply 0
  • kevinwilliams 02/04/2013

    @el_pollo_diablo Oh great, I am a Edinburgh Fringe character! Reply +3
  • What's the deal with quick-time events in Halo 4?

  • kevinwilliams 29/09/2012

    QTE have been seen as lazy development filler. Sega uses these QTE a lot in their latest arcade shooting games like 'Ghost Squad' - and allow the game to be filled in without creating complicated new levels.

    The complaint across the internet about Halo4's development process before we even touched on actual game play seems to point to a big issue in this pivotal release.
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  • Half-Life project Black Mesa gets Greenlight from Valve

  • kevinwilliams 16/09/2012

    @Dogme Thanks - cheap therapy for me, I write about my specialty in the amusement sector so I come to the console media to let off steam (no pun intended). Would love to write a feature about my feelings about whats wrong, but know it would be too incendiary for this media! Reply 0
  • kevinwilliams 16/09/2012

    This is fundamentally the best argument for the whole restructuring of the consumer games publishing scene. We have seen fan-made content addressing the desire of the core (spend) player base (Valve, DayZ, etc.,) while the publishers seem to spend more time avoiding giving the players what they want than actually supplying a demand.

    It is sad that the 'criticism' of the consumer game media has been emasculated with the collapse of their payment model (dependent on publisher handouts). And now we see a console trade that has spent more time on avoiding doing what the players want because they feel they know better. That 'better' sees EA and Activision with amazing debt and failed properties and credibility. And we see a collapse in the studio development system and a hemorrhaging of employees across the board.

    Well that's it guys - time to start over again, drop the egos and the ignorance and return to a core gaming initiative separate of the politics and the retail model with all those hidden charges (and kick backs)!
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Can Nintendo court the casuals again?

  • kevinwilliams 16/09/2012

    @SteveHolt I would agree, and I would add:

    2a. - establish online content store and subscription model (constant connected)

    The Japanese media has run the infighting at board and investor level regarding forcing Nintendo to support online business model (falling into red), while the Western media seems quiet over these developments.

    I just wonder if Nintendo hopes they can block all the 'pipes' in the average home to squeeze out the XB720 and PS4 before they come out?
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  • kevinwilliams 16/09/2012

    I just hope that the game media is not over-doing the coverage of the Wii-U as an attempt to make up for missing the Wii opportunity originally! I love how some sites have deleted previous questioning comments about the Wii launch!

    Fundamentally, do we have to see a article where the questions are answered for us!

    I know the Nintendo PR has applied a lot of pressure for this launch, but some questioning and impartial observations are needed!
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  • Submit your questions for Hideo Kojima's Eurogamer Expo session

  • kevinwilliams 12/09/2012

    What was the reaction to the arcade version of Metal Gear - especially being 3D and with unique interface - and would you consider another Metal Gear Arcade release? Reply 0